ICSE 12th Time Table 2022 Class 12 New Date Sheet Online

ICSE 12th Time Table 2021 Class 12 New Date Sheet Online can be checked from the official website CISCE and this page. ICSE 12th Time Table 2021 will be released soon on the official website. All information about it will be available on our website. Our article will tell you when and where the time table will be released and how we can check it, so read our article till the end. We hope that you get all the information about the time table from our website.

ICSE 12th Time Table 2021

This examination will be conducted under the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. All the details of the examination will be released along with the time table, what date has been set for the written examination. No clear information has been received about it yet, but it will be released soon. We know that all the students will be waiting for the time table for the exam.

This exam will be conducted for the 12th examination. Whoever will give this exam this year, we request them to prepare hard for the exam, because in this exam you will be cleared only based on your marks. Because whoever prepares with hard work and gets marks will be passed only. For more information, you can also check on the official website, the link of which will be available in our article.

ICSE Class 12 Time Table 2021

Board name Indian Certificate of Secondary Education[ICSE]
Exam name 12th Board Exam
Time Table mode Online
Time Table release date NA
Exam date 12th time table 2021
Website cisce.org.in

ICSE 12th Date Sheet 2021

The date sheet for the 12th exam will be released online soon. Date sheets are released about one month before the exam, so that all the students can start preparing for the exam in time. The time table gives information about the time and date of the exam. Whatever date has been set by the Board for the examination, we cannot change it of our own free will. The time table is made keeping in mind all the exams.

ICSE 12th time table

These are released at certain times every year. Whenever the time table/date sheet is issued, its information is given in your local newspapers a day or two before. No clear information has been received about it yet. The students who will pass the 12th exam think about the college after the result and take admission. After the result, some students may think about jobs and some students think about the courses that they have to take admission in which course.

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All students select their course according to the marks and career of their examination. You can do this course at any college or university. In college, you also take admission for part-time or full time. All students are pursuing further studies according to Arts, Commerce and Science stream. So your 12th marks are very important, we hope that you will get good marks by working hard.

Old Dates Subject/Paper
8-4-2021 Computer Science (Paper 2) Practical – Planning Session
 9-4-2021 Home Science (Paper 2) Practical – Planning SessionIndian Music Carnatic (Paper 2) Practical
4-5-2021 English – Paper 2 (Literature in English)
5-5-2021 Art Paper 5
6-5-2021 English – Paper 1 (English Language)
8-5-2021 Biotechnology (Paper 1)
11-5-2021 Mathematics
12-5-2021 Art Paper 1
17-5-2021 Physics – Paper 1 (Theory)
18-5-2021 Art Paper 3 (Drawing or Painting of a Living Person)
19-5-2021 Sociology
 20-5-2021 Legal StudiesMass Media & Communication
21-5-2021 Chemistry (Paper 1) Theory
22-5-2021 Home Science – Paper 1 (Theory)
24-5-2021 Accounts
25-5-2021 History
27-5-2021 Commerce
28-5-2021 Geography
29-5-2021 Art Paper 2 (Drawing & Painting from Nature)
31-5-2021 Environmental Science – Paper 1(Theory)
 1-6-2021 Indian Languages / Modern Foreign Languages/ ClassicalLanguages
2-6-2021 Art Paper 4
3-6-2021 Computer Science (Paper 1) Theory
 4-6-2021 Indian Music – Hindustani – Paper 1 (Theory) Indian Music – Carnatic – Paper 1 (Theory) Fashion Designing – Paper 1 (Theory)
5-6-2021 Hospitality Management
7-6-2021 Biology – Paper 1 (Theory)
8-6-2021 Hospitality Management
9-6-2021 Physical Education – Paper 1 (Theory)
11-6-2021 Economics
12-6-2021 Art Paper 1 (Drawing or Painting from Still Life)
14-6-2021 Political Science
16-6-2021 Psychology
18-6-2021 Business Studies

What is printed on ICSE 12th Time Table 2021?

Whenever time table is released, some important information would have been given in it, which you should be aware of because you can find out about the exam. Complete information about it is given below, please read it carefully, which are as follows: –

  • Exam Day
  • Exam Timing
  • Date of Exam
  • Important Instruction
  • Exam Duration
  • List of subjects

How to check online ICSE 12th Time Table 2021?

  1. To check the time table, first, go to the official website.
  2. After that, the home page will open.
  3. On the home page, you will find an option for a time table or date sheet, click on it.
  4. After clicking, you have to select your stream.
  5. After selecting the stream, your time table will open, save it.

We hope that you have received all the information about ICSE 12th Time Table 2021 from our website. If you want to ask anything, you can message us in the comment section, we will answer your question soon.

