Tomato Flu Virus Symptoms, Cause! Fever Treatment, Precaution

Tomato Flu in India

Tomato Flu Virus in India is discussed here. Read here Tomato Fever Symptoms, Precaution, Treatment, Cause, Severity, Cases in India. A new virus has come into existence which has famous in the name of Tomato Fever. This virus has mainly been seen in the Kerala State our country. What is Tomato Flu in India? Today … Read more

Covid Vaccination Certificate – How to download using different methods

Covid Vaccination Certificate download

Covid Vaccination Certificate download: Corona Vaccination is being organized on a big scale in the country and millions of people are getting vaccinated every day. Many of the citizens are still struggling with How to book Corona Vaccine slot and how to download Covid Vaccination certificate from sources like Umang App, Digilocker App, Aarogya Setu … Read more

Omicron Variant Symptoms, Cause, Precaution, Treatment – Covid 19


Omicron Variant Symptoms, Cause, Precaution, Treatment – Covid 19 will be discussed here. Covid cases with the new variant B.1.1.529 have been documented in the Gauteng province of South Africa, including Pretoria and Johannesburg, and may also be found in other areas. The Covid-19 Omicron version has been updated: SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 … Read more