– Covid Vaccine Registration for 18 years old link & Process – Covid Vaccine Registration for 18 years old link & Process are mentioned on this page. Get Co-Win registration details here. All information about Covid Vaccine registration will be available on our website. We request everyone to register for this vaccination. Because of this disease, the government has made plans to get the vaccination done as soon as possible. All the information about which will be available on our website. You can get registered sitting at home, you will not have to go outside.

Covid Vaccine Registration

This vaccination has started. You can register for it online. Registrations have been started from April 28, 2021, but vaccination will be started from 4 pm on 1 May. The government has set up several vaccination centers in all the states, which will be started on May 1. You can keep them and your family safe by registering them online. We request everyone to keep two yards away from each other, use the sanitizer after meeting anyone, do not use any food without washing, and do not leave home without reason.

This vaccination can only be applied to people above 18 years of age. Because some rules have also been set for vaccination, which you must follow. If you want to avoid this disease, then you will have to get vaccinated. Get your registration done soon and get the vaccination done. We hope that you will be at home because it is not safe for anyone to go out at such a time. For more information, you can also check by visiting the official website, the link of which will be available in our article.

Co-Win Vaccine Registration – Highlights

Registration for Covid Vaccine Registration
Registration started form 28 April 2021
Vaccination started on 01 May 2021 at 4 PM
Age Required for Vaccine 18+

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Online

To avoid the coronavirus, you have to get your registration done online. After online registration, you will have to go to your private covid vaccination center and get the vaccine. If you do this, then it will be easy to avoid this disease. You can register online with Aarogya Setu App and Umang App. Then you must first download this app on your phone, after downloading you can apply for vaccination. You will also get complete information about it from the online portal.

You can check how you have to register by going to the online portal. For this registration, you will need your phone number which is in use. Through a phone number, you can register only four people with their own photo ID. For the residents, you must be above 18 years of age and below 45 years, only those whose age will be as per the prescribed age will be vaccinated. Get your vaccination done soon and get rid of this disease.

Documents Needed for Co-Win Registration

To apply online for this vaccination, you will also need some documents to get the conditions. It is very important to get these deserts done because this disease is spreading very much. Day by day millions of people are dying due to this disease. If you do not register on time, the disease will spread even more. If you do not have the necessary documents to get the conditions done, your registration is difficult. Also, it is mandatory to have your phone number for this registration.

Covid Vaccine registration link

The following information is given about the documents, out of which you can get your registration done through any document. Read the following points carefully, which are as follows: –

  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving License
  • Health Insurance Smart Card issued under the scheme of Ministry of Labour
  • Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) NREGA Job Card
  • Official identity cards issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs
  • PAN Card
  • Passbooks issued by Bank/Post Office
  • Passport
  • Pension Document
  • Service Identity Card issued to employees by Central/ State Govt./ Public Limited Companies
  • Voter ID

State wise Cowin Registration

Andhra Pradesh – AP Assam
Arunachal Pradesh Bihar
Chandigarh Chhattisgarh
Delhi Goa
Gujarat Haryana
HP – Himachal Pradesh Jharkhand
Jammu Kashmir
Kerala Karnataka
Manipur Meghalaya
Mizoram MP – Madhya Pradesh
Maharashtra Nagaland
Odisha Pudducherry
Punjab Rajasthan
Sikkim Telangana
Tamilnadu Uttarakhand
Uttar Pradesh – UP West Bengal

How can I do Covid Vaccine Registration Online?

  1. To register online, first go to the online portal, the link of which will be available in our article.
  2. After that, the home will open.
  3. On the home page, you have to fill in your phone number, which is in use.
  4. After filling it, you have to open Arogya Setu or Umang App.
  5. In the app, you will get the option of vaccination registration, click on it.
  6. After clicking, the next page will open.
  7. On the next page, you will have to fill in all the details asked.
  8. After filing the details, your registration will be completed.
  9. Take out the print copy of the registration slip.

All information about Covid Vaccine registration will be available on our website. Stay connected with us for more information. If you want to ask anything about registration, you can message us in the comment section, we will answer your question soon.

Registration link Click Here
MPNRC Home Click Here

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  1. sir
    15 days After getting the 1st dose of Vactination .
    I had been suffering from Covid-positive since 15 days above.When I could be able to get 2nd dose of vactination.

