2 People Fell from Plane in Kabul, Afghanistan – Video is Horrifying

2 People Fell from Plane in Kabul, Afghanistan and the Video is Horrifying. Watch the video of 2 People falling from Airplane in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is being taken over by the Taliban and horrifying news and visuals are coming from various parts of the capital city Kabul. Today itself, We watched a video where Afghans were clinging to planes to escape the country. The scene at the airport was totally chaos.

2 People Fell from Plane in Kabul

It has been reported that a number of people are already dead at the airport in an attempt to flee Afghanistan. Now another video has come up showing two people falling from the sky out of an Airplane. This scene was really heartbroken and horrifying.

It is being assumed that these two people feel from the undercarriage of the plane while the flight was departing from Afghanistan. This video shows a plane leaving the Kabul airport. As the plane was gaining altitude, two people fell from it.

People fell from plane in Afghanistan

Video of People Falling from Plane in Kabul

The video was recorded by locals and then uploaded on the internet. The whole world is in shock at how the people of Afghanistan are facing the situation over there.

We have embedded a video showing exactly who this happened and who these people fell from the plane.

We are deeply heartbroken about what is happening in Afghanistan. We pray for peace in Afghanistan and may the soul of the two people who fell from the plan rest in peace.

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  1. Please don’t pray for the soul of them are you kidding?! I don’t know where is this world going towards but I just know it’s a hell. It’s a nightmare. Evil politics are in charge in most countries and their blowing this fire of war and dictatorship in middle East to grow bigger. I’m living in Iran and I just wish someone nukes the whole middle East maybe the world peace exists in a world without this place. I’m tired of this world and I’m terrified to think about the future. Nobody doesn’t even care about people’s lives anymore…

    • this has nothing to do with the middle east in fact that was an american army plane taking off and they decided to stow away on the wing to try and escape their country and wishing someone to nuke the middle east is so out of order thinking that makes you way worse than any dictator the middle east did nothing wrong here please educate yourself

      • Listen you uneducated barbarian. The middle east is a hellhole with rape and opresion being glorified and claimed to be godly. Where children are taught to be religious fanatics that propagate the rape through generations. This man told you as much but you want to remain ignorant even tho he wouldn’t mind dying if this meant a stop to the inhumane dictate of islam.

        An anti intellectual like you shouldn’t tell others to educate themselves. You educate yourself first, then you can speak.

    • You wish and rejoyce of peoples deaths because YOU are tired of this world? Wow, and you dont even realize you are part of those who makes the world a living hell.

    • “Nobody doesn’t even care about people’s lives anymore…” -You

      “Please don’t pray for the soul of them are you kidding?!” -You

      “You’re a hypocrite.” -Me

    • When contemplating the middle East and the Arab world, it’s Virtually impossible not to see them as being stuck in a time of dictators, tyrants, and ignorance. Virtually every act of terrorism in the last 30 or 40yrs has been committed by, or in the name of the Muslim or Arab world. One only has to look at the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, to realise that the people (in general) are stuck in the middle ages, and for some reason seem utterly incapable of governing themselves properly. Can it be that the people themselves are indeed either too ignorant or too selfish to join the rest of the world’s democracies and free us all from their never ending cycle of violence. We all know that until the people themselves are prepared to stand up and fight against the tyranny of evil men, it will just go on and on.

    • I feel the same sometimes. Nowhere to turn, things getting worse and while we concentrate on one disaster they are passing laws in the background that will make life worse in the comming months

  2. Very desperate and very stupid.
    Even if they managed to stay attached to the undercarriage they would freeze to death long before that plane arrived in USA.

    At least their deaths were faster than they would be at the hands of the Taliban.
    So sad to see such desperation. But western countries won’t take the millions who wish to flee.

    Only time will tell of the Taliban will keep their promise not to punish peeps that worked for the government or western powers.

    Would l trust the Taliban? Not a hope. I would also try every option to leave the country. But l wouldn’t commit suicide as those guys did.

