Israel Iron Dome System in Action Video, How it works, Technology

Israel Iron Dome System in Action Video, How it works, Technology details are explained on this page for all of you. The Israel Iron Dome System is a weapon used for self-defense. At present, Israel is currently surrounded by its enemy countries from all sides. In general terms, it is known to fire its target in the air at a short distance. Through this, the rockets released by the enemy country are destroyed in the air. Israel is currently using the Israel Iron Dome System on the Gaza Strip. Until now, Israel has been left with heavy losses due to this system. Sometime back India also bought the same system from Israel.

Israel Iron Dome System

The system consists of small land-to-air small rockets that are controlled by radar and the Tamir interceptor missile. These missiles are designed to hit a short distance in the air. Through this Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System, a missile released by Israel from the enemy country can be tracked and eliminated in the air. This is such an effective system that very few people are needed to control it.

Iron Dome System is considered to be Israel’s best defense system for the rocket, artillery, and mortar, and unmanned drones in the air. It is able to track and eliminate any airborne threat sent by the enemy country. It originated after the 2006 Israeli-Lebanon War. The very next year of the war, Israel started its defense system. After the new air defense system was introduced in 2011, every missile, aircraft, and drone left for an attack on Israel is destroyed in the air.

Israel Iron Dome System How it Works

You can see the video in the article about the war management and weapon control system and this system with radar. The system mainly works through radar and missile firing units. This system is activated whenever an enemy country strikes from the sky.

Israel Iron Dome System

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The Israel New Iron Dome System tracks the missile dropped by the enemy through radar and locks its target on an air threat once it is tracked. The radar missile firing unit is then activated. The missile fires as soon as the missile firing unit becomes active and destroys its target through its heat and radar.

BMC basically maintains contact between radar and interceptor missiles. The system sends the missile in the same direction in which direction the enemy’s missile goes. It is capable of functioning in any season. The success of the defense carried out by the Israel New Iron Dome System is reported to be around 90%. This missile is positioned and is capable of capturing maneuver carried out by enemy missiles.

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Israel Iron Dome System Cost

According to the data released, the entire unit of the Israel Iron Dome System is being valued at around $ 50 million. The starting price of one interceptor Tamir missile in this unit is stated to be around $ 80,000.

A small missile deployed in the unit can cost around $ 1000. The system fires a 2-Dome missile to elminate an enemy missile into the air with a total cost of about $2000.

Based on this Israel Iron Dome Price, this system is quite cheap for self-defense. At present, this system has also been installed in India.

You can see how effective this system is in the latest video of the attack on Israel. For the video, you can watch the video by going to the youtube link given below.

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Israel Iron Dome Video

At present, the attack by Palestine through the Israel iron dome is being stopped. How effective this system is can be seen clearly in the video. To watch the video, you can see it by going to the video link given below. Currently, according to the latest news, Israel is under attack by Palestine. How the Israel Iron Dome System works can be seen in the video.

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