  2. evertime , I am trying to book my slot on website ,it shows that slots are not available or already booke for selected date.
    please tell the exact time at which slots open.

  3. My self & wife taking 1st dose paid vaccine on 25th March 2021. 2nd dose was due on 22nd April 2021.But still vaccine not available in Bella dur area. Pl. What can I do ?

  4. why suddenly ” booked ” at any vaccination centre message is seen inspite of waiting for appointment

  5. I registered today ( 7th May 2021) through website but I havn’t got any appointment date. It is showing no center available so please tell when I will get my appointment date and related process as soon as possible.

  6. Hi,

    Whenever I try to schedule, it’s showing as “No vaccination center available”. At what time, they will allow us to schedule through portal??
    Any specific timings are there to schedule and book an appointment??

    Kindly reply

  7. How I check my registration information ?
    I forgot to take screenshot after registration …… Please give me solution

  8. Please tell the exact time and date when slots will open Every one is tring 50 to 1003 times daily like fools on your web site. Do suggest.

  9. for all sites, it is opened for less then a minute. I see slots available on main screen for a center. but when choose time and try to book. It shows all slots already booked for the date.
    This is happening everytime for all the vaccination sites.

    Either it opens up and just shows “booked” or if you are too quick and keep refreshing every second. It shows slot but still doesn’t allow booking.

    How can someone book then.

  10. Sir,my question is pending with you. Since two days I am trying for vaccination registration. Every step I finished in the registration process.,and submitted. No response for the appointment of vaccination.
    I am 65 now. Are you providing vaccine or not.

    • Dear Mam, We are just a news portal which provides information and process related to registration. Right now, India is vaccinating 50 lakh people per day but registrations are really high in numbers. This can be one of the reasons that you are not getting your appointment details. Please wait for some more time.

  11. My wife is staying at Hyderabad, even we belong to Andhrapradesh, can we register in Telangana for vaccination?

  12. We belong to Andhra pradesh. I got vaccination 1st dose inA.P,can i get vaccination 2nd dose in Telangana?my wife is in Telangana, is eligible to get vaccination 1st dose in Telangana?

  13. At we got appointment for vaccination at SMC of airforce pune. But on reaching there they say that this is not the centre for vaccination. It has wrongly been intinated to lot of people

  14. What is the time of slot booking? In fact at what time it starts. Every time I try to book a time slot, I found a message of BOOKED or NA on the next dates.

  15. My wife got first dose of Covishield vaccine on 10/0302021. Second dose was scheduled for 22/04 but in mean time she became Covid 19 positive on 13/04. Underwent medication in home isolation. She became symptoms free and came out from isolation on 27/04, on conclusion of 14 days quarantine.

    Please advise when her second dose of vaccine be scheduled?

  16. Tell me at what time I will book my slot. Every time I want to book the slot, I found a message of Booked or NA. How could I book my slot.

  17. Tell me at what time I will book my slot. Every time I want to book the slot, I found Booked or NA. How could I book my slot.

  18. i am from punjab. the slot where I booked for vaccine their they cancelled. can I pls come to know when it will be available for 18 plus.

  19. I have registered in Arogya Setu but always your toll free number and server down…we can,t book appointment for vaccine no message no call no update only in red lines this certia is for 45 years +
    We are belong to 18 to 45 but your app don’t respond what the hell is this what a freak? We are waiting like owl.

  20. People are craving for vaccination slots like fools and the website looks like its made to book for a movie tickets for the first day first show and it never allow us to book a sh#t.Such a pathetic management system we have even after 1.5 Years of this pandemic.

  21. Everytime, i am trying to book my slot ok website, it shows that slots are not available or already booked for selected dates.
    Please tell me the exact time at which slots open.

  22. After registration for vaccination, slot for vaccination not appeared by date, next date will show NA how it possible for scheduled the date for vaccination, date calendar will not working, please guide me on this matter

  23. Sir what is the timing for registration on 9 may 2021??
    Its not showing the schedule session of 9 may to 10 may.
    Please help.