    I only hope that they lost consciousness before they fell off rather than suffer the fall knowing they wouldn’t survive it.

    Hopefully the military will stop these desperate attempts before more die needless deaths

  3. Hola me llamó sabrina tengo 14 años y soy brasilera pero vivo en argentina y mis avilidades son:Canto baile actuación y en el canto soy muy buena puedo cantar notas altas al igual que bajas y en él baile pudo bailar lo que sea y lo bueno que tengo que aprendo muy rápido y les voy a hacer completamente sinsera mi sueño siempre fue convertirme en una estrella del pop como maicol yakson pero cuando conoci el kpop me enamore de las distas clases de canciones Creó que aveses esta bien salir de tu sona de confort y probar nuevas Cosas y por eso ahora estoy desidida a cumplir mi sueño como sea por que no quiero dejar este sueño en la lista de sueños pendientes y no les niego que tengo miedo que no me vallan a dar una oportunidad para demostrar mi talento por que desde hace mucho lo vengo ocultando y ya no quiero ocultar mas mi talento y por eso le pido que me denen una oportunidad para demostrarle que pudo y deseguro que si me dan la oportunidad nose van a repetir por que van a estar orgulloso por que voy a hacer lo imposible para que haci sea

  4. western countries are absolutely right not to take afghanis because after fleeing afghanistan they will bring and preach the same evil mentality which made them flee their country in the first place.
    Taliban are not evil they are just following the book of quran and hadids from their prophet mohammad.
    These comments will not make it very far because this is the truth and these days people don’t like the truth.

  5. Better to die trying rather than waiting to die at the hands of the Talibs. The deceased were probably interpreters or people who worked for the coalition.

  6. Witnesses say the “young men” made a horrifying and terrible sound as they fell. Yeah they were most certainty alive and screaming the whole way down. One landed on the roof of someones home but the pictures were too bloody to show. Imagine pasta thrown against a brick wall and you will see the final fate of these boys.

  7. Running around an aircraft on
    Taxi and it’s engine when running
    Is suicidal. These people are
    All iterate complete and utter
    Madness …then holding on the
    Undercarriage trying to became
    Stowaways has lead to 3 people’s
    Horrible deaths .

  8. Men fleeing their country like rats rather than fight for it deserve no better death. Only sad I did not see them bounce. I pray for the women and children they tried to abandon.

  9. To all the people who talk bad about other people, may the words you spoke happen to yourself. We are all human beings and the innocent ones should be respected at all time. The bad ones will be punished when they are dead. Do not judge people but live your own life positive and healthy, be generous to the ones who do not have the wealth you have. I hope one day people cannot own more then 1 million while on the other side people die from starvation. We live in a world where some people even have billions, this is wrong.

  10. It looks like .ore than just those two men were clinging to the plane, so didn’t the other people all probably fall off at some point before the plane landed..

  11. The amount of people who without knowing anything about how and why talibans have won, start spitting hatred and contempt towards poor civilians who simply want to live, just because they are males, makes me think that we’re not that much more evolved than talibans themselves. What do you think random guys without weapons, organization and training could do, when the national army itself, equipped with complex high tech technology, has been annihilated in less than a week? Regardless of whether they could have made a difference (which they could not) do you think it is fair to believe that one individual should be supposed to sacrifice himself for everyone else, just because he has a p****? Do you think that everyone indiscriminately has the same predisposition for violence and combat? If all of this reflects the mentality of the average person in the west, then we’re a pack of man-hating keyboard lions. It’s easy to sit comfortably behind your desk and get indignant. The lack of empathy towards poor innocents who have died or got killed makes me sick.

  12. Now more English and America people have to die for this Muslim war that they are fighting against each other, pull the uk and USA out leave them to dismantle there ruined country and kill each other for Allah lol

  13. Apparently, it’s ok to say that these poor civilian men who died trying to live, are cowards and deserved to die. But when i try writing that this is a horrible thing to think or say, my comment gets deleted. This world’s.. fantastic.


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