Covid 2nd Dose Registration – Appointment Date and Process

Covid 2nd Dose Registration – Appointment Date and Process can be checked from the official website and this page in step by step process. All the details about Covid 2nd Dose registration are given in our article, please read it carefully. We know that all those who have got the first dose vaccination now want to get the second dose and hence the complete information about it is given in our article. We will tell you how you can get a vaccine for a second dose and how to get an appointment for it. Stay connected with us for more information.

Covid 2nd Dose Registration

This vaccine is being given to those people who have taken their first dose and should be above 18 years of age. The government wants that this vaccination has been started online as soon as possible to prevent this disease. We hope that you get your first dose as soon as you have got the second dose too because the second dose is also as important as the first dose. Let us tell you that you have to get the second dose only after 28-45 days of the first dose.

Millions of people are dying every day due to the corona epidemic, so now this vaccine has been launched and the Indian government is only trying to save people from this disease as much as possible. It has been about one and a half years to spread this disease in India and after much hard work, the vaccine has been launched for this epidemic. Chances of your covid-19 being reduced by this vaccine are greatly reduced. Also, it is very important to have complete treatment, because if you have taken one dose then you should take another dose also.

How to do registration for Covid 2nd Dose?

From the Cowin app itself, you can book a slot for your vaccination, for which you will have to register yourself first in it, about which we will give you complete information. Please read it carefully:-

  1. First of all, go to the official website and the is
  2. The link of which will be available in our article.
  3. After that, the home page will open on your screen.
  4. On the home page, you will find the option to register, click on it.
  5. After clicking, you have to register through your mobile number.
  6. Along with this, all the other asked details will have to be filled in.
  7. After filling in the details, you have to click on submit and the registration will be done.
  8. After registration, you can take an appointment.

Covid Vaccine 2nd dose registration

Download Covid Vaccination Certificate of 1st Dose

How to get an appointment date for Covid 2nd Dose?

For the 2nd dose, you will get an appointment only from the Cowin App, for which you will have to sign in and fill in all the details. You can take an appointment for your vaccination in your private covid centers and we will give you complete information about this process.

  1. First, you sign in on the online portal [].
  2. After signing in, your account details page will open.
  3. In it, you will see your name and other details.
  4. Then you have to click on the Schedule button below that page.
  5. The next page will open as soon as you click.
  6. Book Appointment for Vaccination” will open on the next page.
  7. Then you have to fill your vaccine, district, nearest covid center, and Pincode in it.
  8. After filling in the details, you have to click on submit.
  9. After that your appointment will be completed, take out the print copy of it.

To ask anything about Covid 2nd Dose Registration, please message us in our comment section and we will definitely reply to you soon. Also, bookmark us to get the latest updates first.

Registration link Click Here
MPNRC Home Click Here

66 thoughts on “Covid 2nd Dose Registration – Appointment Date and Process”

  1. Dear Sir/Ma’am

    Myself, my wife, sister and brother, all 45 + were vaccinated COVAXIN first dose on 20.04.2021 at AIIMS. Now 41 days are over and we have been trying to find slot for 2 dose for past one week but not getting it. AIIMS has refused on account of non availability. Only staff is being vaccinated. Please help us with 2nd dose.

  2. I got the first dose of covaxin by walking in a delhi go t dispensary how do i schedule the second dose
    Vaneeta 9910007969

  3. Hello Sir,

    My husband has taken first dose of Covisheild vaccine in West Indies St Kitts in the month of March 2021. His second dose is due now and right now he is India. We have been trying hard to get the second dose however unable to book appointment for 18+ age group.
    Since he has to travel back to West Indies he has to be fully vaccinated.
    Kindly help us to get the appointment for second dose of Covisheild.
    Our Pincode 421204 District Thane.


  4. My children took Covaxin vaccine on 07-04-21 at Guwahati. When will they get the 2nd doze as it is not available at Guwahati. They are now due for 2nd doze.

  5. my wife has been vaccinated with Covaxin 1st dose on 10.4.2021at RML New Delhi. Now are not getting booking for second dose as centre is beign shown as either not available or other centres are shown booked for all times and dates. How to get the 2nd dose booked?

  6. Myself and my husband were vaccinated at Leelavati hospital in Mumbai on march12th.March 31st we both tested positive for corona.It was very mild so we quarantined in the house for 17 days.Now we r trying to register for second dose but we are not able to register and get msg that no vaccination center available for the pin code.

  7. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I, P. M. Dad took my first dose of Covid-19 vaccine on the 8th of April. Kindly let me know when I should take the second shot and where.
    In anticipation.
    Faithfully yours.
    P. M. Das.