  25. Sir mainy 3/4/2021 ka apoiment. Slot liya tha laykin kissikarn was main vaccine nahi lagwapaya muchey odi slot par vaccine lag sakti hai

  26. माझ्या मुलीला 1ला डोस व्हॅक्सीनचा घ्यायचा आहे. पणभिवंडी तालुक्यात सर्व स्लॉट बुक दाखवतात.तर मग पुढे कसे करणार ?

  27. No vaccination center available near me for second dose of covaxin what to do
    All pvt paid centers closed why ??

  28. Why government has this type of system. What if one not aware of internet and booking. While voting we don’t have to register online. Health department should think about the difficulties common people are facing now days. Even there is no information available by when slot booking will be available. Its like a first come first serve base. This type of service not expected at least during these days.

  29. I trying since 15 day’s for 18 to 44 ages slot booking, but it is showing slot is 0 anytime, what can I do ???

  30. 1st Dose Not Available Wh In Baramati Shedule Nahi Ho Raha hai alredy booked bar bar kis waqt par Shedule karna hai…

  31. Every center at pincode 302020 is always booked whenever i tried to book a slot for my 1st vaccine dose. Every time since 1st May 2021 whenever I tries to open the portal for always such prob appear no seats avai, no center available with the such pin codé ,or all the Seats for the selected center are completely booked. Plz help us bcoz everyone is equally looking for vaccinated on asap basis.

  32. After Registration, in schedule process by entering pin code or district no health centre is displaying ( no centre available )

  33. Sir I am 45+ and already taken 1dose one month prior and now when we get 2nd dose. Are we required to register for the second dose because we didn’t register ourselves for the first dose. Please reply soon. Thanks a lot.

  34. I am applying the covid vaccine।
    Iam in 43 year
    Sir my feelings is good no issue।
    All well

  35. Cowin had allotted an appointment.
    But, few days back I received a message of appointment cancelled from them.
    As it is I got appointment one month late as all the slots were full. Now it shows not available.

    Is it happening with everyone in Nasik??The government should issue fresh new guidelines about the same for the age group 18-44 and give it for free as promised earlier.

  36. On what time the slots are opening to get the appointment of covid vaccine of the age 18+ plss tell sir 🙏🙏

  37. मेरा रजिस्ट्रेशन हो गया था दि 29अप्रैल को लेकिन स्लॉट नहीं बुक हुआ था ।अब स्लॉट बुक करने के लिए क्या करना होगा या बिना स्लॉट बुक किए ही वैक्सीन लग जाएगी ।बताएं।

  38. I have registered for vaccine in respect of my wife and daughter on 30th april’2021 but till no information has been received in this regard

  39. Sir I want to take vaccination but when we click on the date it is written as booked and after we click on the next date it is written as no session available. May I know sir what we should do now I am trying from 28 April but not got any appointment . please reply my queries.

  40. Sir, how I got schedule or slot booking , my wife’s mobile no registerd on ur portal 18+yrs, but I can’t get any booking msg. How I go for

  41. At what slots are open for appointment, i tried to booked since 28th April but it always show all booked
    Please tell me at what time we can apply for fixed appointment

  42. sir ,
    i have try many time for vaacine ,

    page open with otp & district ise , but goes to appontiment not save & show the booking full.
    kindly advise ………….

  43. Everytime Im trying to book my slot for my 18+ son on website ,it shows that slot are not available or always show booked .
    Please tell the exact time at which slots open.please.

  44. We have registered for vacination and got sms. But how to check the status and where will get the information on vacination place and day

  45. I am from West bengal, I got appointment for vaccine by cowin site , but the centre not accept my appointment.
    Now I can’t understand what to do next.

  46. Sir , 28 April se registration karke rakha hu lakin abhi tk vaccine ke liye center nhi mila sob kuch booking dikhata hai , kob booking kar paunga or center kob kitne baje khulta he

  47. In tamilnadu ,chennai. My daughter 18+.she try to book the slot.but reflect as all slot booked or NA.howwill get time for vaccination. Please inform.

  48. Sir pls tell what is the timing for booking the slots we can’t booked any slots because all are booked so how can we know exact time for booking pls sir give reply we are trying from 1st May but we didn’t get any slot.Pls sir reply me

  49. Please provide vaccine slot on weekly basis instead of daily basis, because peoples are unable to book slots.They are not getting the exact timing of opening of site for appointment schedule.

