Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification – Dose 1, 2 at

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification for Dose 1, 2 can be performed at Vaccine Certificate Verification links are given on this page. Complete information about Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification will be available to you in our article, please read our article carefully. In our article, we will tell you how you can verify your vaccine certificate. Also, step-by-step information will be given about this whole process, please read our article carefully till the end and add our website to the bookmark, so that you can get all the latest updates as soon as possible.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification

We know that you want to know whether the vaccine you are taking is correct or not and for this you can also verify it online. For the last four days, at least 1 lakh cases of corona are being reported in India every day, which is a matter of great concern, and hence the government has implemented this vaccine from 01 May 2021 for the age of above 18.

Till now, more than 170 million doses of vaccine have been given in India, which is more than all the countries. A total of 24,70,798 sessions have been conducted for the vaccine in India, in which a total of 17,01,76,602 vaccines have been given. certification verification

There are many vaccines in India, which have different effects and you can also verify whether they are certified or not. There is a QR code on the top of the vaccine, which you can scan and verify. Whenever you take your first dose, only after that your vaccination certificate is generated, by which it is told that you have taken your vaccine and in it, all your details like name, address, age, gender, etc. are given. You are issued a vaccine certificate as soon as you take your first dose and through that, you can verify your vaccine.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate verification


Cowin Certificate Verification – Dose 1 & 2

Some process has also been fixed for verification, through which you can get your Cowin Certificate verification done and everyone should get their vaccine certificate verified. As we told you that you get the vaccine certificate only after the first dose and some of your basic details will be given in it, along with that the vaccine name, first dose vaccine date, next due date, location of vaccination, Information about and by whom, etc. would also have been given.

After you have taken your vaccine dose, you will need to download your vaccine certificate. You can get your vaccine certificate from Aarogya Setu App and CoWin App. You need to take both doses to avoid coronavirus, only then you can avoid this virus. According to the investigation, it has been told that after getting the vaccine, the virus is not completely avoided, but the chances of your getting infected with the coronavirus through the vaccine are greatly reduced.


Why do you need to verify your Cowin Vaccine Certificate?

As we know that it is of great importance that you get the same vaccine in the 2nd dose also. Also, the dose gap should be optimal. So you need to present your Vaccine certificate of the first dose while visiting the hospital to get the 2nd dose of Corona Vaccine. Now To know whether all the details given in your certificate are legit and also your certificate is real, you need to go through the Cowin certificate verification process.

In this process, your Corona vaccine certificate will be verified at to check its authenticity. The process that needs to be followed for the Covid Vaccine verification is given below.

How to verify Cowin Vaccine Certificate?

As there are two vaccines that are being used by the government in its free corona vaccination program. These two vaccines are Covaxin and Covisheild. It is important that you get the dose of the same vaccine in both the first and 2nd Dose of Corona Vaccine. So, your vaccine certificate for the first dose should be verified on the official website for its legitimacy.

Here are the steps which you need to follow to for Cowin certificate verification.

  • Visit the official website which is specially created for the Vaccine certificate verification. The link to the official website is Click on the Verify Button.

  • Now you will see a green button labeled as “Scan QR Code”. Click on the button and wait for the page to load.

Vaccine Certificate verificate scan code

  • Now you will see a pop-up asking about the camera access. Click on the “Allow” button to provide access to the camera to scan the code.

Vaccine Cerificate verification camera access

Scan QR code for Cowin verification

  • Now if your certificate is legit, you will see a message “Certificate Successfully Verified”.

Covid Vaccine Certificate verification success

  • You will also see the details like Name, Age, Gender, Reference ID, Date of Dose, Vaccination Venue etc on the verification result page.

Note: If your certificate is not genuine, “Certificate Invalid” will be displayed on your screen.

Watch Video about Cowin certificate verification

If you have any questions related to the certificate verification, do leave a comment in the box below.

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  1. Hi
    I have been vaccinated on june 19th 2021
    Still i didn’t received message
    How can i get vaccinated certificate
    Can you please help

  2. Hello
    I took both dose vaccine but second dose done with other mobile number registration.How can it merge ?

  3. My self and my wife had first and second covid vaccination. But we are not yet get the vaccination certificate. The details are here under
    K.muralidhar -Aadhar no. 331573151385
    B.V. Manjuladevi – no. 908281314871
    Both have first dose on 22-3-2021
    Both have second dose on 27-4-2021
    Please see that our certificates are downloaded.

