Haryana School Open for 9th to 12th class: Timings and News

The Haryana School will be opened soon, full information about it is given in our article. We know that all of you are waiting for this news when your schools will be opened. In our article, we will tell you when will this school be started, and what are the rules made by the government for this. Stay connected with us for more information and read our article till the end.

Haryana School Open

In the solution, it has been reported that soon schools in Haryana will be started again. This time schools will probably be started from 16 June 2021. Also, the government has set some rules for all children and schools, according to which schools will be started again. But the schools will be reopened only for the higher class and it is also being said that the date for the 12th exam will also be released soon.

In Haryana, the schools will be opened only for students from 9th to 12th class. Schools have been closed for a long time and there is a lot of damage to the studies of all the students, keeping in mind that the Haryana Government has decided to open schools again. You can also contact your school for clear information about this.

Haryana School Open


Haryana School Open Timings and News

After much discussion, the board has decided to start the studies of all students again. But at the same time, the board has also set some rules which are mandatory for all to follow. The board has decided that the arrangement of benches in the school for all the students will be done in such a way that there will be only one student seat on the same bench and all the students have to be kept apart from each other. Along with this, the board has also made rules that all students will be given entry in the school and the mask, and you have to use the sanitizer.

We hope that all of you will follow the rules made by the board because all these rules have been made keeping in mind only your health. You will get clear information about this from the school. The board has said that following these rules is compulsory for both the school and the students, because given the condition of Corona if you will not follow these rules, your chances of getting sick are very high.

Haryana School Open for 9th – 12th Class

Because of the calculation of corona in Haryana, the government has decided that now the condition of the corona is a bit right, so schools can be started again. Because the school was closed for a long time, there was a very bad effect on the studies of the students, keeping in mind that the board has taken this decision. We know that all the students and parents were getting very upset due to the school’s closure because this is having a very bad effect on the education of children.

But schools will be open only to students from 9th to 12th, apart from this, schools will not be opened for students of any class. Also, it has been reported that the examination of 12th students was postponed some time ago, which will now be held again on 15 June 2021. The complete information about which will soon be available to you in our article.

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