Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme: Agriculture Beneficiary list

The state government of Assam has launched Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme for the farmers of the state. Assam Tractor Yojana is launched under “Chief Minister’s Village Development Scheme (CMSGUY)”. The scheme aims at providing assistance to the farmers of the state, through the scheme income of the farmers will be revived and increased. By the year 2022, the scheme will double the income of the farmers.

Assam Tractor Distribution List 2021

In this scheme, tractors and other accessories will be provided to every revenue-generating village. The tools and tractors will be provided at subsidized rates by the state government. In the first phase, government plans on distributing around 10,109 tractors across assam. All the information regarding the scheme will be provided in this article.

Read the article till end to have information on eligibility criteria, subsidy factors, online application and necessary documents of the scheme. More about the scheme – Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme will cover around 2700 villages across the state. The scheme will make farmers self-sufficient and their income will be boosted.


Assam Tractor Distribution Status 2021

Farmers will be provided benefits of the scheme and they can become financially strong if they follow the scheme properly. The tractors will be used by farmers for agricultural activities, this will also develop the state. For successful implementation of the scheme, the state government has allocated funds of Rs, 1000 crore for the scheme. Assam tractor distribution scheme list village wise.

The scheme is for the benefit of the farmers of the state. The accessories under the scheme will be provide using public money. Beneficiaries of the scheme should ensure proper use of the tractors. The activities of the framers will be monitored and information regarding to the scheme and benefits will be provided to the farmers. The state government has set to a separate department under the Department of agriculture for this.

Assam Tractor Distribution
Assam Tractor Distribution

CMSGUY Beneficiary List Assam

The state government also has to provide a report on the activities of the beneficiary to the Department of Agriculture. Every three months this report will be sent to the Department of Agriculture. Under this scheme, the government will provide tractors to every revenue village for the farmers. Beneficiaries can get more information regarding the scheme at

Highlights of the scheme

  • Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme is launched by the state government of Assam.
  • The beneficiaries of the scheme are the farmers of the state.
  • The registration under the scheme will be done through online mode.
  • The main objective of scheme is to provide tractors to the farmers for the overall development of the state.
  • Under this scheme, benefits in the form of subsidies on tractors will also be provided to the farmers.
  • The official website for the scheme is
Scheme CMSGUY Assam Tractor Scheme
Under State Government of Assam
Apply online Assam Tractor Subsidy Online Apply
Official Portal
List Assam Tractor Distribution List village wise

Assam Tractor Yojana list 2021

Accessories under the scheme

The accessories provided under the scheme include the tractor unit provided to each revenue village. The tractor unit will be 35 to 55 hp along with the general accessories and matching implants. The implants and accessories are to meet the requirement of farmers and different crops.

General accessories provided under the scheme are

  • Trailering Hook
  • Stabilizer Assembly
  • Hitch assembly
  • Hood
  • Tool kit

Implants under the scheme should be matching

  • Rotavator
  • Disc harrow
  • Cultivator
  • Trailer
  • Cagle wheel (single pair)

Assam Agriculture Beneficiary List 2021

Assam Tractor Yojana Eligibility criteria under the scheme

The beneficiaries of the scheme should meet the eligibility requirement of the scheme. The criteria are as under-

  • The scheme is for the residents of Assam.
  • The applicant of the scheme should be a farmer.
  • An individual farmer will not be eligible for the scheme.
  • Only a group of 8 to 10 actual adult farmers from same village will be eligible for the scheme.
  • The group of farmers should have common bank account.
  • The farmers should apply for the cultivation of crops or land under the scheme and all the members of the group have to sign the application form.
  • Only one applicant from one family is eligible for the scheme.

Check Assam Tractor scheme Documents required

The main documents required for the scheme are as under-

  • Aadhar card of each member
  • Residential certificate or domicile certificate of each member
  • Identity card or photo ID card of each candidate
  • PAN card of each member

All these documents should be attached with the application form.

Assam Tractor Subsidy Apply Online

How to apply for Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme?

After fulfilling the eligibility criteria, the applicant of scheme should follow the following steps to complete the application form of the scheme. These steps are as under-

  • The details regarding the DOA will be provided by the Department of Agriculture to the farmers. These details will be provided via newspaper, advertisement, broadcast, brochures, and other forms of media.
CMSGUY Assam Beneficiary List 2021
CMSGUY Assam Beneficiary List 2021
  • The details regarding the starting of the registration form of the scheme will be given to the farmers of the state.
CMSGUY Apply online
CMSGUY Apply online
  • The application should be submitted by the group of farmers in the exact same format as prescribed. The application form is submitted to the district agricultural officer, who will further submit the application form to DLC.
  • The DLC will finalize one group of 8 to 10 members from one village and a waiting list of at least 10% of the total cost of the tractor or accessories should be in the bank account of the group.
  • The DLC will finalize on the basis of the members of the groups and the application form of the group.
  • The names of the selected groups for the scheme will be notified by the member secretary.
  • The application form of the scheme should be downloaded by each group and then filled in carefully.

CMSGUY Tractor Subsidy Status

Under the scheme, 70% subsidy will be provided at the purchase price of the tractor unit including the mandatory accessories of the unit. The subsidy amount will be Rs.5.50 lakh maximum and not more than that. Out of the remaining 30%, 20% will be provided a loan to the group by the government and 10% will be paid by the group under the scheme.

The loan will be provided by the bank for the purchase of the selected tractor unit. All the guidelines related to the scheme is published on the website of the scheme

Official Portal Click here
MPNRC Home Click here

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