HP Adhesives Limited IPO GMP, Lot Size, Allotment Date

HP Adhesives Limited IPO GMP, Lot Size, Allotment date will be discussed here. HP Adhesives Limited manufactures adhesives and sealants. HP Adhesive Limited Stock Price. PVC, cPVC, and uPVC solvent cement, synthetic rubber adhesives, PVA adhesives, silicone sealants, acrylic sealants, gasket shellac, other sealants, and PVC pipe lubricants are just a few of the consumer adhesives and sealants produced by the firm.

HP Adhesives Limited IPO GMP

Plumbing and sanitary, drainage and water distribution, general-purpose building/construction, and internal operations, as well as glazing operations, woodwork, footwear, automobile, foam-furnishing, and other diverse sectors, all use these adhesives and sealant solutions. Aside from the goods listed above, the firm also provides additional items such as ball valves, thread seals, and various tapes and FRP materials for drainage and architectural solutions.

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of HP Adhesives Limited. The initial public offering (IPO) for HP Adhesives will take place on December 15th, 2021. From December 15, 2021, through December 17, 2021, you may apply for this IPO. The company’s issue price range for equity shares is 262–274 per share.

HP Adhesives Limited IPO Today

This IPO consists of a new issuance of equity shares valued at 113.44 crores and an offer for sale (OFS) of 4,57,200 equity shares valued at 12.53 crores by promoters and current shareholders. One lot must include at least 50 shares and must be purchased for $13,700. Through this IPO, HP Adhesives hopes to raise a total of 125.96 crores.

Advantages in the Market: An expanding business with a well-known brand Multiple SKUs and a diverse product line With a diverse consumer base, the product selection is diverse. Across India, there is an extensive distribution network. International markets are well-represented.

HP Adhesives Limited IPO GMP
HP Adhesives Limited IPO GMP

HP Adhesive Limited Share Price 2021

Customers with a large budget Manufacturing setup that is efficient and has room to grow. Prioritize excellence. R&D is set up to enhance and create new products continuously. Dedicated employees and an experienced management team The Issue’s Subjects: Providing funding for the company’s working capital needs

Capital expenditures to expand production capacity at an existing manufacturing facility in Maharashtra and a new unit with a projected construction size of 4,532.57 sq. mtrs. HP Adhesives Limited is a company specializing in adhesives. The flagship firm of the HP Group, HP Adhesives Ltd., is Asia’s biggest producer of Solvent Cement.

HP Adhesive Limited Allotment Date 2021

Solvent cement, silicone sealant, synthetic rubber adhesive, white glue PVA adhesives, acrylic sealant, gasket shellac, drainage solutions, and other items are among the things they make. More than 750 wholesalers in 23 states and four union territories make up the company’s distribution network. They’re active in 40 nations throughout the world.

The Managing Director of the organization is Mr. Karan Motwani. In terms of revenue, the firm expects to break even in 2021. HP Adhesives IPO quotas for retail investors, QIBs, and NIIs. The QIB category receives 75% of the Data Patterns IPO quota. The NII Category is allocated 15% of the quota, while retail investors are given 10%.

HP Adhesive Limited Lot Size

How to Get Involved in the HP Adhesives Limited IPO Price 2021?

Using the ASBA feature in your bank account, you may apply for the HP Adhesives IPO.

Go to your online banking account and sign in. Apply for HP Adhesives IPO under the IPO area.

You may also use your trading account to apply for this IPO.

Another approach to applying for this IPO is to use the forms available on the NSE and BSE websites, which you may download.

Fill out the forms entirely and send them to the appropriate banks or brokers after downloading them.

How can I register for the HP Adhesives IPO on Zerodha?

Use the PC or app to access your Zerodha console.

Then choose IPO from your portfolio.

HP Adhesives will be found.

Then, on the bid button, press the enter key.

After that, fill out your UPI ID, pricing, and quantity fields (lot size)

Submit the form.

Finally, you must authorize the mandate by going to your UPI app.

How can I apply via Upstox for the HP Adhesives IPO?

Use your laptop or mobile device to access your Upstox account.

HP Adhesives will be mentioned.

Then press the button to place your offer.

Submit the form.

Finally, you must authorize the mandate by going to your UPI app.

HP Adhesives Limited Initial Public Offering (IPO) Overview

HP Adhesives Limited is a company that produces sealants and adhesives. PVC, cPVC, and uPVC solvent cementing, rubber goods adhesive, PVA adhesives, silicone adhesive, acrylic sealant, gasket shellac, various sealants, and PVC pipe lubricants are some of the company’s offerings. Irrigation and sanitation, drainage and water transfer, overall construction, internal processes, optical processes, woodworking, garment, automobile, foam-furniture, and other diversified sectors employ these adhesives and sealing solutions.

The proceeds from the new offering will be used to meet working capital needs and increase production capacity at the company’s current manufacturing plant in Maharashtra and a nearby location. The business will also utilize the proceeds from the new issuance to expand installed capacity for existing product lines and add new products to its current portfolio.

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