India Tokyo Olympics Medal Tally – 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze, Medal table

India Medal Tally Tokyo Olympics – 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze, Medal table is given here. Check the Tokyo Olympic Medal tally for India from here. Tokyo Olympic 2020 is organized in Japan this year. Players from all around the world are performing to win medals for their country. India already has broken its previous record of 6 medals in a single Olympic as they have won 7 medals on Tokyo Olympic 2021 already.

India Tokyo Olympics Medal Tally

India has won 7 medals in Tokyo Olympics 2021 for far. These 7 medals include 1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals. On this page, we are going to discuss the players who have won medals for India in Tokyo Olympics. One such player is Neeraj Chopra who has bagged the first-ever gold medal in athletics for India in the Olympics.

The last time India won a Gold medal was in the 2012 Olympics. After that, India could not get a gold medal and now in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Neeraj Chopra has done this for India. He won Gold Medal for India in Olympics. You should check out Neeraj Chopra’s Biography know him better.

India Tokyo Olympics Medal Table

Till now, India has won 7 medals in Tokyo Olympics 2021. This is the highest count of medals that India has ever won in the Olympics. We are proving the number of medals and also the players and their medals on this page.

Medal Type Count
Gold 1
Silver 2
Bronze 4

Tokyo Olympics Medal Tally

Neeraj Chopra Gold Medal

Game Athlete Medal
Javelin throw Neeraj Chopra Gold
Naveen Chopra hurled an astonishing throw of 86.58 and no one could beat that. He won a gold medal for India in Tokyo Olympics 2021 and Indians waited for a long time for this moment.

Ravi Kumar Dahiya Silver Medal

Game Athlete Medal
Wrestling (57 KG) Ravi Kumar Dahiya Silver
Ravi Kumar Dahiya made it to the final but could not fetch the gold. But he managed to get India a Silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics. His semifinal match was worth appreciation. How he pinned his opponent even when the opponent was biting his hand will be spoken in stories for years.

Mirabai Chanu Silver Medal

Game Athlete Medal
Weight Lifting (49 Kg Women) Mirabai Chanu Silver
Mirabai Chanu showed how you can be what you want to be. No matter the situation, she worked hard for her career. She used to go to her stadium by taking lifts from the trucks and how she won a medal for India will be remembered forever. We are proud of you girl.

PV Sindhu Bronze Medal

Game Athlete Medal
Women’s Singles Badminton PV Sindhu Bronze
PV Sindhu became the first Indian female athlete to win 2 silver medals in the Olympic games. She did it with pure dedication and hard work. She has much more to conquer and we want her to touch new heights.

Lovlina Borgohain Bronze Medal

Game Athlete Medal
Women’s Welterweight Boxing Lovlina Borgohain Bronze
Lovlina Borogohain was born in Assam’s Golaghat district. Her parents supported her through this journey and she fetched a Bronze medal for India in Tokyo Olympics.

Indian Hockey Team Bronze Medal

Game Athlete Medal
Hockey Indian Hockey Team Bronze
Indian Hockey team created history by winning a medal in Olympics after 40 years of wait. Also, it was the first time India qualified for Hockey Semifinal. Indian Hockey Women team is also worth appreciation for their efforts and they also qualified for Semifinals for the first time ever.

Bajrang Punia Bronze Medal

Game Athlete Medal
Wrestling (65 Kg) Bajrang Punia Bronze
Bajrang Punia is one of the best wrestlers in India and the world. He has won many Gold medals for India in various events. This time he brought home the Bronze Medal for India in Tokyo Olympics.

We will keep on updating the new details on medals won by India in Tokyo Olympics. We will also update the Tokyo Olympic Medal tally on this page regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many medals India has won so far?

India has won 7 medals in Tokyo Olympics so far. It is the highest medal tally by India in any Olympics.

How many gold medals did India win in Tokyo Olympics 2021?

Indian Jevelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has won India’s first and only Gold Medal on 7th August 2021.

How Many Silver medals did India win in Tokyo Olympics?

India won 2 silver medals this year. One by Mirabai Chanu and another by Ravi Kumar Dahiya.

How many Bronze medals did India win in Olympics this year?

Indian won 4 bronze medals. Indian Hockey team, Bajrang Punia, Lovlina Borogohain, and PV Sindhu won bronze medals.

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  2. There is no inspiration for games in india. No facility, no free ground, no free gym, not affordable equipments poor talents.
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    7 medals with 1 gold for 130 crores population country. 49th rank.

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  3. India did not win a gold medal in 2012 Olympics India last won a gold medal in 2008 Olympics in shooting by Abhinav Bindra

  4. My Salute to all the Olympics 2021 participants.

    And a Greet to the Winners.

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