Adani Wilmar IPO GMP Today, Share Price, Allotment Date

Adani Wilmar IPO, GMP Today, Share Price, Allotment Date will be discussed here. For a 4500 crore IPO, Adani Wilmar submitted a draught red herring prospectus (DRHP) with SEBI. The Adani Wilmar IPO would be the seventh Adani Group entity to list on the Indian stock exchange. The business received approval from SEBI to file an IPO, and we might see the Adani Wilmar IPO reach the market shortly. Investors must keep Adani Enterprise shares in their Demat account until the record date to participate in the IPO (RHP).

Adani Wilmar IPO GMP Today

In 2021, the firm claimed a 58 percent year-over-year increase in PAT. In 2021, the PAT was 727.65 crores, up from 460.87 crores in 2020. Revenues grew by 25% year over year.

  • The Adani Group’s seventh firm to go public in India.
  • One of India’s biggest FMCG companies.
  • Fortune Oil, the company’s flagship brand, is India’s most popular edible oil.
  • In India, Fortune Oil controls 20% of the market.
  • They have about 40 units with a daily refining capacity of more than 16000 tonnes.
  • One of India’s most rapidly expanding packaged food firms.

Adani Wilmar Allotment Size

  • India is the world’s leading importer of edible crude oil.
  • India’s largest producer of lauric fat.
  • India’s biggest producer of castor oil and one of the country’s top producers of basic oleochemicals.
  • India’s biggest exporter of castor oil and derivatives and one of the country’s top exporters of oleochemicals.
Adani Wilmar IPO GMP
Adani Wilmar IPO GMP
  • Date of Adani Wilmar’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), Timetable, Allotment, and Listing
  • The IPO date for Adani Wilmar is 2021, and the IPO closure date is also 2021. The IPO may list in 2021, with an allotted date of 2021.
  • Adani Wilmar IPO Price

How can I apply for the Adani Wilmar Initial Public Offering (IPO)? You may apply for Adani Wilmar IPO using your bank account’s ASBA. Log up to your online bank account and pick the Adani Wilmar GMP in the Invest area to apply through your bank account. You may also apply for Adani Wilmar IPO by downloading IPO forms from the NSE and BSE. Adani Wilmar’s Background

We are one of the few significant FMCG food firms in India that sell essential kitchen commodities, such as edible oil, wheat flour, rice, lentils, and sugar, to Indian customers. Our goods are sold under various brand names and vary in price to appeal to a wide range of customers.

Adani Wilmar Share Price Today

We are a joint venture formed in January 1999 by the Adani Group, a multinational diversified business group with significant interests in the transportation and logistics, energy, and utility sectors, and the Wilmar Group, one of Asia’s leading agribusiness groups and one of the largest listed companies on the Singapore Exchange by market capitalization as of February 2021.

We benefit from our solid parentage as a joint venture between the Adani Group IPO GMP Today, and the Wilmar Group. We benefit from the Adani Group’s comprehensive knowledge of local markets, domestic trade expertise, and superior logistics network in India, as well as the Wilmar Group’s worldwide sourcing skills and technological know-how.

Adani Wilmar Product List 2021

Competitive Advantages:

  • Diverse product assortment with renowned brands that cover the majority of the everyday needs of an Indian kitchen.
  • Strong brand recognition and a large client base.
  • In India, we are the market leader in branded edible oil and packaged foods.
  • One of India’s major fundamental oleochemical producers.
  • Strong sourcing skills for raw materials from major worldwide vendors.
  • An integrated company model with a strong production capability and well-established operational infrastructure.
  • A solid distribution infrastructure supports a pan-India distribution network.
  • The emphasis should be on environmental and social sustainability.
  • Professional management and a well-versed board of directors.

Fortune is a flagship product – In India, “Fortune” is the most popular edible oil brand. Based on sales growth over the previous five years, Adani Wilmar is one of India’s fastest-growing packaged food firms. The market share of branded edible oil in Refined Oil in Consumer Packs (“ROCP”) was 18.3 percent, making Adani Wilmar the dominating No. 1 edible oil brand in India (Source: Nielsen Retail Index – MAT March 2021).

Adani Wilmar Stock Price

Concentrate on products with a high-profit margin – In recent years, Adani Wilmar IPO has focused more on value-added goods, intending to diversify income sources and generate high-profit margins. Available edible oil goods, such as rice bran health oil, fortified meals, ready-to-cook soya chunks and khichdi, and FMCG are among the value-added items released in recent years.

How do they get their raw materials? – As of March 31, 2020 (Source: Technopak Report), India’s top importer of edible crude oil, giving it negotiating strength to get higher-quality raw materials on more advantageous economic terms. They also benefit from the Wilmar Group’s market intelligence and raw material procurement assistance, as well as the company’s long-standing partnerships with foreign suppliers.

Adani Wilmar Allotment Date

They operate 22 factories in India, including ten crusher units and 18 refineries strategically positioned throughout ten states. Ten of the 18 refineries are port-based, allowing for easier use of imported crude edible oil and lower transportation costs. In contrast, the other refineries are generally situated in the hinterland, close to raw material production bases, lowering storage costs. With a planned capacity of 5,000 MT per day, the refinery at Mundra is one of India’s biggest single-location refineries (Source: Technopak Report).

They utilized 28 leased tolling units in addition to the 22 plants they own as of March 31, 2021, which gave them extra production capacity. As a result, they have and will continue to operate under an asset-light business model.

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