  4. मेरा कोविड़ का प्रमाण पत्र केसे मिलेगा
    मेने 23/6/2921 को वेक्सिन लगवाली है।

  5. Vascin liya hai 1st dose us time phone pe otp no nhi hai shyad phone no galat ho ga ya hai usse koe batt nhi n hai

  6. Visit.
    Then register with Mobile no through OTP.
    In your account you might be see a button “download certificate”
    Make sure mobile no should be same as at time of vacation

  7. I got my second dose of vaccination on 23rd. June, 2021.
    But I did not get a confirmation sms on my mobile.
    How do I get my certificate?

    Kindly advise. Thanks

    (Joe Vaz)

    • Rabiul Islam ami amar OTVI paswd vul karon mobail nambar vul chilu amar nambar 7036365982 a nambar ti vul amar nambar 7076365982

  8. i got my first dose on may 24th and i didn’t get my vaccination certificate or any message . What should i do now to get my second dose now.

  9. I haven’t received any covid vaccine certificates however I took vaccine on 28 May 21 and adhar no.2510 6009 3184.

  10. আমি প্রথম ডোজ নিয়েছি আমার ফোন নাম্বার এ লিংক আসে নি কেন? আমি ভ্যাকসিন নিয়েছি আমার নাম রেজিস্টার করা হয় নি কেন? আমার নাম টা নট ভ্যালিড দেখাচ্ছে কেন? আমি 2 nd ডোজ পাবো কি ভাবে?

  11. আমি ভ্যাকসিন নিয়েছি আমার ফোন নাম্বার এ লিংক আসে নি কেন? আমি 2 nd ভ্যাকসিন পাবো কী ভাবে?

  12. At airport we need to carry provisional vaccination and final vaccination certificate or just we have to carry only final certificate.
    please also explain how vaccine certificates will be verified at airport

  13. I took both doses of vaccination but both have different mobile no. Now it shows my second dose is due
    How can I merge the both certificates which r on different phn no. Pls help

  14. I got my vaccination , 2nd dosage on 23.05.2021.But today i received an SMS stating that 2nd dosage is due on 28.06.2021.My aathaar no is 4443 6110 0342 .so far i have not received either conformation or certificate for my 2nd dosage . kindly arrange to send the certificate for 2nd dosage

  15. I got my vaccination , 2nd dosage on 23.05.2021.But today i received an SMS stating that 2nd dosage is due on 28.06.2021.My aathaar no is 4443 6110 0342 .so far i have not received either conformation or certificate for my 2nd dosage . kindly arrange to send the certificate for 2nd dosage. pl. delete the first msg which is incomplete

  16. I have been vaccinated(1st dose) on 11/06/2021 at the camp by HCG CANCER HOSPITAL.Till today I have not received my Vaccine Certificate .please help me to get my Certificate.My contact no. is 98195$48480D

  17. I got vaccinated at Guru dwara Borivali on 11/06/2021.Ihave not received Certificate(Provisional) My contact no. is 9819534848

    Camp arranged by GURUDWARA BORIVALI(WEST)
    Vacinatted by HCG CANCER HOSPITALS

  19. We three people Vaccinated atGURUDWARA BORIVALI WEST ON 11/06 2021

  20. Hi my name is dayana dennis I have taken 2doses of covishield, as I have to travel abroad I have to add my passport number init, I got a link and I entered my passport number wrongly and uploaded the same for certificate now if I want to do correction it is not supporting so my passport number is wrongly entered please lookinto it and do the needful. Please help me How to correct it

  21. I have been vaccinated on 9th April but I have not received certificate so far whereas my 2nd dose is falling due on 3rd July. How can I get 2nd dose Please reply

  22. Hello there,
    I have vaccinated on 21st June but still didn’t receive any message. And even in not able to get my certificate.
    Can u help me i this please.