Official Website Check Here
12th class 12th Time Table
MPNRC Home Click Here

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  1. Pheli bat to isc 12 h wo icse 10 k liye hota hai dusri bat 1 June ko jab cbse decide krega tbhi cisce decision lega ….

  2. I request to CISCE to cancel 12 boards exams as the condition in our country ki getting worst day by day. Many students are waiting for the cancellation of the boards. Some of fine friends are single child of their parents what if they lost there life due to covid than how CISCE will compensate them. So I request CISCE for cancellation for boards #cancelboards
    #save 12 students

  3. Kindly think about our lives not this stupid exam which can be taken next year also but once anyone die he doesn’t get the second chance so please don’t do this!

  4. Plz think about our life…about our health….life is more imp than a exam…and what about those students who lost there loved once…how can they overcome from that and give exam..in this situation..plz thinkkkkkk..I’m telling this becoz I lost my mummmm..

  5. Are you mad or what everyone is in a tpugh situation and you are we are waiting for the exam we want cancellation now no more postponement . Now immediate decision must be taken its getting too late we have other things also not just this exam what about our college. Will we join college next year .

  6. Rojgaari ki chikhe na nikle isliye sarkar exam le rahi hai sarkar ko uski padi hai ki sab log pass ho gaye to rojgaari kon dega

  7. Government no official date announced about 12 board exams , so government announced the official date is 1 june ,

  8. Please cancel the exam , 3 members of my family tested covid +ve I have seen their sufferings ,head ache ,difficulty in taking breath etc. It would be a situation as we are in hell ,so I need no one to experience that kind of situations .

  9. Sir..pls think about the situation in our country because of corona virus….many students are being affected by this deadly virus and the third wave is also going to come…so pls cancel the ISC class 12 board exam or pls do it online because if we get affected by this virus then isc board is not going to save our lives…and many families do not have enough bank balance to save their child. So pls do think about it. Thank u sir😊

  10. Please cancel the exams please…think about our lives pls🙃pls pls I am requesting on the behalf of every class 12 students out there…pls pls think about our lives

  11. Cancel 12 boards. ……if you can cancel 10 then why not 12..? Are we not humans ? Are we not your students? Does not are lives matter?
    I request u to please cancel 12 . Let us live. We dnt want to put ours as well as our parents lives in risk

  12. Don’t play with children’s life in the name of exams each child is precious for their family when nothing is normal in today’s time how can you take exams in pandemic situation

  13. This covid 19 is not going to end for next 4 months. Apart from some students , many are not in the situation to face the trauma of examinations. So please ISC take some positive steps and think about everyone.Marks are not everything .🙂

  14. It’s still confusing…better cancellation takes place…knowingly pandemic is cause….and unknowingly dates are not fixed until boards meeting complete.

  15. I think it is really important to conduct exams please as there are many students who deliberately and sincerely wants to give exams and there will be no value of our certificate in future if there will be no examination so do not cancel them but postponed them for now

  16. The life of each and every student of 18 year olds is no less important than lives of 16 year olds ,having know that the new strain on covid is affecting all age groups ,thereby causing liferisk I sincerely request the board to take this into atleast consideration .For now lives matter more than marks and I hope we have that understanding of life ,support mee if u firmly agree

  17. Y can’t sir u can cancell the exam…… If u where studying in the same class Or u where in our position what would u have done or what would have ur wish would be…… If u r ur family members have been studying in our class would u have taken the decided…….. Y can’t the government think us as there children only in words y not in reality…….. Moreover all i didn’t understand anything by these online classes to be Frank……. U guys want us to write the exam…. Just think a second have u guys made us to face the exam or prepared for it……. Moreover thank you 🙏🙏 I leave everything in your hand 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  18. How safe and secure is it to have the exams conducted. The wave has been so terrible, it’s created a mental block among the students of grade 12 and the parents. Everyday will be a nightmare after the students return from school, Many students have lost their loved ones in this pandemic and they have not been able to balance themselves as they are still under the fear will we be asked to write exams. I’m sure there are students who have other health issues which leaves a big question mark as how they will manage. I think the CISE should consider on cancellation of the boards and evaluate them on previous internal exams and projects.

  19. What’s wrong with students?Stop escaping from exams.These exams decide your future.You’ve not studied the whole year.It is being reflected by your replies.Stop uttering nonsense and study quietly.Give online exams.

  20. The students who are commenting that exams must be conducted… It’s reflecting that you haven’t studied entire year and all those stuff, you are the real goons. So you are telling that you are gonna carry those marks to your graves? And do you think everyone is vaccinated? And if yes how far is it safe and secure! Ok those so called diligent students commenting in favor of examinations but the most inhumane creatures on earth want to take advantage of those students who are suffering right now due to many reasons like losing their parents and loved ones, depression, lack of resources, that to only for marks uh? Reflects what culture and morals have been inculcated within you. I can see clear greed. Fine go ahead and give examinations and when you end in the same pain as us then definitely the marks you have scored and your following boards will help you immensely alright!

