Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 Launched – New feature and Login details

On 7th June 2021, The Government of India launched the ITR E Filing 2.0 portal for the Income Tax E Filing. The older portal of the Income-tax Filing was in a “blackout period” for the last 6 days. Earlier, the official portal was and now it is changed to

Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0

The older version of the Income Tax Filing portal was lacking in various features. The New ITR E-Filing portal has many new features which are discussed below.

In the Income Tax 2.0 Portal, various new payment methods are added for the convenience of taxpayers. There will be multiple payment options in the new portal including Net banking, UPI, Credit card, RTGS and NEFT. The money can directly be paid from the taxpayer account with ease.

The government has also decided to launch a mobile app to help the taxpayers to learn and get familiar with the new features of Portal 2.0.

Income tax e filling portal 2.0

ITR E Filing Portal 2.0 features

Now with the new portal, the processing of Income tax returns will be faster or you can say that returns will be immediate. It will help the taxpayer to get quicker refunds.

The portal will also show the pending documents and action on the taxpayer dashboard itself. You will be able to see what actions are still pending and what documents need to be deposited.

The portal also has ITR Prep Software which is completely free. It is interactive software that will help you to file ITR 1, 4, and ITR 2 Online and offline. Other features to prepare ITR 3, 5, 6, 7 will also be added in the coming days.

Using Income Tax Portal 2.0, the taxpayer will be able to easily update his/her profile. You can update details like your salary, house rent, property, business details, and other details which are helpful while filing ITR.

Also, the detailed Enablement will be available when the TDS and SFT statements are uploaded whose last date is 30 June 2021. It will enable the pre-Filing of Income, Interests, capital gains, and dividends.

The government is also planning to add a help/call center which will assist the taxpayer with their doubts. This may include the FAQs section, User Manual, Live Agents, or Chatbots.

The complete process of filing income tax forms, adding tax professionals, and submitting your response to notices will also be available.

21 thoughts on “Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 Launched – New feature and Login details”

  1. Unable to login to the ITR efiling portal 2.0

    There is no guidance to view / download the Form 26AS

    Income tax department should have got the new portal ready for use before launching

  2. Same here. Absolutely no response on the website and the helpdesk numbers are put in a loop asking the user to repeatedly key in the registered mobile number, indefinitely. Very disappointing experience after opening with great expectations.

  3. e -filling portal 2 is still not working properly. No update still by income tax department. After eight days almost cover.

  4. Website yet to stabilize.. let there be no hype about it till it stabilizes. Hope there is no Server problems like GSTIN😳😳😳

  5. Website yet to stabilize. Let there be no hype till it stabilizes. Hope there is no Server problem like GSTIN😳😳😳

  6. New portal is posing many problems. 26as is also not in view it’s detail is not incorporated in the form. Despite TDS deduction by bank not reflected as yet. Tax paid is shown nil. There are many flaws. Earlier system seems to be much better.

  7. The new e filing portal 2.0 is a mere show. The previous e filing portal is easy to file return with comprehensive information of tax paid details . The new portal even after 9 days of launching is still defective. The tax paid details are not reflected in the ITR though they appear in 26AS. Many drop down boxes are defective and almost no information, turning to blue on clicking without any drop down menu. Alas digging a mountain and catching a rat

  8. No doubt in the new version so many information has been added . But it is not at all user friendly software package . The tax filer may be puzzled with a bucket full menu . For three days I could not trace out on-line e-filing menu.

  9. आपकी नयी वेबसाइट कई बार खोलने पर भी होम पेज नही खुलता
    बिल्कुल बेकार है पुरानी अच्छी थी

  10. the new portal is not working. not able to view or download 26as. the old site was working well. too many changes has led the new portals failure. let the old site be introduced once again.

  11. I am a Senior Citizen of age 75 Years. I submitted my Income Tax return till Assesment
    Year 2020-21 quite successfully.
    While I want to submit my Income Tax Return for AY 2021-22 I am unable to submit because of new Income Tax Portal 2.0 .
    I have quite successfully completed my 26 AS formalities where I found no discrepancy.
    Quite when I tried to submit the Return I stuck up first not linking PAN with AADHAR.
    Though I tried my best to link PAN with AADHAR but failed every time. I sent an e-mail to cramadmin Administrator on 25.09.2021 to help me the PAN AADHAR linking problems. I am sorry to mention that I have not received any concrete solution.

    I am once again requesting to forward me simple process of PAN-AADHAR linking procedure.

    Once I get the solution bot PAN-AADHAR linking method I will try my best to submit the
    details of my Income for the AY 2021-2022 at the earliest opportunity.


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