  8. There is no 2nd dose for cavaxin available in our area for the 18+ , my last date for taking 2nd dose is 14th of June 2021, what will I do if the 2nd dose is not made available till the last date.

  9. Hi greetings

    My family member got vaccinated fo covishield vaccine on 23/04/2021 now awaiting for second dose pls revert for availability of 2nd dose here in Secunderabad
    Kindly reply

  10. Dear sir/ma’am
    I have registered for the vaccination but by mistake i have added adhaar card for identification. So, now i want to get it changed by my passport on my vaccination certificate as I am a foriegn resident and adhaar card is not valid there. So please help me out.
    Thank you.
    Mohammad Shahid ashraf
    Contact no. 6392764160

  11. Hi there,
    I have taken 1st dose of vaccine through cova app from punjab govt and i am not able to register for 2nd dose in cowin app are there any options to link these both apps.

  12. My husband’s second dose of Covishield is due on 11th June. He got a message on his cell to schedule an appointment on In spite of repeated attempts we are unable to schedule an appointment. The site just says “No vaacination centres available”.

  13. I got my 1st dose of covishield vaccine on 02/04/2021. The 2nd dose falls due on 25/06/2021 (after 12 weeks or 84 days) I wanted to advance book the 2nd dose keeping the date of actual vaccination on or after 25/06/2021, but I have been denied the advance booking for the 2nd dose with a message “No vaccination centres are available”. I want to know when I will be eligible to book the 2nd dose. Is it mandatory to keep a gap of 84 days even for booking also? Please let me know the rules for booking 2nd dose of Covishield vaccine.

  14. Hello sir me n my husband got 1st dose of covaxin on 5th of may but now second dose is not available pls help us

  15. I took covishild vaccine on 7th of june 2021. how can i take 2nd dose vaccine less than 84 days , because I am a seafarers need to join ship.

  16. I have taken first dose of COVAXIN on 26/02/2021 , couldn’t take second dose in time. Now I am unable to get the second dose. should I freshly take the Covishield vaccine????/

  17. Dear sir,
    I’m 76-year-old.I took 1st dose of Covishield vaccine on April 3,2021 and my 2nd dose is due on June 26, 2021.When should I try to book my 2nd dose? As I’m sufficiently an elderly man, your valued guidance is solicited.Than you.

  18. My grandparents took the vaccine by walk in registration. How can I book their second dose? In cowin, they are shown as not vaccinated.

  19. I have taken first dose on 3rd May .As I have to international travel for studies on July .How can I get my second dose .

  20. My aunt get her first dose of covishield from abroad and she is now in india ,then what are procedure to book the second dose from india

  21. hi sir as per goverment said international traveler can take vaccine after 28 days pf 1st dose now m trying to get apoinment but its to hard pleas help to get me 2md dose i need to travel soon as posible my contect number 8469180727

  22. How can we book our second dose of Covidsheild , as it show on certificate that 52 days are still remaining , I got my 1st dose on9th may , Please suggest me where to contact

  23. Vaccination drive is in utter confusion .Many of the people do not get 2nd dose appointment in time.Even govt do not show any responsibility in this matter.What is the use of such vaccination if it can not be carried out properly and systematicaly

  24. My self vaccinate first dose on 07 may 21, vaccination certificate says due date for second dose on 04 jun to 02 jul, but current order is for second dose is 84 days. What should I do.

  25. I, 76-year-old man, was vaccinated with Covishield jab on 3/4/2021 and my 2nd dose is due on 26/6/2021.I’d highly appreciate if you’d kindly help me book a date for vaccination.My PIN is 700056.Thank you.

  26. Hello Sir,
    I am 39yrs old and My wife is 38 years old, we got our 1st dose of Covid shield Vaccination on 25th April 2021at Ravina hospital in Chennai. But could not get certificate. Now it is difficult for us to take appointment for 2nd dose.
    How to proceed further.

    Please let us now
    My contact no is 9739222410
    [email protected]

  27. i took my covaxin 1st dose on 08.05.2021 and my shedule date for 2nd dose is on 05.06.2021 to 19.06.2021 but still i am not found any covaxine availability on free or paid , what to do now

  28. Sir from the number which I booked my first dose that sim doesn’t work …so can I booked my 2and dose from my another number

  29. 69year old myself and 62year old my wife Reeta v s got covishield vaccination on 19.3.2021and got a message that 2nd vaccination due is 19.6.2021 and directed to register it. But in the Covin portel no dates are available. Please help.

