Haryana Solar System Subsidy 2022 Solar Inverter Charger Scheme

Nowadays solar system has new technology famous in India. Many people have started entrepreneurs related to solar panels or solar systems. Likewise, Haryana Government has introduced a scheme for solar that has Haryana Solar System Subsidy 2022 for farmers of our state. Due to this scheme, the inverter charger has to charge with the help of Solar cells for farmers in the state.

Haryana Solar System Subsidy 2022

In addition to the launch of 300 watts or 500 watts of solar inverter, the farmer has also got a subsidy of 40% from the government. So, this scheme will help them for having a subsidy for purchasing an inverter charger. However, if we calculate this subsidy amount then it has lots of discounts for the farmers. Solar Inverter Charger Scheme 2022 has available to solve the issue of the cost of solar systems.

Farmers have done hard work for growing crops in every season. Although the production of crops has also depended on weather and climate. Sometimes during the growth of wheat unwanted rain devastated the hard work of our farmers. But now the state government of Haryana has helped farmers in every possible way. So, farmers need to complete the registration for their respective scheme under which they want to take advantage.

Haryana Solar Inverter Charger Scheme

As a result of the Haryana Solar System Subsidy 2022, the government has given a subsidy for 300 watts as Rs 6 thousand and 500 watts  Rs 10 thousand subsidies on the purchase of solar inverters. So, friends, we have come up here to help you with all the related information about this Solar Inverter Charger Scheme 2022. For applying to this you also need all the details about the scheme.

In conclusion, the interested person needs to apply for the Haryana Solar System Subsidy through an online process. Because the online medium has the fastest way to apply in any scheme given by the government. Before online procedures, people need to go to the respective department for doing the registration process. But now they can go through official portals any time from anywhere.

Haryana Solar System Subsidy form
Haryana Solar System Subsidy form

Haryana Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme 2022

Benefits of Solar Inverter Charger Scheme 2022 :

  • Firstly, this scheme has made up for providing benefits to the farmers of Haryana state.
  • So, for 300 watts solar inverter charger the government of Haryana providing a subsidy of 6 thousand Rupees.
  • Also for 500 watts solar inverter charger the government has given the 10 thousand Rupees of subsidy under this scheme.
  • Secondly for launching the solar inverter charger in their area, the farmers will also have a 40% of subsidy by the government.
  • Due to this scheme when the electricity has gone for long hours then the solar inverter charger can help the farmer for their farming for crops.
  • However, for having any advantage under this yojana, applicant farmers have to register themselves first. Then the government will check their eligibility as per their criteria. In the end, they can have the benefits under the project.
  • Online application forms have also available on the official portal.
Name of the Scheme Haryana Solar System Subsidy 2022
Solar Inverter charger Scheme 2022 Haryana
Started by The State Government of Haryana
Work Under Haryana state government
The benefit of this scheme to provide subsidy for solar inverter charger
Year 2022
Beneficiaries Residents of Haryana state
Official Website saralharyana.gov.in

Haryana Solar Subsidy Apply online

Main Objective of Haryana Solar System Subsidy Scheme 2022 :

  • At first farmer’s welfare in Haryana state. This scheme has ensured the best facilities can be available for our farmers also. While operating various tools like water pumps etc, the farmers have to depend on the electricity. But now they can use the sun solar power as electricity for handling any tool based on the electricity.
  • Most important subsidies for farmers help. As a result of this scheme, the government has to give a 40 percent subsidy on the purchase of 300 watts and 500 watts solar inverter chargers.
  • In addition, the Power of the Solar inverter charger under the scheme. The government has helping with this scheme on the purchase of 300 watts to 500 watts inverter only.
  • It also Saves our environment. Due to this air pollution reduced. And also it has environmental-friendly features as this will generate electricity due to solar energy.

Haryana Solar System Subsidy Form 2022

If you don’t want to stand or wait in the long queue for registration then do follow the instruction for online application submission. as a result of solar panel inverter, the system can easily generate electricity of good quality from the rays of the sun. And it has also made clean energy from the sun. Without any effort or pollution, people can have the benefit of solar energy.

Eligibility and Document required to apply under the scheme :

  • At first, the applicant should be the permanent residence of Haryana state.
  • Then the applicant should be from the farming field as a farmer.
  • Also, the applicant should show income proof as well in the registration process.
  • Aadhar Card
  • Photo Identity Proof
  • Permanent Resident Proof
  • Farmer ID
  • Bank Account details
  • Mobile Number
  • Income Proof
  • Passport size photo
  • Contact details
  • Address Proof

Haryana Solar Rooftop Subsidy 2022 online

Haryana Solar System Subsidy Scheme 2022 Registration Process :

  • Firstly, the applicant has to visit the Official website for the Haryana Solar Inverter Charger Scheme 2022 or Haryana Solar System Subsidy Scheme 2022 online.
Haryana Solar Panel Subsidy Portal
Haryana Solar Panel Subsidy Portal
  • After that, by clicking on the above-given link for the official page, the person reached the homepage of the website.
  • So, on the homepage first of all you need to click on the Login option.
  • Then you need to select the option for New User Registration here.
Haryana Solar Inverter Charger System Subsidy
Haryana Solar Inverter Charger System Subsidy
  • After that, a new application form page opens in front of you.
  • you have to provide all the details here and also enter the mobile number for registration.
  • then you need to create a username and password.
  • Now also log in with this username and password on the official website.
  • After that, on the home page, you need to go through the section for Apply for Services. And also click here.
  • Then click on the option for View All the available services.
  • After that enter the keyword for Solar inverter here.
  • At last, the applicant has to click for applying under the service for solar inverter charger application.
  • Then a  new page appears on your screen with the application form.
  • Here you need to fill in all the information asked by the department like personal details and also additional details.

In the end, click on the submit button. And also your registration process has been completed with the submit click.

Official Portal Click here
MPNRC Home Click here

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