  23. I have received covidhield 1st dose on 3rd Feb 2021 and 2nd dose on 5th March 2021 at Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital Dehradun. But Cowin portal not showing my final certificate. Do the needful

  24. I had my vaccination of both doses
    But with different mobile no.s
    Nd different ID ‘s meanness once Adhar card second pan card
    Now I m getting two certificates… how can I merge these two
    Nd on my phn it is showing partially vaccinated… pls help

  25. I got 1st dose on 2jun21. My details not entered in the database. On enquiry the heath staff advised me to take the 2nd dose after stipulated time . Can covid Certificate be downloaded on entering the 2nd dose details directly?or I may face any problem?

  26. My Name is Chetan K. Sangani. My wife and myself were first vaccinated on 9th March, 2021 with CoviShield Vaccine. We downloaded a Certificate which reads “Provisional Certificate – 1st Dose”
    Our 2nd Dose of CoviShield Vaccine was given to us on 16th April, 2021. When we downloaded the certificate, it reads “Provisional Certificate – 1st Dose” again.
    Both the dates are different and both the batch numbers for the Vaccine Manufacturing have a difference.
    How should we rectify this issue ? Please guide.

  27. सर जी मेरा जन्म तिथि सही नही है मैंने पंजाब में कोवाक्सिन लगवाई है

  28. I got vaccination 1st dose on 1.4.2021;16294701211399 and 2nd dose on24.6.2021
    vide ref.Id:16294803208673.
    but in my 2nd dose certificate it has mentioned as 1st dose.
    My adhar No.307431945150 ph:7406074762

  29. I had had vaccination 1st dose on 29.05.2021 My aadhaar no2028-5761-4713.I received no message, no certificate. On enquiry the upo- sasthakendra is reluctant to answer. What should i do?

  30. I took my 1st dose of Covaxin on 24-03-2021. My beneficiary Reference ID is 464995886016. I took my second dose on 24-04-2021 after producing the certificate of the first dose. But when I download my 2nd dose certificate, it was again generated as the first dose certificate with a different Beneficiary Reference ID 4643184580990. Please let me know how can I correct my second dose certificate.
    My Aadhar No. 368390715536, Mobile No.9127218552

  31. •First, download ‘umang’ app from Googleplaystore.
    •Second, go to ‘category’ of the app. Just keep scrolling and you will find it.
    •Third find certificate category and tap it.
    •Then, you will find some categories on the up. Keep scrolling to the right and you will find ‘ category.
    •Then you will find ‘Co-win’ category and tap it.
    •Sixth, give your number which you resistered in the vaccination center.
    •Seventh, you get OTP on your number. Type it.
    •Last, you will find your certificate.
    And tape to download.
    •You can search in google – ‘how to download vaccination certificate.’
    •Thank you.

  32. I have vaccinated 1st dose of covishield on 08/05/2021 at new bngaigaon railway hospital but till date no message or any information is to be received by me for which it is requesting to send me through my mobile no 9435312226 as can take 2nd dose as per scheduled time.

    • I had had vaccinations 1st dose 31/8/2021 on my aadhar number 9065-3537-4076 I received no massage no cartificted my phone number 9517818133 sir please reply the massage

  33. My name is satheesh Kumar from cuddalore dt tamilnadu state I am vaccinated 24.06.21 but still now not msg and link not received My aadhar number is 300656044302 kindly rectify the same

  34. I vaccinated First Dose today at Sarvodalaya Vidhalaya .K-2 Block, Mangolpuri, New Delhi vide Beneficiary reference I D no. 9143561882992 but I did not get message to take out print of this Certificate .On being enquiry , It has come to my notice that while doing my registration by their employee at above centre, The registering employee fed my wrong mobile number in the system as 8826265660 instead of my correct mobile number as 882626566. Please look into it and advise me so that I may get it.
    thanking You,
    Vaibhav Aggarwal

  35. Hi this rangarajan I have completed two dose of vaccination of Covaxin on 16/3 and 13/4 respectively still the status is 2nd dose pending and not received certificate so for..kindly update and issue me the certificate

  36. I vaccinated First Dose today i.e.28.06.2021 at Sarvodaya Vidhalaya, K-2 Block , Mangolpuri, New Delhi vide Beneficiary Reference ID no. 9143561882992 but I did not get message to take out print of this certificate. On Being enquiry, It has come to my notice that while doing my registration by concerned employee at above centre, The registering employee fed my wrong mobile number in the system as 8826265660 in stead of my correct mobile number as 8826265666.Please look into it and advise me so that I may get it.
    Thanking you

  37. Hospital register some unknown wrong number during my first dose, hence no sms received.. Now cowin is showing that

    my dose is still due… What to do? How to register for second dose now…

  38. Sir I have my 2 dose on 22/04/2021.i have given mobile no 9493041668 but my mobile no is 9490341668. Kindly arrange to give certificate to my actuall mobile no 9490341668. My name KALIDINDI APPALANARASIMHARAJU. MY AADHAR NO 943408623740. MY ANOTHER MOBILE NO IS 9885304166.