  30. Hey I took the first dose covishield, now the gap is 84days but I have to travel to Ireland. Can I get the second dose done early? But I couldn’t book in cowin app. Also how can I link my first dose certificate to my passport?
    Tamil nadu

  31. Dear Sir
    .I got my second dose of covishield on 11.5.2021.I still
    have not received any message or link to download the certificate for the same.

  32. I got 1st dose on 08.05.2021 but no registration link will be available nd no information is there for international student going abroad .i have tried so much but till today i didn’t find the registration link for international student in district kurukshetra state haryana. Can you send me information please my phone number is 7082452881

  33. I have taken my First dose of Covishield on 13 April and i am trying to schedule appointment for second Dose but none of the slots/days are available as per the COWIN website.
    If government cannot provide second dose then why did they gave us the first dose.
    Anything that is half done is not good unless it is fully completed.

  34. We booked an appointment for 2nd dose covishield vaccine in Coimbatore district.our due is 17th june.but it replies no vaccination center available.what can we do?

  35. maine 1st dose offline lagwaya tha 18+ jisme mera mobile number register nahi hai 2nd dose online book karne par lag raha hai lekin mai book nahi kar paa raha slot 2nd dose k liye mujhe kya karna hoga
    jabaw de

  36. I have taken my 1st dose of covaxin with my wife on 06.04.2021 in Kolar, Bhopal M.P.. Now when we both can get 2nd dose as presently no information is being given to us, even trying from nearby centers.

  37. Hello
    I have done my first doze registration from the centre itself but have not recieved any message so how can now I get 2 nd doze.

    Please reply 🙏🙏🙏

  38. I and my mrs took covishild vaccine on 02/04/3021. Now, where and how to know our 2nd doze of covishild vaccine appointment schedule, already we have registered the cowin app. At present this app is not working.

  39. Hi Sir/,Madam,
    I came from Ireland in April got my first dose of Covishield in the month of May now I have to go back it’s been 40 days and can go back only after 15 days of second dose but the Cowin portal is not allowing me to book the vaccination appointment I have to be there in in Ireland on 5 of July please help me out I got stuck here.

  40. on april 22nd 1st dose of covid shield vaccnation is done.
    2nd dose when i have to take and how to register and how to select private hospital to do 2nd vaccisnation.
    please let me know the details.

  41. I have taken the first dose of covishield on 3-3-21. My time for 2nd dose is expiring soon.. I’ve been trying to book a slot for so many days and am not able to do that as I’m above 45. What should I do now

  42. Sir,I &my wife got 1st dose of Covishield Vaccine on 17&18 th March 2021 at a private Hospital Actually our appointment is on 1st April 2021. Now three months over Can you help us to get 2nd dose. Iam a native of Palakkad Dist&Kerala ……
    . Muhammed Hussain #9446238809

  43. Dear Sir,
    My second dose schedule showing on 15 August but i want to complete my second dose in last of june month due to going for abroad so is it possible to complete my second dose in last of the june month.

  44. I saw the news that if someone is travelling abroad they can avail second dose of covishield after 28 days of first dose. Is it correct? If yes how can we proceed for it? What kind of document needed?

  45. Hi,
    My father has taken first dose of covaxin by walk in where they have not asked for the mobile number now that was the only centre for covaxin and it is closed.So now how can i register for 2nd dose bcoz the nearest centre is in the next town where i wish to first register the slot online but i cannot do it as i have to register with mobile number and than it is showing that you have not taken dose1 so registration for dose2 cannot happen.
    Please help.
    Thank you

  46. For second dose, I am unable to see registered list
    Raised complaint several times to Cowin tech support call and emailed. No luck. What next,

  47. The orders for student going abroad getting vaccinated in 28 days has been passed. However, when I went after my 28 days of 1st dose were surpassed with a valid authorized passport and visa, I was declined the vaccination and the government representatives said that they don’t have offical circular to provide me the vaccination.
    This happened in Mandsaur, MP, India.

  48. Can we show our 1st Dose certificate in any center for our 2nd dose… Or it has to be from the same center where we took our 1st Dose of covaxin.


  49. Where to register for the 2nd dose for traveling as I have been trying to do on cowin app but it is not showing any details for travellers… please assist …

  50. i have taken first dose of vaccination by registering in the portal . do i require to register again on same site with sameregistered mobile number for second dose

  51. Hello,

    My dad got 1st dose of vaccine but he is unable to get certificate for 1st vaccine as he forget to register in the portal now its already time for 2nd vaccine as i dont have certificate to show 1st vaccine prove please help me what did i do to register `1st vaccine in the portal


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