  21. Our education system has showed us that its not an education system but a slave system which has failed in many terms,it can’t have any alternate way to reflect a students abilities rather than alloting marks.students who are commenting that to conduct the examination may not have Lose their near ones ,those who have lost their close ones may know the grief,it is an examination not a relay race.its needs everyone’s mental health in a good condition and sadly mental health has never been regarded as severe issue in our country.the pandemic is increasing day by day and if you say that its getting under control is just because of the lockdown. The delay in examination may further result into a tougher competition for everyone and also everyone has to join colleges for further studies students waited this year too long.even the whole year teaching was in online even if students are giving excuse to not give exams its not their fault not everyone is a 96% scorer its hard for different students, have a concern about the present reality please.

  22. Guys, You’re all in the fucking media, It’s not right to be writing random shit on your website just for traffic. The court hasn’t decided whether our papers are gonna be conducted, The hell is wrong with y’all?
    Stop spreading rumors and focus on shit that’s actually happening

  23. If something will hppn me during giving final class 12 exms. Then cisce will hve to compensate by giving 500 crores. Students should report a case file before giving final exms.

  24. Amader exam ta online nin Amra ar ak e syllabus bar bar Porte parcina exam pichiye gele Aber problem habe Hoi cancel na Hoi online nin atate sabar safety.

  25. Please cancel the boards exams. Do think about our health . And this covid is also increasing so kindly cancel the class 12 exams .It would be too kind of you if you cancel the examination as soon as possible. ❤

  26. …After watching such images from every corner of india it is not possible to ignore every thing many have lost their parents friends and their loving ones but I think that all government and educational institutions become blind and they anyhow wants complete there work just like completing formalities I think they all become blind and feelingless and one day when students starts dieing then they wake up ….
    all the teacher and staff are nearlying 45+ and easily get vaccined but we students are 18or some are 19 in just a small life span they all will have to face such consequences and till now they not even get vaccined so please cancel exam#cancel12thexam

  27. Well yes offcoarse we all are aware that how much devastation is going on all over our country because of this pandemic. And I’m totally concerned about the teachers, the students etc because our lives are more important and precious than anything else. Agr hm hi ni rehenge Toh exams leekr kya krenge Plzzz understand

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  29. Plzzz cancel exam because
    Study is not present .the preparation is not complete.
    And the safety is very important is all student
    So i can request plzz cancel isc exam .

  30. Board can conduct online exams. Marks based on prelims will be unfair. Student life is also very important. I don’t understand what is the problem whole year students gave on-line exams why not finals… It is my view board should take online exams instead of offline.

  31. Please cancel the exam ….the pressure is taken by student ..and it is increasing …and corona cases are spreading very fast

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    Please board exam ko cancel karva digiye
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  35. Class 12 exam as students is not satisfied mark with result. Because those students are already prepared for examination that soon by Exam will conduct only one day for two paper in a day ..then how to prepare day of two paper ..I think that the Corona virus all over state active case 1lakh above ..then how CBSE incharge can solved is situation of month..
    So, I kindly request to cancel class 12 examination ..
    Either then CBSE incharge is not cancel for exam ..I think online for exam of class 12 with soft copy will be online tranfer Hod sir , medam .and Hard copy will be summited by school principal, HOd etc
    Thanks you sir.

  36. Ha ha ha …u know everyone wants to cancel this exam but na baba na . Think what if they lied in comments about someone died and are not well from their fan … Baba don’t think they’re make u go free coz of this they knew u lied a lot in comments .So I’d say we red this presious exam to be conducted that’s all .Lives don’t matter at all …PEACE😁

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  38. Need cancellation of xii exam 2021 because online class done by a few and mostly have a less knowledge digestion about their syllabus and curricullum.

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  40. Situation is becoming more harder we want the cancellation of exam….. it’s too late already…..exam should be cancelled

  41. If ICSE has determined to conduct class XII exam, it must cancelled class X results and arrange exam for all under same criteria

  42. i student class 12 from chandigarh sector 36d and i’m hosteler,we came form very long distence to better studies.i request to cbse to cencel the boards or should take online because students stay along time approx 12+ months. cbse have to take decision fast .all students are waiting.

    #cencel12borads #cbse #covid19 #studentlifematter.

  43. We don’t want to loose our life,parents,friends,loved ones..so this exam should not be done…think of us please have faith on cls 12th students..🙏🙏

  44. Before thinking about to conduct the examinations do think about the poor families
    Becoz poor family are more than rich ones
    Will u take their responsibility???


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