12th Time Table 2021 HSC, HSE, Intermediate New Date Sheet

12th Time Table 2021 HSC, HSE, Intermediate New Date Sheet for each state and central board can be checked from the official portal. All information about the 12th time table 2021 will be available on our website. So far no clear information has been received about this exam, but soon the time table for the exam will be released on the official website. Students who give this exam, request them to start preparing for the exam from now. Because you will be passed only on the basis of your marks.

12th time table 2021

The 12th exam will be conducted by their board according to different states. The time table for the examination will be issued by the board itself. We hope that all the students will be preparing for the exam diligently because in the exam you will be passed only on the basis of marks obtained by your hard work. All the information about the exam time table will be given to you soon.

This exam will be conducted for HSC, HSE, Intermediate. Whatever students pass in this examination, they can further study by taking admission in the college as per their wish. After giving the 12th exam, many students try for a job and the rest of the students continue their studies and apply for different courses. For more information about this, you can check by visiting the official website, whose link will be found on our website.

Board 12th time table 2021

Board name State Board
Exam name HSC, HSE, Intermediate
State name All States
Time Table mode Online PDF
Time Table release date Coming Soon
Exam date Check Here

12th Exam New Date Sheet 2021

The date sheet for the 12th exam will be released online soon. These examinations are held in all states at certain times of every year. This exam is done under your state board. This year this examination has been postponed, because the country suffers due to the corona epidemic, if the exam will be conducted at such a time, the disease will spread more and all the students will also get sick due to it. Therefore, the board decided to postpone the examinations in view of the situation.

12th time table

But soon the new date sheet for the exam will be released online. The results of all the examinations conducted by the board are released fairly. The results of all the board exams are released by highly educated teachers. You can check all the information for this year’s 12th exam by visiting the online official website. The time table, admit card for the 12th exam is also issued online. Along with this, the results of the exam are also released online. The link to the official website will be available on our website.

Time Table for HSC, HSE, Intermediate 2021

The time table for HSC, HSE, Intermediate will be released soon. Time tables are released about one month before the exam. Whatever date is set for the examination in the time table, it is the final, only the board can change it. You will get information about the date for issuing the time table for the exam from your local network. Stay connected with us for more information. Time table will be released soon.

AP Board Bihar Board
Assam Board
CBSE Board CG Board
Goa Board Gujarat Board
Haryana Board HP Board
Jharkhand Board JKBOSE
Karnataka Board Kerala Board
Maharashtra Board MP Board
Manipur Board Mizoram Board
Nagaland Board Odisha Board
Punjab Board Rajasthan board
Sikkim Board Telangana Board
TN Board UP Board
UK Board WB Board
ICSE Board NIOS Board

How to check online 12th time table 2021?

  1. To check the time table, first, go to the official website.
  2. After that, the home page will open.
  3. On the home page, you will find an option for the time table, click on it.
  4. After clicking, you have to select your class.
  5. As soon as you select a class, your time table will open, save it.

All information about the 12th time table 2021 will be available on our website. If you want to ask any question about the time table, then you can ask us in the comment section, we will answer your question soon.

Time Table Check Here
MPNRC Home Check Here

171 thoughts on “12th Time Table 2021 HSC, HSE, Intermediate New Date Sheet”

  1. I’m a 12th std. Student and I have a old grandmother at home who is suffering from her own health problems what if i get corona and she is affected by it as well, cannot imagine what will happen. The govt. Should take actions very carefully it is not just about exams it the matter of life and death for millions of people around country.

  2. 10 th ke exam nahi hai chalega kyonki unko 11vi aur 12 vi karni hi hai
    Agar desh me election ho sakte hai to exam bhi honi chahiye kyonki 12 vi ke bad hi to age ki padhai thik se kr sakte hai

  3. My daughter went for practicals of class 12 . She got covid n subsequently my younger daughter myself n husband got.

    10 or 12 th board exams should be cancelled. Children are under stress .

    Please I request concerned authorities to cancel exams.

  4. Please cancel all exam of the 12 th board many parents and students suffering from the covid positive please do not take board exam
    In this the student will be fail and parents will unhappiness through it . The corona cases will be tomorrow to tomorrow. Exam cancel of the 12 the board

  5. Plz cancel the bord exam
    Or if u want to take exam so plz u can take online exam
    We have to fight with covid 19
    And we have to maintain the safety of students,teacher and all the staff .
    Plz mam

  6. R these people mad or humanity has just wiped out completely!! Corona has been drastically increasing n inspite of it.. These people think children won’t suffer or something!? Are exams now more important than someone’s life

  7. Please cancel std12 board exam. Save students from horrible corona pandamic. Promot on the basis of internal assessment. Students are under stress and depression.for next higher education admission can give on basis of online entrance exam like cet neet jee etc. For graduation spot admission OR lottery system can take.but cancel board exam. Students life is More important.

