Fame India Scheme 2022 Phase~2 Apply Online! Benefits

Fame India Scheme 2022 check apply online procedure and benefits. FAME Phase 2 depository How to register online, eligibility for subsidy. Today in this article, we have brought information about National Electric Mobility Mission Plan i.e, Fame India Scheme 2022. This scheme has been launched by the government of India, for preventing the use of petrol and diesel-type vehicles. Due to this, pollution has dropped too. And it has to be also beneficial for both environments as well as for the public.

Fame India Scheme 2022

Especially four-wheeler cars have been considered in this scheme. Fame India Scheme 2022 Phase-2 has also been introduced, to the citizen of our country. So, if you want to know about this new scheme of the central government, we have come here to provide you all the related information. The cabinet has decided before releasing this scheme publicly.

The main objective behind the Fame India Yojana 2022 has to promote electronic vehicles in India. Nowadays, the rate of petrol and types of diesel are increasing day by day. And through electronic medium people can save their money also. With the help of this scheme, our environment has also become fresh and clean. Have more knowledge about Fame India Scheme Phase 2nd, read the below-given details on our page.

FAME India Phase 2 Apply Online

In our country, the government of every state has to combine hands with the central government to make a clean and pollution-free India. As a result, it will also affect our health. The government of India has already released 1st Frame under the yojana. And after the successful execution of 1st phase, now the government has launched the 2nd phase for giving benefits to people.

In various states, 670 electric buses have also been provided by the government. These states are Chandigarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Goa. And for these buses, charging stations were also allotted. The total number of Charging stations has to be near about 241. Also, there are charging stations situated on the road from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Port Blair, and Kerala.

FAME India Scheme
FAME India Scheme

FAME India Scheme Registration 2022

Features of Fame India Yojana 2022 :

  • Firstly, the promotion of hybrid and electric vehicles has been made in this scheme.
  • Due to this scheme, pollution has to reduce automatically.
  • Secondly, under this scheme, the government has a plan to provides financial assistant to beneficiaries.
  • In addition, the incentive has to be, 10 lakhs with 2 watts 5 lakhs for 3 watts, 55 thousand of 4 watts and seven thousand buses has to give.
  • Thirdly, for maintaining the service of electronic vehicles, a charging station has been set up on highways.
  • Also, it connects big cities under the scheme.
  • Then the distance between the 2 charging stations should be approximately 25 Km on both sides.
  • Moreover, incentive amount for 3 W and 4 W electronic vehicles has given, when you registered either for commercial services or public transport services.
  • As a result, the budget decided to make the scheme successful has 10,000 crore Rupees.
  • Fourthly, the vehicle having state of art lithium-ion or other technology batteries fitted into it has to consider, under the incentive given under the yojana.
  • Also for Charging these hybrid and electronic vehicles, charging station has made in various states.

FAME India 2 Online Apply 2022

Near about 2700 Charging stations in the count would be also, built in the distance of 3 kilometers in cities, smart cities, hill stations, metros, etc.

Charging Stations Summary
Serial Number Name of the Area Number of Electric Stations
1. Delhi 94 Electric Stations
2. Also, Chandigarh 48 Electric Stations
3. Jaipur 49 Electric Stations
4. Goa 17 Electric Stations
5. Also in Bengaluru 45 Electric Stations
6. Hyderabad 50 Electric Stations
7. Ranchi 29 Electric Stations
8. Shimla 7 Electric Stations
9. Lucknow 1 Electric Stations
10. Then in Agra 10 Electric Stations
Total Number 350 Electric Stations

In addition to this scheme, the central government has also brought various other programs. The main target has to be reducing the pollution level in our country. Also, the government has, given incentives initially on buying electronic vehicles. Due to electric buses, pollution has to reduce. So if you are also interested in this scheme, you can apply under Fame India Scheme 2022 Phase 2.

FAME India Benefits

Benefits of Fame India Scheme 2022 :

  • As a result of this yojana, the eco-friendly public transports system has to promote.
  • Most importantly, it reduces the pollution level, which has increased in the last few years.
  • Also, electric and hybrid system vehicles get developed for the development of the country.
  • It also increases the interlinking of renewable sources of energy throughout the country.
  • At last, for promoting services, charging stations have been allotted.

However, information about the scheme was the first release, in Parliament. The Minister of State and Heavy Industry Affairs Mr. Krishan Pal Gujar has also announced on July 20th, the year 2022 about the infrastructure of 520 Charging stations. So the cost of the charging station sanctioned previously was Rs 43.4 crore Rupees.

FAME India Phase 2 Application Process

Application Process for Fame India Scheme 2022 :

  • Firstly, applicants who have interested in Fame India Yojana. Then they have to go through the Official Website of the Department of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Heavy Industries, and Public enterprises.
Fame India Phase 2 Apply online
Fame India Phase 2 Apply online
  • Then by clicking on the above link. The home page of the official website is also open in front of you.
  • So, click on the link for the Fame India Scheme Phase 2 option.
  • After that, a new page appears before you with the application form.
  • Secondly, enter all the details required in the form correctly.
  • Also, all the procedure about the application submission has described by the concerned department.
  • Applicants have to do all the procedures as per the department working on this scheme. There has no other method for applying for the scheme.

The process to view Fame 2nd Depository :

  • At first, the applicant has to go through the Official Website of the Department of Heavy Industry. Also, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of India.
Fame India Depository
Fame India Depository
  • Then, the homepage has open before you.
  • After that, a person needs to click on the link of the Fame 2nd Depository option.
  • So the list of the document name, date of document, and format of download appear on your system.

We have tried our best to provide information about the Fame India Yojana 2022. If you have any doubt or query then contact on the given number. Also, an email id has given, in case you want to write to the concerned department.

Fame India Helpline number : 011- 23063633/ 011-23061854, 011-23063733

Email id : [email protected]

Official Portal Click here
MPNRC Home Click here

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