  50. I have registered of my wife on 12 May 2021 for 1st dose vaccination. But its shows that the centre are not available or always booked. Please advice.

  51. My Mother got her first dose and the certificate but now the Cowin portal shows as ‘first doe details not available’ and does not allow to schedule a second dose appointment. What to do.. plz suggest.

  52. Since last few days I am trying to book for vaccination (18+) but without any success. From morning till night each day I open the site many times with new OTP to find the site showing only “Booked” for that particular day or “NA” for the coming days. Can anybody suggest how to make advance booking for the vaccination.

  53. sir mera naam binod kumar tiwari hai main village+ post = mangrawan distric = rohtas

    bihar ka niwasi hoon mera age =32 years hai aur main covid19 vaccin lena chahta hoon

    lekin mrea registration nahi ho raha hai kya kren mera aadhar number -279545589126 hai

    sir please mera registration karne ka kripa kren taki main is mahamari se bach sakun

  54. Changing gender in certificate
    Gender is Female but typed as Male
    Please let us know whom to contact, any mail id or contact number please.
    Thank you.

  55. Everytime ,I m trying to book my slot on website it shows that slot are Not Available Or already booked for selected date plz tell me the exact time at which the slot open

  56. For All those who are facing problem at slot booking….

    Here the information

    Booking will open on every Sunday or Monday exact at 10 am for whole week ,most probably Sunday.

    And you got only 2 to 5 minutes before it shows booked so have 2 to 3 phone with Co-Win website ready.

    Make sure do it with Cowin website and not by arogya setu app .
    Make sure you have opened it at that particular time which I mentioned above nd just refresh at that time once for a while.

    But the time for open is 10 am to 10:05 am Maximum.

  57. सर किस समय के अनुसार बूकिंग हो रही हे ।
    दिन मे कब देखे ।
    निर्धारित समय क्या हे ।।

  58. Good morning sir/mam,
    I’m trying daily to book slot but always it shows that no slot available .
    Plz tell me the timing to book slot.


  59. Good morning sir/mam,
    I’m trying daily to book slot for age group 18 to 44 years but always it shows that no slot available .
    Plz tell me the timing to book slot.


  60. I can’t get any any appointments for 18+ vaccination . Pls I need it as soon as possible . All slots all booked . And which time shall good booking the appointment .

  61. Is there a particular timings for booking slot? Going by the various comments, it now appears that the cowin portal for booking slots is purely mechanical. Dont see any concerned official addressing the concern.

  62. In Hyderabad , all govt and cvt clinic doctors are selling vaccines collecting 2000 to 3000 extra money for each dose. On line booking slot is not possible at all.they are themselves blocking all slots .Govt is requested to look into this corruption . One side Doctors are working day and night among covid patients to save their lives and other side some medical staff are blocking on line slot booking to get extra money.

  63. Dear sir,
    I got vaccinated. But still didn’t get any massage.i cannot able get vaccination certificate..How can i get vaccination certificate???

  64. Sir, When lam going to register for vaccination, they ask cowin refference number in 14 digits. Where i am get this number for registration

  65. I had registered for 1st dose of covaccine through transportation union as a agent auto, and also vaccinated as for given date, but, i didn’t get message after registration and even after vaccinated, then how can i download my certificate, please suggest me

  66. Hi I’m vaccinated 15th June 21
    My phone number wrongly entering by centers staff. This phone number not in use I’m totally confused .. hv any option for change number or other way . please reply thanks

  67. PHC staff entered wrong mobile number, couldn’t able to download certificate due non receipt of refference ID, please suggest

  68. Hi Admin,

    Can you please let me know what time the booking starts and for how many minutes the window will be opened?


  69. Sir,we vaccinated on28/4/21 aadityahospitalsite hyderabad.both,K.AravindaRao and k.surekha,65age,and67agemyself.with por adharcards as proof. Byt stilldate nomessageand 2nddosecertificares. From,we took both COVISHIELD. Why so delay in issuing certificates?pl.see that my issue maybe solved..

  70. I’m 45 years old .I’ve been trying to book a vaccine since it came out that people over the age of 18 can be vaccinated but I can not. What to do next


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