5 Month Old baby turning into Stone – Watch Pics & Why

5 Month Old baby turning into Stone – Watch Pics & Why: News is coming from the United Kingdom where a 5 month old baby girl is turning into a stone. This is because of a rare disease that turns muscles into bones and restricts the child from moving her body.

5 Month Old baby turning into Stone

The baby girl is named Lexi Robins and she was born on 31st January 2021. When she was born, she looked like any other baby except some problems. She could not move her thumb and she had comparatively bigger toes.

Her parents found about this and got concerned. They took her to a doctor where some tests were performed. After the Diagnosis, it was found that the girl was facing an extremely rare disease called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP). This is a rare disease that is found once in two million cases.

 IN the x-ray, it was found that the girl has bunions on her feet and double-jointed thumbs. The FOP disease can cause bone formation outside the actual bones and can cause restriction on body movement.

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It is believed that this disease can replace muscles and connective tissues into the bones. This is why this 5 old girl is turning into stone because she can’t move.

There is a proven solution for this disease and is it believed that people suffering from FOP can be bedridden at the age of 20. Such patients have a life expectancy of 40 years.

5 month old girl turning into stone

 Due to FOP, these girls will be experiencing various problems even for small problems like falling over. If it happens, she will not be able to get injections, vaccination, and other normal care.

Lexi’s parents have talked to some experts and they are saying that some clinical experiments have shown positive signs in recent cases. Experts are also collecting funds to do more research on FOP and provide a solution for that.

Her parents have also started a fundraiser which will help the experts to collect funds for further research. They are also running some campaigns to aware other parents about this disease.


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We hope that experts will find a solution and will help this 5 months old girl turning into stone. What are your views on that?

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    • That’s really your answer? Trust in god? I’ll bet you a million bucks that she hurts in unspeakable ways before god reaches down from heaven and wipes away this disease. Come on now. Be real. Tell people the truth rather than trying to placate them with your terrible, unproven, makes-no-sense theories about the origins of life. Good lord, just ridiculous, and frankly rude to this child by dismissing her malady.

  1. So Sorry Sweetie Lexi 😞❤️
    Before you turn into a stone please make your wishes come true 😞❤️😞❤️😔😔


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