  8. Exam’s shouldn’t be conducted,as the whole year was online,so exams should also be online, it’s a pandemic I request you to not to conduct the exams…

  9. Dear sir/mam,,
    Our college has some sir or mam covid19 but you are asking to sit for the exam. Everyone in the world is safe, but the students of our SEBA (HSC/HSE)board don’t need any safety later. Sir/mam cancel our board exam.. Agar hum logoki exam hogi to CBSC board ka bhi exam hona chaiye

  10. #cancel12boards otherwise we will not attend to our centers..!! Likhwalo exams jin k haatho likhwana hai..!! We don’t want to take risk..!! Telangana k CM ko corona hosakta hai to ham student’s ko kyu nhi ?
    Pls..!! I think u have understood my opinion!

  11. Life n health is more important than the exams,PPL are lacking of oxygen cylinders supply that first #save lives please cancel board exams
    #stay home
    #stay safe
    #stay healthy
    #save lives
    Thanking you,
    Shrushti Mota

  12. If any students have to be corona or who will take responsibility for their treatment and further examination???

    Ek taraf sarkar ka kahna hai hamare ke “stay home stay safe” ab bolti hai sarkar ke 12th HSC/HSE ka board ko start karne ki tayyari me hai…

    Ye hamari sarkar hai …


  13. #Cancel the boards because we are the future of the family…..and supporter of the family and it is very -very-very important . #canceltheboards #varshagaikwadcanceltheboards

  14. 12वी बोर्ड की परीक्षा नही होनी चाहिए क्योंकि बच्चों की पढ़ाई नही हुई । जैसे सभी बच्चों को पास किया गया है उसी प्रकार इन्हें भी पास किया जाये.।और बहुत से यानी डीएड के प्रथम वर्ष के और द्वितीय वर्ष के बच्चों की परीक्षा लिए बिना उन्हें पास कर दिया गया , जब कि वे आने वाले बच्चों का भविष्य बनायेंगे या बिगाड़ेंगे। फिर बारहवीं के बच्चों के साथ ऐसा (नाइंसाफी)क्यों हो रही है। कृपा कर उनकी मानसिकता का ख़्याल करे।Please, motivated to all 12th class students & saport them.

  15. Exam should not be cancel agar election ho sakte hai orr Kumbh chal sakta hai to exam kyu nahi ho sakte 😠😠😠😠kyu future ko barbaad karna hai yaar

  16. My friend went for 12th practicals and got covid19. Subsequently his whole family is suffering from the same. His father is in hospital and lil sis is also serious. There ct-scan scores are 9to16. We need to understand that the Pandamic is serious and not to neglect it. Either wait for it to decline or cancel it.

  17. Cancel 12th board exam because some students and his parents are suffering from covid19 they do not have board examination

  18. I m a student studying in 12th and I am covid positive , all family members are positive so plz cancel HSC exam show some love to hsc students

  19. My sister is not in good condition now my dad too
    So I request Varsha madam please please cancel 12th exams please it’s a humble request to you madam please 🥺😭

  20. Yeah jo lok keyrehi hain nh ki agar election ho sakti hey th exm bhi ho sakti hey….. Th wo lok sune ki iss election ki wajase or bhi bar geyi hey Corona…. O r hamare future ke soch rehi ho agar zinda rahungi tab hi th exam de payenge hum….

  21. yesterday i had just got a normal fever and headache due toh stress…..it was nothing my o2 level and temperature was all fine stilll i literally cried fearing fir my life …. so many people around me have died due to corona people in my family …. there is so kuch of stress …. please cancel the exams or take them online once the situation is fine if you want you can take a mock test again when students are applying for university …. i agree 12th exams are important for the students but what are we going to do if we give exams and we get infected …. its too much risk …. please think of a solution which will be in both sides favour

  22. I want 89% give us justice #corona#savesomelife#12#students#insafkaro#bacchepadhaobacchebadao#india#lockdown#besafebehome#nomoreexams

  23. Yes take exam online if this is not possible so otherwise cancel the 12th exam.
    Take exam online as per MSBTE :-
    Make a portal (website) and app that access the camera & voice permission required compulsory. So when the students is login in the app or portal then student choose the exam subject as per mentioned on daily time table the camera & voice was on automatically in the app or link provided by board. That means we see the all activities that student was do. So that’s why If they act in this way, they can curb the malpractices that occur.
    And also this type of exam was already conducted by MSBTE for polytechnic students.
    Also They can get suggestions from MSBTE about this.

