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Link for ANM/GNM Exam Forward during 9.8.2018 to 14.8.2018    ड्रॉफ्ट रूलस फॅार ओपनींग एंड रिनेवल अॅाफ न्‍यू नर्सिंग स्‍कूल/कॉलेज

Welcome to M P nurses registration council !!


Welcome To MP Nurses Registration Council

ड्रॉफ्ट रूलस फॅार ओपनींग एंड रिनेवल अॅाफ न्‍यू नर्सिंग स्‍कूल/कॉलेज
आम सूचना (मान्यता / नवीनीकरण हेतु नए प्रारूप नियमो का प्रकाशन )

Tender for Printing of Rules and Regulations

07-Aug-18 Submission of Exam Form Year 2018 Main Exam 9.8.18 to 14.8.18
07-Aug-18 Annexures with Nursing Rules as per index
07-Aug-18 Letter for Annexures with Nursing Rules
20-Jul-18 Exam Form Submit Date With Late Fee 24.7.2018
17-Jul-18 NOC/Transfer to Other State
16-Jul-18 Forward Nomination Form Link for ANM/GNM Exam
05-Jul-18 Instruction about Registration (Regarding Address)
30-Jun-18 Result of Suppl. Exam 24-27 Apr,2018
27-Jun-18 Important notice to fill up the Examination Form-2018
23-Jun-18 About forwarding of Nomination Form
22-Jun-18 College Affiliation Renewal Related Notice
20-Jun-18 Registration Student List
18-Jun-18 Provision to Correct Nomination of 2017-18 (19.6.2018 to 22.6.2018)
14-Jun-18 Important Notice for A.N.M./G.N.M. Exam-2018
11-Jun-18 Internal Marks Entry April 2018 Exam
11-Jun-18 Upload Information on AISHE(MHRD) for Year 2017-18,15-16
14-May-18 Important Notice About Marksheets of Singrauli Inst. of Nursing, Singrauli
11-May-18 Entry of Internal Marks Suppl. Exam Apr,2018