  39. My name George Koshy, mob#9048621096.
    I have taken both doses, bot only 1st dose certificate available. 2nd dose certificate is not downloading. What is the readon, please help.

  40. Me Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur se reena sahu mere ko veccine ka 1 does lagi but message nhi aaya 16-6-2021 ko lagi thi
    Mobile number 8103684202
    Adhar number 624416798339
    Plz aap btaiye kya karu me kese message prapt karu me

  41. I am a Health worker and was given two doses of Covishield even before the online process of COWIN had started for general public. After my second dose the details were not updated online by the centre and my certificate shows ‘partially vaccinated’ and second dose pending . I only have a paper slip given from the vaccination center . how do i update my certificate ?

  42. Namaste
    Mujhe 25 June 2021 ko tika lagaya Gaya but mujhe Sandesh nahin mila
    Mujhe certificate kaise prapt hoga kripya Mera madad Kare,,,

  43. Hello dear sir/madam,
    I have been vaccinated on 22nd of June 2021,but I didn’t received confirmation message of vaccination.
    How can I get confirm about my vaccination details are registered?
    If any solution are there please let me know
    Indian government have to take charge about this issue on online

    • Suggest to track our details using aadhar number/name not by using mobile number/beneficiary of….

      If Some health workers in hospital Had enter worng mobile number waht can be done by common people?

  44. My father vacinated 1st dose on april month but in cowin webiste it is showing not vacinated . any one suggest me what should have to get certificate of vaccine .

  45. My name is poornima I have 24june 2021 my 1st vaccination are complettede but not certificate message in my mobile plese 9731235561 this number please send my vaccination certificate because the person Rong number in register plese send danagare (d) harihar(t) hanagavadi

  46. I have been vaccinated 1st dose at mahatma Phule, Fatima Nagar, Pune, on 11/06/2021, and I have not received confirmation message. Today I came to know that the Mobile number enter in the portal is wrong. Kindly advice to get the vaccinated certificate.


  48. I have taken vaccine on 30/06/2021 covidshild still I not received SMS or vaccination certificate
    Ref id-74861217391330

  49. I have vaccinated today but not received any certificate and when I check in covin website, it shows not vaccinated. Ref. ID. 71114844665260


  51. I was vacined on 10 may 2021 my first dose till now I have not get certificate date for my second dose my anndhar no-7626 8331 2697
    Resgiterd mobile no-7717761854
    Please see my problem as soon as possible. Thank you

  52. I was vaccined my first dose on 10 may till now I have not got certificate for my second dose please look after my problem
    Adhar no762683312697

  53. मैने 03/04/2021 को वैक्सीन का पहला डोज लिया फिर 02/07/2021 को दूसरा डोज लिया।अभी सर्टिफिकेट देखने से पता चला की 02/07/2021 पहला डोज का सर्टिफिकेट ही दिखा रहा है।जबकि मैने दूसरा डोज लिया है।यह कैसे ठीक होगा।

  54. I have got COVISHIELD on 16/04/21 at 03:31 PM. SO I want to know when will I get my 2nd vaccination of COVISHIELD

  55. I have been vaccinated with covishield but I got my certificate for covaxin is there any possibility of modifying it

  56. My first dose for me and my wife of Covishield was at a pvt hospital and second dose at a Govt Hospital as the pvt hospital was not getting stocks.
    While I went to the site to download it showed the second dose as the first dose of Covishield for both me and my wife
    The Pvt hospital is not giving a satisfactory reply and the concerned staff is always missing weeks ,Hold receipt and all documents of the Pvt Hospital but struggling since over six weeks.With the Spurious injections getting concerned
    Adhaar 1) 811XXXXXX895
    2) 532XXXXXX184

  57. There is a spelling mistake in my surname. So please suggest how to rectify my personal details?

  58. I have taken vaccine on 1 July 2021 COVISHIELD, but I have not recieved any confirmation sms or vaccinetion certificate my – 82984851036680 reply

  59. Sir/Madam,
    I am Dr..C.Vijayabhaskar. I was given the COVISHIELD vaccine first dose on 16th January 2021 and the second dose was given on 18th February 2021. Both the doses were administered in Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital and Madras Medical College, Chennai. But in my vaccine certificate it shows that I completed my 2nd dose on 14th June 2021 and the place of vaccination is shown at Ayanavaram which is not true. I request you to kindly rectify this and issue a correct vaccine certificate.

