Didi ke bolo Status Check 2022 Complaint Phone Number

Didi ke Bolo Status Check 2022 online at didikebolo.com WB Didi ke Bolo Complaint Phone Number, Registration process & problem status. In addition to solving the public issue with the help of new technology, the Didi ke bolo Portal has launched by the state government of West Bengal. As the government has also understood that there have many citizens in West Bengal State who have not been able to convey their issues or problems directly to the state government. So, the department has come up with this portal.

Didi ke bolo Status Check 2022

The official portal name has Didi ke Bolo 2022 scheme. Due to this, anybody who belongs to West Bengal can easily register their issue related to the portal. And after that, the government department will also try to resolve your issue. The Chief Minister of West Bengal State has introduced this portal.

The main aim behind launching this Didi ke bolo portal has to solve the issue or complaint registered by the person. Due to solving problems of its citizen Shrimati Mamata Banerjee has trying to develop the West Bengal state according to new technology. Also, with the help of this new technology, various schemes and campaigns run in the West Bengal state. So, if you have interest in filling the complaint form related to the government or another department then they can contact you through this portal.

Didi ke Bolo Phone Number

However, now everything has available on the internet. In fact, people also posted on the internet related to issue they have faced. But not every issue reaches the ear of the state government. So for managing these complaint details and also resolving the issue for the common man the government has decided this campaign.

In addition to resolving the problem of its state citizen, the state government of West Bengal has also trying to connect with the people. For this one helping number or you can say contact number there has 250 members team has made. And also, these members will talk to you about registering your complaint.

Didi Ke Bolo Portal
Didi Ke Bolo Portal

Didi Ke Bolo Complaint Number

Any citizen but from WB state can go through the Didi ke bolo portal online. But they need to see the benefit of the portal given by the government. The main aim of Shree Mamata Banerjee is to bring transparency to people. Through which they can also believe in the government policies and projects for the development of the West Bengal state. Follow the given procedure here on our page for an easy method.

Didi ke bolo portal benefits – Firstly, the Didi ke bolo portal has ensured to solve the problem timely for the citizen who registers their issue. Due to the Didi ke bolo portal, the citizen of West Bengals can easily tell their issues to the government of West Bengal. After that, the concerned department has resolved your issue as soon as possible. Secondly, the person needs to register their complaint on the given contact number or mobile number. the mobile number has also be issued soon.

Name of the Post Didi ke bolo Portal 2022
Launched by The Chief Minister Shri Mamata Banerjee
Worked under The State Government of West Bengal
The benefit under the portal To solve issues faced by the citizens of West Bengal
Year 2022
Beneficiaries Citizen of West Bengal state
Launched in West Bengal State
Official Weblink https://www.didikebolo.com

Didi ke Bolo New Number

  • Also, there has no time limitation for registering issues. So, the candidates can register their complaints at any time from anywhere.
  • For making this campaign successful, the Trinamool Congress has introduced this portal.
  • Due to this, anybody can talk to their Chief Minister of West Bengal.
  • Also, the Didi ke bolo campaign has brought transparency to the system of government officials.
  • In addition, the official helpline number has been released for the people.
  • So, there has no foundation on the number of calls made by the people. As there has no foundation for calls then one person can contact again and again for resolving their or their family issues.
  • Due to direct conversation from the ministry, corruption in government officials has also been banned.
  • Also, one contact can call on the number in a given format.
  • And they can also call anytime for helping citizens of WB state.
  • So, the people of WB state can raise the complaint at any time and date.
  • Due to this a leader for the party will also travel from one place to another within 3 months given after the registration process to get details related to your problem.

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Didi Ke Bolo Registration online

So, without going anywhere you can register your complaint or suggestion for the government of West Bengal state. As before this portal for every issue whether people need to visit the official addresses. But now the government has to try to help the people with technology.

Steps to Register your complaint or issue or suggestion on the Didi ke bolo official portal :

  • At first, a person has to go through the Official Website link for the Didi ke bolo portal as per the campaign.
Didi ke Bolo complaint registration portal
Didi ke Bolo complaint registration portal
  • After that, the homepage for the official didi ke bolo portal has appeared on your screen.
  • Then on the homepage, you can easily find out the link for the application form.
Didi ke Bolo online application
Didi ke Bolo online application
  • Also, this application form has been called a Complaint registration form or suggestion form for the government of WB state.
  • Then, you can find various details asked here such as the Name of the candidate, Gender of the candidate, phone number/ mobile number, Whatsapp Number, age, etc.
  • Now after filling in all the information correctly.
  • At last click on the submit button.
  • In the end, one suggestion box or complaint box has also been given on the same page. So, enter the details.
  • After that one reference number is also generated because of the registration of complaints or suggestions.
  • also, save this reference number for future purposes. As it can be used to check the status of your complaint.

By following the above-given process, anybody from the West Bengal state can register their problem, suggestions, and others. And these have been directly forwarded to the Chief Minister of West Bengal State.

The official helpline number is 9137091370. People need not worry about their issues as the Government of Mamata Banerjee has given this good campaign for the citizens.

Official Portal Click here
MPNRC Home Click here

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  6. Sub:-Application submitted by chhoton pandey S/O deceased B W H G GM-102 Manindranath pandey of malda district (my father’s job),
    Respected Mam,
    With due respect, I would like to inform you that,I, Chhoton pandey Son of late manindranath pandey complained on 26th aug 2019 about my father’s job which I would get as my father faced a premature death, the complaint no is DKB 70117366W, DKB-52188967, Recetly in reply i got a unique ID which is EF5730220 from didi ky bolo office. Kindly look into the matter and take necessary steps to get me out from this inconvenience as soon as possible.
    Thanking you,
    Your’s Faithfully
    Name:-Chhoton pandey

      • দিদি আমার পরিবার খুব দুর্দশার মধেআছে আমি আপনার কাছে অনুরোধ করছি আমার বাবা প্রাথমিক বিদ্যালয়ের শিক্ষক্ গত ১১/৮২০০৭ ই পরোলোক গমন করেন। আমার বাবারমৃত পোয়ের আবেদনপত্র টি গূহিতকরেন তাহলে পরিবার দুবেলা দুমুঠো অন্ন খেয়ে বাঁচতে চাই।তা না হলে মূতছাড়া কোনোপথনেই

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  8. DIDI I sanat banerjee S/O late shib das banerjee an engineer worked in several big industry in westbengal and out side westbengal. I am in a very much trouble due to BLRO Dhaniakhali Mr prosenjit Biswas and 1 no BHANDARHATI Gram ponrttchiet prodhan Mr sajal chatterjee. we have small lands and one two stored building about 5 satak this land is vested land ,house is vested LRTT Judge order BLRO to dispose the matter but BLRO rejected the order they wants money of 1.80 crore+3Lakhs+60000thousand to delet vest from porcha and anather land of 11 satak for patta. I am given the phone number of ponchait prodhan-9064636259 and BLRO number is-7980039287. we are the supporter of trinimul congress and we are closely related with RATNA DI(RATNA DEY NAG Daughter of dr Gopal das nag.please look after the matter because I want to make a pvc pipe plant there on 1244 and 1245 dag number that will help the Bhandarhati people(i shall manufacture 1/2inch to 8inch pipe there.
    with regards
    sanat Banerjee


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