  24. I think we should have exams. I am also a 12th student, and all my friends also want to have an exam. If the exam is not done then it will be our loss, our one year will be wasted. But yes, if we give the exam then we will not be covid, who will take responsibility for it?As much as our examination is necessary for us, our life is also important. So please do not think about our exam only, but you must also think about the Students life.

  25. Please don’t cancel board exam, I did so much hard work to get good marks, please don’t cancel board exam…………. please 🥺………🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. I am too 12 class student and i too agree that exams should be conducted but not now everyone know day by day the cases are increasing and people are dying like anything and in this situation if they conduct exams then in next few days no one would be negative everyone will be positive and all will die but God forbid from all these things so its better to take exams online not offline its too dangerous or else cancel the exams if they can’t cancel conduct the exams online we all are ready to write always remember #HEALTH COMES FIRST ONCE LIFE, IS GONE ITS NEVER GONNA COMEBACK

  27. You are a student of 12th standard. Canceling the exam is not the last option. Human life is an exam for the world. He will not miss it. I am also a student of 12th standard but I don’t like to give up so we have to learn to face every exam now.

  28. Quick decision lelo or free karo 1yr sr upper ho gya leni hein ,toh coming june 1 st week 10 /10 ko online ya offline apni hi school mein .pls or der mat karo covid ki koi boundry nahi hein or kitna chalega .but bachhe toh tension free ho jayein

  29. Online exam should be taken or mass promotion must given to 12th and 10th std students,in this situation where covid 19 spread everywhere and conditions becaming worst day by day.

  30. In our family suffer for covid 19 then how there will write exam …then she Will suffer lot …so plzz cancel the examination

  31. Hi🙏
    I am the student who is preparing for the neet 2021 👩‍⚕️I am so depressed 😵and I am unable to handle both the exams at a time🤕 now as I also have to give the 12th Maharashtra board exam 🤒and because of 1st lockdown in the year 2020 I even can’t complete the syllabus😓 of the exam so please if you cancle the exam it will benifitia l to all the students who are preparing for the other competative exams 🏆along with 12th board so that we will concentrate🎯 on competative exams please……..
    “Life hai to hajarooo exams de sakte hai agar iss ek exam se hum hi na rahe to kya fayda eaise exam ka”

  32. Canceling the board exam would be a loss to children…….at present v may not understand but in the long run it will hv a bad effect on the future of the students as well as the country…….but looking at the present scenario of the country at present its highly impossible to conduct any exams……..let’s wait …….any wrong decision will hamper the students n in future the country…….

  33. Those who want to give exam those are selfish …….IDIOT…… telling to those “”students who are saying that i hve done my preparation plzz dnt cancel exam”””……You foools Even though the Exam will cancelled your knowledge will be there,,,,marks doensnt matter …..In dis generation knowledge is matter…….Indians were always running before marks thts y India is still not developed………..My opinion…..Exam should be cancelled because many peoples are still suffering from CV-19. Though if the cases of CV 19 decreases …..I suggest for the re- exam….But till now Exam should be cancelled..Stay Safe!!!!!

  34. Plzz exam cancel my kijiye..🙏
    Bss jaldi se exam ki date fixed kr k bta dijiye plzzz 🙏
    Plzzz jaldi plzz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏…………………

  35. Hey we will not want to die there is no oxygens in hospital if we infected bcoz of covid then who is responsible can you give us free treatment ? If we will die then you are the criminal . You must also go to jail. 😡😡Nothing is bigger than life 😷😷

  36. Kitna log mera raha ha hum se puchoo ma mera kitna janewala roz koi na koi maar raha ha ur sarkar paper karwagi tum nahi janat agar paper koi nahi bachaga fir esi pd ko legana upper wana karwana paper cancle board exammm

  37. Cancel board exam please
    4 lakh covid cases are increasing day by day
    And WTF you want offline exam
    This is completely shit

  38. Plzz cancel the board exam some time We have not studied well, we have woken up from studying now🙏🙏🙏

  39. Exam should be online ,
    No matter it will held or not
    You should just mentally prepared for exams
    Only I want that exam should held online
    Thanks 😊

  40. Please std 12 exam cancel please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  42. Plz dont take exam because my uncle is covid positive I seen the problem he faced🥺 plz think about every child request

  43. Covid cases are rising so much.
    Dear candidates I bet you haven’t seen how covid patients are suffering. One of my neighbors have got the virus inspite taking enough precautions while at work. Unfortunate.
    And he was very healthy a week ago. Today his oxygen level came down below 90. He’s struggling to breathe. And he’s rushed to the quarantine center now. I swear I realize how bad it can be.