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,


  60. my mil got 1st dose of vaccine…bt it’s showing nit vaccinated…plz help..hiw to dat v can get date of 2nd dose

  61. I got my 2nd dose through passport while first was througj aadhar card so my certificate shows first dose on both certificates,how to correct it please tell me.
    I am very concerned

  62. Merger certificate not generated though the two certificate issued as first dose and not issued final covid vaccination certificate, merging option done successfully but not given any information regarding the final covid certificate.

  63. How to get vaccination certificate with adhaar card if submit mobile number is wrong or one number is given for two persons actually my father have given my number at vaccination centre and i also and now i can’t get any msg and cant download my certificate from any site or app

  64. Ihave finished my covishield 1&2doses
    Ihave updated my phone number in aadhar also
    But till date didn’t receive any vaccination certificate
    Please help

  65. My issue is little bit complicated. first the name was miss printed than i correct the name and later on added the passport details but guess what i added the wrong number now my problem is mt visa extension needs this certificate but i still don’t know how to correct my passport number in covid certificate.

  66. I ve my first Covid vaccine dose today, but I didn’t get any msg so I went and ask about it. My mobile no. was wrongly enter, and now they said it can’t be rectify anymore…pliz help…

  67. We didn’t get the vaccine certificate yet for my second covid shield vaccine.Please help out ,we took at govt hospital at Hyderabad on May 10th ,we didn’t get any text message or no information Where can I get it and whom do I contact.
    Thanks .

  68. Online shop में जा कर जो नंबर से rajestion हुआ था उसी नंबर से सर्टिफिकेट निकलेगा

  69. It’s been more then one month still I’ve not got certificate.i want my first dose reference id number.
    Here is my aadhar card
    Aadahr card no – 723810741330

  70. After completion of first dose,we are given a provisional certificate and completing second dose,final certificate is generated.But, some are insisting for certificate for having taken first dose also (provisional certificate)along with final certificate.But the provisional certificate print out is missing and is there any chance of getting or downloading the provisional certificate after the final dose is taken.(after the final dose only final certificate is available for download) Kindly give a guidance Thank you

  71. i get my 1st dose of vaccine in june 21 till know there is no message and not upload any certificate in cowin website pls helpme

  72. Dear Sir/Madam
    My father and my sister haven’t received their vaccination certificate nor fhe confirmation link.We have proof that we took the vaccine but they are not willing to guide us what to do even after multiple time intimating them.Please let me know what to be done.Without the confirmation we cannot go with the second dose..

  73. I have been inoculated 2nd dose on 3rd of July 2021, but neither I received any message on my mobile nor the certificate is being downloaded

  74. My parents got vaccinates their 1st dose from one mobike no and 2nd dose from differnwt mobike no bit now it shows still due for 2nd dose how do i.merge them n get the final certificate

  75. 13july 2021 I had vaccinated of covishield 2nd dose in govt school delhi -96. But message received me of 1st dose whereas I had vaccinated on 20april 2021’by 1st dose in govt delhi.

  76. Anil Kumar jain
    Mobile 9871377392
    Age 68yrs
    1st dose Covishield
    Beneficiary id 34651896577271
    Date of vaccination 04 march 2021
    Anil Kumar jain
    Age 68yr
    1st Dose Covishield
    Beneficiary id 39766775602515
    Date of vaccination 14 April 202
    Kindly merge both these id certificates as i received both
    The vaccination dose but with
    Different Beneficiary ID s
    But with same mobile no 9871377392

  77. Hi
    The QR Code on the vaccine certificate is not read directly by inbuilt mobile QR Code scanner or third party QR Code scanner app. It can be read only through CoWin Verify Certificate portal. This is a problem where digital scanners at airports will not be able to read the QR Code on the certificate.

