Bhuvan Bam Lost his Parents to Covid-19 , Here is what he wrote

Bhuvan Bam lost both his parents to Covid-19. Around one month back, He lost his father and today (on 12 June 2021) he lost his mother too. It is the biggest tragedy of his life and it has shook his millions of followers too. Bhuvam Bam wrote a note on Instagram to share his emotions.

Bhuvan Bam Lost his Parents to Covid-19

BB ki Vines fame Bhuvan Bam shared a few photos with his parents and brother. In one of the photos, BB is embracing his parents in a hug. He wrote the caption and shared “Lost both my lifelines to covid. Aai aur Baba ke bina kuch bhi pehle jaisa nahi rahega. Ek mahine mein sab bikhar chuka hai. Ghar, sapne, sab kuch. (Nothing will remain the same without mom and dad. Everything has fallen apart in one month. Home, dreams, everything)”

He continued “Meri aai mere pass nahi hai, baba mere saath nahi hain. Ab shuru se jeena seekhna padega. Mann nahi kar raha. (My mom is not with me, my dad is not with me. I will have learn to live again but don’t want to).”

Bhuvan Bam lost his Father

Last year, Bhuvan Bam was tested positive for Coronavirus and he went into self-quarantine. He recovered from the Covid and came back to youtube again.

But a month ago, His father lost his life fighting the Coronavirus and it tore his world apart. It took the Youtuber into silence and he did not share much.

Bhuvan Bam Lost his Parents

Bhuvan Bam Mother Died Due to Covid-19

Now on 12th June 2021, BB ki Vines fame Bhuvan Bam lost his mother too. The whole community and his followers are standing tall with him and are sharing their sympathy with him. But, this can not fill the void that this situation has created in his life.

He shared his feeling on his Instagram account and the post is provided below.

Bhuvam Bam Instagram Post about his parents


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We present our condolences to our favorite Youtuber and a great person. He has donated to needy people various times.

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