GSEB SSC New time table 2022 10th class new exam dates

GSEB SSC New time table 10th class new exam dates are to be released. Get Gujarat 10th new exam dates from the official website. GSEB SSC New time table is slightly delayed in release. Till then you can prepare well for your exam. As of now, the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board have not announced the next date for conducting the exam.

GSEB SSC New time table 2022

The Gujarat government and GSEB together postponed the exam to save the state from the corona epidemic. Due to the postponement of the exam, now the GSEB will have to issue the new time table again after the permission of the government. With the exam being postponed you will now get more time to prepare for the exam.

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board may release new dates of the SSC exam soon. The decision to postpone the examination is proving right in view of the continuing sickness in the country. Soon the corona will be overcome and the situation will begin to normalize again. The GSEB is currently awaiting the government’s permission. As soon as the conditions are normal your exam will be released GSEB SSC time table 2022. The GSEB had released the time table for the annual SSC exam as soon.

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GSEB SSC time table 2021 Highlights

Board Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board
Examination SSC
Exam type Written Exam
Exam New Date Available Soon
Expected date 10th time table 2022
Article GSEB SSC New Time Table
Official Website

Arts / Science / Commerce examinations of all three streams can be conducted in the next month. As of now, no new information has been released about the exam. The main reason for the postponement of the examination is the greater spread of the corona epidemic. The Center, the state government, and the GSEB together decided to postpone the exam.

GSEB SSC time table

GSEB 10th new exam date 2022

The new dates of the examination have not yet been announced by the board. You can check the examination section given on the official website about the dates of your exam. Your SSC exam can be conducted in June 2021. The government is currently fighting a war against Corona. We have to defeat Corona to protect our country in this war. You can also prevent the spread of corona disease by staying in homes. The Government of Gujarat, while issuing the instructions, has made it clear that at this time no examination of the board will be conducted.

There are some delays in the release of the new exam date. The board will release the new exam dates directly on the official website. You will be able to see it through your mobile. To view the new date sheet from mobile, you will have to download it according to the steps given below.

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GSEB SSC exam update 2022

This year, about 6 lakh students from the state of Gujarat have submitted and filled the form for appearing in the examination. Due to the high number of students appearing in the examination, there was a risk of a Corona outbreak.

You can get all the new updates directly from the official website on your mobile. For this, you will have to subscribe by going to the notification section of the official website. We are going to tell you the easiest way to download the time table.

How To Download Gujarat Board New Time Table 2021

  1. First, you go to the official website of GSEB through your device.
  2. Now go to the Examination section given here.
  3. Click on the given new time table link.
  4. Now select your stream and click continue.
  5. Now enter your name or roll number and login.
  6. Download the time table given here in pdf.

You can also join us on Telegram for all other information about the exam. Send us your complaints and suggestions in the comment box. Keep preparing for the exam and beat the corona epidemic by staying at home.

Time Table 10th time table 2022
Results 10th Result 2022
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  1. Either conduct the exams or cancel them, but please don’t invest the time in taking decisions. Every one is planning to move further.

  2. Sir please don’t take due to this situation while CBSE board has cancelled the exams of 10 std why
    Because they need students safety first. Due to this situation many people’s are dieing you know that
    then why are you still not taken any decisions for our safety please don’t conduct the board exam .
    If any of the student got a Corona Positive during the time Annual Exam then what he would do ??
    He will not able to write the Paper properly And Half of the students Not got education properly whole year because they were not having any smart phone or they are living in village type then there will be so network problems .If this type of situation they have faced then how they can write paper. You are thinking that all had got a nice education whole year. No some of the student only got education whose family is earning more than 1 lakh per month.If one family has a smart phone then they are in family means they are 2-3 brothers/Sisters and if not then father will take that phone for his use and that father means that person is earning only 15k-20k per month. If any student has failed In this exam then his father will not continue to do again 10 STD because they don’t have enough money to spend it on him again and then his father will get to do some work for money like begging, working on a tea stall , farming a farm to grow crops . So sir India is not growing up in education because this many problems people are facing today. So, sir I request you to CANCEL BOARD EXAMINATION FOR GUJARAT BOARD . Even many state has cancelled board due to this situation. If you will be cancelling board exams it will valent good for all students and families. So,sir please don’t conduct board exams this year please cancel it.🙏🙏🙏

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  4. Pls dont take exams is it a joke you are risking the life of Childrens just for exam sake. All states have CANCELED the state board exams due to Corona pandemic why are you risking our childrens life will your child come and sit with our childrens to give exams at such a high risk of Corona this is just stupidity

  5. 10th GSEB board exams should be canceled as the students life is being risked and when other states cancel their boards and even in Gujarat Cbse and Icse canceled their boards then why can’t GSEB.

  6. As you know sir, we are suffeing from very dangerous epidemic and its difficult to decide how exam will be announced according to now a days. So sir l grandly requested to you please take a decision quickly because we are very confuse for that what to do next, we are preparing for 10th exams or take a decision for 11th that which subject we can choose for our carrier ( science, commerce, or arts ) so sir please take any quick action against this situation and tell us.

  7. Please cancel the exam😭😭😓😫😵😟😟😦😧😞😓😥😢🤯😱😩😣😖🤒🤕😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Sir plz don’t conduct board exam 2021plz canceled our exam sir we are sacred for it virus and family will not take the risk for our children sir it’s our humble request for u sir🙏

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  11. Yes sir in my sense if you want take exam so please one time thought you its right or wrong. In this time going on very critical condition. Currently situation is not better

  12. U must declare what will your decision. If u want to take exams then any how fixed date
    If u cancel exam then declare it .
    Because many students suffering from stress. Their mental health becoming weak day by day
    If they will save from corona but mentally ill from tension.

    Plz understand.
    Mother of one of them ….

  13. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cancel the exams at least for class 10th🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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    Please cancel the ssc exam sure


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