    Please don’t think that masks will save you from this virus. It’s only a false hope. And about social distancing? It is never possible as it have seemed.

    Please stay inside whatever happens. Your life is more important than your exam. And authorities please do mind the fact that you’re only putting the lives of these students at risk.
    I’ve heard some ‘wise’ guy say in front of the media before election that there’s no covid now. So what’s now? I oppose this decision of taking board exams. Further postpone it or else consider them.

  44. Gyus I’m in 12th std. I think exam honi chahiye. After all we are mature students. We have to do something special in our life. If incase exam will cancel then we loss our one year. So in my opinion its completely wrong.

  45. If we have to do something in our life we should be alive and safe for doing something
    Look at the current death rate we don’t want to die I am also a student of class 12

  46. Exams needs to be cancelled for our family and our Better future
    I don’t know about others but I love my life more than exams

  47. Please cancel exams
    We all know that no mark sheet can define the future of a student so exams are not necessary to be held
    Please 🙏 cancel the exams

  48. H.S 2nd yr exam should postpone or pass all the students like 1st yr done if it will not held like this coming up further no students or any issues gone to be solve for this time only this year we should have it and accept n seeing COVID also all should pass by…For their others studies

  49. Should be cancel bord exam
    Because , es samay har koi koina koi samasya me he phir vo students ho , government ho ya phir janta ho, es samay khud ko chhod kar sabki sochne mehi bhalayhe

  50. To ever people wo say exam should be conducted
    Let we talk about our stress literal we ha prapered for our exam 3th time and it gets postpone and we lose motivation to study again
    And if you can see the death rate of past 20 days lots and lots of people are suffering and die ever day some of them are parents of those students who exam is not yet decided the have lost many close people and still you think they can give exam then please atleast leav them and give me the garrenty that every stude will promptly give exam without getting positive and from 5 lakh students of GSEB board 100 students will get position and they will recover for sure but what if 1 students dies will you be responsible for that ? Heads off to our education system who still thinks exam are possible

  51. Exam should be conducted because our future is depend upon 12 exam.
    After every one take graduation degree

  52. Cancel
    Popatlal ne bol Diya to Cancel😂😂😂😂
    Exam hona chaiye 🙏
    But COVID ko v dekha Jaye 👀

  53. To, varshaji,
    First of all, Give vaccine to all student appearing for HSC Exam that is your job. Because thousands of 12th class students are COVID 19 Positive. That Temperature Test is useless Covid 19 Positive can enter into examination hall.
    Parents 12th class student

  54. Cancel kro 12 ka board’s.abhi yha condition kya chlri hai who dekta nhi hai kya aap logo ko 10 walo ka kiya na wese hum12 walo ka bhi kro hum sb Student ko hamari safety chiye itne sare students’jab exam dene aayege ek postive rha ausme tho kitno ko hoga ye sb ki zimedari agr aap log lete ho tho thik hai agr aap logo ko hum sb students’ki safety pyri hai tho maat lo exam plz we all 12 students’are requesting uhh sir/mam 🙏🙏

  55. I am khushi .I am in 12th class . So meri government se yeh request hai ki aap koi bhi decision lena to sab students ki health ko lekar bhi lena . Agar aap exam karwana chahate ho to sab students ki responsibility bhi lena ki unki health ko kuch ni hoga
    Thanking you

  56. Please cancel exam case’s slow down; but covid-19 don’t go in our india. pleas🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  57. Hello my name is ankita, commerce student, Acha hua vo din akhir car aahi gaya thank you God 🙏 but plz paper hard set Karna plz jisse toppers ke percentage 65 to 70 ke bichme aaye aur average ke 50 se 55 aur dull fail ho jaaye aur plz exams lelo ye log reels banate bahut jaada.

    Thank you
    Ankita Rawal
    From mithibai clg

  58. Jayesh Prakash Singh Jaldi lo exams I am waiting bahut maza aayga sab ki fat ke haath me aaygi.
    I’m staying in khar road Nirmal Nagar, 15 no. Building, ground floor,
    [email protected]. mssg me for 12 boards commerce notes.


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