Bihar E Pass Apply Online – Corona pass Status Check For Lockdown

Bihar E Pass Apply Online – Corona Pass Status Check For Lockdown can be checked online. Get Bihar Corona pass from Amidst the second wave of coronavirus, there had been regional lockdowns in all parts of the world. Recently Bihar has announced complete lockdown for a certain period to combat the overwhelming grave situation all around the country.

Bihar E Pass Apply Online

E-Pass is a special kind of pass that can actually be generated online after application. This is majorly centred for people who want to travel during lockdown for emergency purposes. Of Course there is no way people are allowed to travel without any reason. There have been restrictions on gatherings, weddings and so on.

The major setback India is suffering has spread to the nook and cranny of the country. People who are willing to avail the Bihar E-Pass have to visit the official Bihar Government website. There are both Hindi and English language options for the benefit of people from all sections of the society. E Pass

The lockdown period has been extended in Bihar as the number of Covid contracted patients are increasing rapidly with continuously increasing deaths. As orders received from the Patna High Court, the government of Bihar took immediate steps and hence the entire scenario of generating and availing Bihar E-Pass has to be clear for emergency circumstances. Till now the strict lockdown has been imposed till 25th May, 2021 which is subjected to change under increasing vulnerability.

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Bihar E Pass

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Application procedure for Bihar EPass

  • Click on the link to visit the official portal:
  • In the top tab, the leftmost button is used to switch the language of the website between Hindi and English.
  • Beside the Hindi or English written button, there is a drop down list: “Apply Online”.
  • Click on the last option which says: “Issuance of e-Pass for Covid-19 Disaster”. It will open a new page in a new tab.
  • Then Fill in the blanks correctly with appropriate details as asked.
  • There will be an option to upload photos, where you can either select a photo from your device or click the photo immediately by using the small camera icon.
  • Click the agreement box and there will be a tick in the checkbox.
  • Select the Office you want to apply and then enter the digits as it is displayed.
  • Finally, Click on Proceed option.
  • A preview of your filled details will be viewed on the screen and you need to go through them carefully for any changes and then click on the “Attach Annexure” Option.
  • The next page will come and you have to upload the required documents over there from the device such as Identity Proofs and Letters from the office etc.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Another preview would be visible. Take a look and click on Submit again.

After you have completed the submission, you will receive a notification on your registered mobile number and email-id.

Bihar E Pass Status Check

You also need to check the status of the online application for getting the Bihar Corona e-Pass for your needs:

  • Click on the link to visit the official website of Bihar Government:
  • There is an option Citizen Section, Click on the “Track Application” option.
  • There will be a pop-up where you have to select your Reference number or OTP through which you want to check the status of your application.
  • Depending upon your selection, you will get relevant details on your screen.
  • Captcha should be provided and then click Submit and the details of the application will be obtained.

Download the Bihar E-Pass

After the application has been submitted, you need to wait for a specified duration before the approval of the Bihar Corona e-pass. If the assigned authority thinks your reasons to be genuine, they would provide you the e-pass and details and reasons have to be appropriate for this reason. If you make any false plea, your application will be immediately rejected. If your application is approved and your Bihar Covid e-pass is generated then follow the steps to download the E-Pass:

  • If your Bihar Corona E-Pass application is approved, then you will receive a download link on your registered mobile number via sms.
  • Click on the download link and it will be opened in the browser.
  • As the page opens, you can provide your application number and the e-pass will be automatically downloaded.

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Few Important points about Bihar E Pass

  • The BIhar Police E-pass that will be generated is meant for the individual and they can travel within the state for essential or emergency purposes with that e-pass.
  • The E-Pass has variants according to the profession and purpose of use. You cannot switch to different actions not supported by the  Bihar Corona E-Pass you generated.
  • The discretion lies entirely on the authority who is verifying and approving the E-Pass. If he finds anything false, he can reject your application unquestionably.
  • People who require to travel beyond the state, actually need to fill up an offline form and apply for the same. Then they need to carry it to the District Control Room for final approval after verification.

Every state in the country is seeing the worst phase and hence being a responsible citizen it is your responsibility to not utilize the benefit of the e-Pass without proper reasons. People need to stay safe and it is upon us to make India Covid-free someday.

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  12. Sir I go to Sheikhpura to Patna for urgent treatment of grandmother waist. so you give me pass (for four persons)of Scorpio BR02R8014
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  13. I have applied for e-pass to participate in ritual ceremony of my younger causin at Patna who died on 15th May.Ritual ceremony will held on 25th, 26th &27th May.Please consider sympathetically for issuance of e-pass.

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