AP Inter New time table 2021 1st 2nd year new exam dates

AP Inter New time table 2021 1st 2nd year new exam dates can be check from the official portal and this page after the release. Andhra Pradesh Education Board was all set to start the 1st and 2nd year examination from 5th and 6th May respectively. Board also released the intermediate hall ticket on 30th April 2021. But on 2nd May 2021, The board decided to postpone the intermediate exams. Now speculations are being made that AP Inter new time table will be released in June month.

AP Inter New time table 2021

Students across the state and parents are trending hashtags about the cancellation of exams. It is not safe for the students to attend the exams in this pandemic situation. So, it will be better if the board decides to cancel the examination. If not, the AP intermediate new time table 2021 will be released for 1st and 2nd year separately. Latest news on the intermediate new time table can be checked from below.

Board Name Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh
Known As BIEAP
Topic New Time Table
Class Inter 1st and 2nd year
Exam Status Postponed
New Dates Check Below
Hall ticket Download here
Postpone News Check Here

AP Inter year new time table 2021

Andhra Pradesh board should be considering many things before deciding on the 1st year examination in this pandemic. They should learn from the Telangana board. BIEAP should also cancel the first year examination like TSBIE and promote all students based on the internals. We and our readers want to cancel AP inter 1st year exams. We request the government to not release AP inter 1st year new time table. The old time table for the intermediate 1st year is given below.

AP inter new time table

Old Date Subjects
05 May 2021 Part-2
Second Language- Paper 1
07 May 2021 English Paper-I
10 May 2021 Part- 3
Mathematics paper- I A
Botany Paper- I
Civics Paper- I
12 May 2021 Mathematics Paper- I B
Zoology Paper- I
History Paper- I
15 May 2021 Physics Paper- I
Economics Paper- I
18 May 2021 Chemistry Paper- I
Commerce Paper- I
Sociology Paper- I
Fine Arts, Music Paper- I
20 May 2021 Public Administrator Paper- I
Logic Paper- I
Bridge Course Maths Paper- I
(For B.P.C students)
22 May 2021 Modern Language Paper- I
Geology Paper I

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AP intermediate 2nd year time table 2021

Telangana board has also not cancelled the 2nd year exams so we may speculate that the AP board will not do it too. Officials have not made any statement related to the same. Any statement about the release of AP inter new time table 2021 will be made in June month only. You must get the details of AP intermediate time table from this page if it is revised and released again. The old time table for 2nd year exams can be checked below.

Old Date Subjects
06 May 2021 Part 2: 
2nd Language- Paper II
08 May 2021 Part 1:
English Paper-II
11 May 2021 Part- 3
Mathematics paper- II A
Botany Paper- II
Civics Paper- II
13 May 2021 Mathematics Paper- II B
Zoology Paper- II
History Paper- II
17 May 2021 Physics Paper- II
Economics Paper- II
19 May 2021 Chemistry Paper- II
Commerce Paper- II
Sociology Paper- II
Fine Arts, Music Paper- II
21 May 2021 Geology Paper II
Public Administrator Paper- II
Logic Paper- II
Bridge Course Maths Paper- II
(For B.P.C students)
23 May 2021 Modern Language Paper- II
Geography Paper – II

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How to download AP intermediate time table 2021

  • First of all, Aspirants need to visit the official website of APBIE i.e. bie.ap.gov.in.
  • Now in the latest news section, click on the Intermediate new time table.
  • A PDF file will be displayed in the new tab of your browser.
  • Save the new time table to your device and prepare yourself accordingly.

We request the officials to please cancel both 1st and 2nd year intermediate exams to avoid any more spread of Covid-19. The officials are quite on this for now. If you hvae questions related to AP board inter exams. Please leave a comment below.

Postpone News Check here
Inter Hall tickets Check Here
Official Website Check Here
MPNRC Home Check here

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  1. Plz tell us about conducting of inter examinations because we want clarity sir…. Tell us the final decision, because we want to know what is our next step sir I mean which studies we have to start or continue as per as ur decision….

  2. Please cancel inter 1st and 2nd year examinations. Please save young Indians from covid-19 pandemic

  3. It’s not at all advisable with so many deaths happening in the state officially, unofficially still how many we don’t know. Pl cancel all exams immediately for all class students in the Interest of saving lives of our innocent children and future citizens

  4. Plzz don’t cancel 2nd year exams sir…nd don’t promote. We will definitely write our xms.if u cancel our xms there will be lot of impact on our future sir….

  5. Cancel all 10 to 2nd inter exams because of some family’s are poor. If Uncessary affect with covid they will affect more with money

  6. Please 🥺 cancel ❌ inter 1 &2 year exams 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 we r not ready to write this exams.. #cancelboardsexams👈👈👈

  7. Cancel all exams for only one time.you will become the rescuers 0f young Indians.India don’t loss anything for one time cancellation of exams.save lives….

  8. Sir its my sincere request to conduct exams for inter 2nd year especially bcz if the government cancel 2nd year exams there will be lot of competition for up coming competitive exams and also it seriously effets our future as well as our life which will impact the down strategy of indian economy sir

  9. Cancel inter 2nd year also because college admission based on Ramsey and not based on inter 2nd year and give marks based on first year marks or practical marks

  10. Please conduct first year exams….it is better to conduct exams when the situation gets well..please don’t cancel them…🙏🏻

  11. ఇ కరోనా సమయంలో మాకు మద్దతూ ఇచ్చి పరీక్షలు వాయిదా వెసినందుకు మికు ధన్యవాదాలు. పరిస్థితి చక్కబడినా తరువాత ఇ పరీక్షలు తప్పనిసరి నిర్వాహిన్చాలి అని కొరుతున్న. ఇ పరీక్షలు మా భవిష్యత్తుకు ములాధారము.పరీక్షలు లెకాపోవుట వలనా చధవ లేని వారికి చదువే వారికి తేడా ఉండుటలేధు. దయచేసి పరీక్షలు నిర్వాహిచండి

  12. ఇ కరోనా సమయంలో మాకు మద్దతూ ఇచ్చి పరీక్షలు వాయిదా వెసినందుకు మికు ధన్యవాదాలు. పరిస్థితి చక్కబడినా తరువాత ఇ పరీక్షలు తప్పనిసరి నిర్వాహిన్చాలి అని కొరుతున్న. ఇ పరీక్షలు మా భవిష్యత్తుకు ములాధారము.పరీక్షలు లెకాపోవుట వలనా చధవ లేని వారికి చదువే వారికి తేడా ఉండుటలేధు. దయచేసి 2 వ సంవత్సరం పరీక్షలు నిర్వాహిన్చాలి

  13. We are requesting you to conduct inter 1st and 2nd year examination. Last 10th 2020 batch students are suffering because we don’t know the format of public exam. Sir pls conduct the exams for us. If we miss this we can unable knom how to write the exam… Pls sir……


  15. In this covid pandemic conducting exams is an huge process.its depends on life is in risk
    .My opinion is conducting exams is well.but not in this situation.may be conducting when covid is decrease either you will cancelled or postponed…..

  16. Re eee corona time lo neeku exams avasarama

    Oka vela exams conduct chesina neeku gaani corona vaste appudu emichestav cheppu waiting for your reply


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