  78. Bina otp ka keise nikalega veccine certificate
    Mobile number band ho gaya hai plz help karo sir
    New mobile number 9925362341

  79. My mother 81 years of age taken 1st Dose vaccine on 16/04/21 but Due to wrong mobile no registered in vaccine center’s record, no massage received now when I am trying for 2nd dose by adhar linked mob no its showing 1st dose Due, Please help…
    Name : HASI GHOSH
    Age : 81 Years
    Adhar : 368687990329 linked Mob no 7352530498
    Required correction in mobile no, any wrong no placed in place of adhar linked no 7352530498

  80. My husband took 2nd dose of covaxin vaccine on 15th July but didn’t receive any message upon enquiry to the hospital they logged in to our cowin id and issued a certificate dated 16th to our surprise how is it possible?…
    Please help whether it was fake ot not.

  81. Hello.My name is. Renganathan
    I have taken my 1st doss vaccine on. 15/04/2021 . Again I have completed 2nd doss on 13/05/2021.So fare I have not received the completed certificate. (Both doss are covishield)
    How to get my final certificate.

  82. I have taken both the doses of covid vaccine but accidently deleted the OTP message.
    now how can I get my vaccination certificate

  83. I have been vaccinated with both doses of Covishield on 18/03/2021 and 29/04/2021 but I have not received vaccine certificate. Perhaps I will have to take Covaxin now to be eligible for Vaccine Certificate.

  84. Hi
    I have been vaccinated on 19/07/2021
    Still i didn’t received message
    How can i get vaccinated certificate
    Can you please help

  85. I have taken my 2nd dose but cowin app is still showing partially vaccinated and certificate is also showing only firtirsts dose.What to do?

  86. I have not received my second dose certificate so far .
    First dose taken on 06.03.2021 and certificate obtained.
    Second dose taken on 03.04.2021 , No certificate being received , neither getting downloaded.
    Vac center – V4U Hospital at Adajan, Surat – Closed.
    Beneficiary ID 3015131146694, Aadhar card no 7172xxxx5428
    Who can help ?

  87. Im vaccinated on 28th June still didnt recieve confirmation message .i want the covid vaccine certificate please help

  88. Hi,

    I have vaccinated on 22/07/2021, till, i have not received the vaccination certificate.

    Help, how to get the vaccination certificate.

  89. My name is mahinder songh 8643 22622813 age67 I have 1and2,dose complete but certificate issued mrs Ravinder kour kindly certificate issues bfor Mohinder singh

  90. Hi, I did scan the Code but it’s shows invalid what should I do now. Does this mean the certificate is invalid or there is some other reason for that.

  91. I was vaccinated on 4th March &2nd dose on 19th April,2021 but till date no certificate is the problem to enable toget my certificate.mob no_9126494086 addhar995471183170

  92. मैने 13जुन को पहला खुराक लिया मुझे प्रमाणपत्र नही मिला


  94. I have downloaded my certificate. But the details of the first dose is not in it. I took both doses at the same hospital. How can I get the details of the first dose too in the certificate?

  95. My first dose completed but my certificate not Update pls my mobile numbef change pls solved my problam an this adhar card 3014 5225 0647
    Number is 8448455391 par registration karna h bhagwan dass

  96. My Mother Mrs. Shiv Kumari Singh a most senior citizen having mobile no 9831023856 adhar card no.713898272748 not able to down load her final vaccination certificate from app please help she had taken both vaccine from chandrahati gram panchayat-1 under pin code 712513 but still her vaccination data was not updated and still certificate not generated. Please arrange to provide her certificate to my mail ID and oblidge.

    Deepak Kumar Singh
    Mob No. 9748003856

  97. I have taken both Doses of Covidhield. In gap of 85 days.
    Due to new appointment ID , I got two certificates from Cowin, both having partial vaccinated.
    Kindly suggest how to merge it to get complete certificate.

  98. Covieshield first dose taken on 28/05/2021 at Madipakkam, Chennai .Message not received, unable to download certificate.
    Aadhaar 356377713272
    Cell 8056538775

    • Covid second dose taken on 12 August at Mumtaz college pin 500036 SMS not yet received and still it is not updated on cowin portal verification mobile no is 9885456344

  99. had taken my 1st dose of COVISHIELD at Sri Chandra Sekhara Hospital, Bagalur Road, Hosur on 17th March 2021 alongwith my husband, Shri Kumaran Thiruthiyil – copy of Certificate issued by the Hospital is annexed for ready reference.

    (2) I have been trying to get appointment for 2nd dose at SCS Hospital since 17th April onwards, but I could not succeed due to non-availability of vaccine with them. Therefore, I had to approach other private/government vaccination centres since then.

    (3) Finally, I could get my 2nd dose of Covishield vaccination at Kamandoddi Upgraded PHC on 6th May 2021 (copy of certificate annexed).

    It is observed that the on-line Certificate issued by Cowin portal indicated that my 1st dose at SCS Hospital is not recorded in the Cowin portal and is mentioned as the 1st vaccination!. It is, therefore, requested that SCS Hospital may kindly upload the 1st dose data in the Cowin portal so that I can take out the correct and proper certificate from the site.

    Bothe certificates are verified in verfiy.cowin site as well but both showcasing as 1st dose. Please advise

  100. मेरे vaccination certificate में zender ग़लत लिखा गया है। मैं male हूं जबकि certificate में female लिखा गया है।मेरा नाम Ujjwal Kasera है। मेरी Beneficiary ID no.29530111955962 है।क्या करना चाहिए।

  101. I have got Vaccinated 2nd Dose dated-26.8.21 @ Civil Hospital Bahadurgarh-124507
    Dear Anshu Rajesh Gupta, Your vaccination is scheduled for 26-08-2021 10:00AM-11:00AM at Civil Hospital Bahadurgarh 18 ,Your booking reference ID is 9585194477405 and your 4 digits secret code for vaccination is 7405 – CoWIN

    But Certificate not received- Pl. response

  102. Hi team,

    Even after vaccinated my mother didn’t get vaccination certificate message for 2nd dose and in cowin portal it’s showing like she’s partially vaccinated that means it mentioned she took only first dose but she has fully vaccinated..
    Kindly guide us what to do to get the vaccination certificate with fully vaccinated details

  103. My mobile number is 9886729889. This covers vaccination for 3 of my family members, viz., S Madhava Rao, Shantha Rao and Indirabai. 1st dose was taken on 11th March 2021, at Sparsh Hospital, RR Nagar, Bangalore. The 2nd dose was taken on 23rd April 2021, at Bangarappa Nagar UPHC BBMP Bangalore Karnataka.

    Now the CoWin app is showing that our 2nd dose is due, eventhough we have already taken both the doses, and obtained the certificates.

    Kindly rectify the same. Thank you. S Madhava Rao 9886729889

  104. I took 1st dose of Covishield on 22.06.2021 but till date no certificate received.In cowin it is still showing 1st dose pending.

  105. Hai one of my colleague,missed her registered mobile number…can she get covid vaccine certificate by aadhar number? If possible kindly tell me plz…How We can get?

  106. After verifying the QR code on my downloaded vaccination certificate it is displaying a message
    ‘ CERTIFICATE INVALID’. please reply what to do

  107. Hi, Today Morning i got vaccinated but still Vaccination Certificate not generated & also i didn’t received any message …. whi is this happened?? can anyone help plz?

  108. Sir
    I have generated my vaccination certificate from arogya setu app. The certificate has QR code also. But when you scan the QR code, you are getting junk characters on the certificate. Please help

  109. Certificate of 2nd dose is not issued to me online. I have taken my 2nd on 21/4/2021at BDB Govt Hospital Saharanpur.
    Kashi Ram Sharma, (Saharanpur)

  110. Sir, My vaccine Covishield 1 st dose registered through cg teeka Portal and vaccinated at Phc Bande in 11/o6 / 2021. Reg. Id V381006837178. I have certificate. It registered by my mobile. Then second vaccine registered through same centre by them. But it done cowin portal and my certificate came as First dose now. What I will do? how can merge this both certificates as final me.

  111. I and my husband have taken the first dose on 20/06/2021but when we went for the second dose we were told that we are not register

  112. I am Priyanka Debnath.My 1st dose done 22,june 2021 but 2nd dose time and date no mentioned. thank you.My phone no. is 9163641155.


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