Karnataka ePass – KSP Clear pass Rules, Corona Pass Status

Karnataka ePass – KSP Clear pass Rules, Corona Pass Status, Online Curfew pass can be checked from the official website and this page. Covid-19 affected the world around November 2019. In 2021, we’re still struggling with it. At this point, the cases have risen to their peak and you hear news about covid everywhere. The failures, the victories and some struggles.

Karnataka ePass

And those who are struggling might be in dire need to go out or meet their dying friends and family. Looking at the current situation, it is highly unlikely for people to step out of their house, forget to meet their friends. So what do you do? You get a KSP Clear Pass.

The government in Karnataka, Bengaluru, came up with a solution to decide as to who would be allowed to move out of their homes. So, the people who own these Clear Passes are only allowed to travel. Each state has its clear pass and works in that particular area only.

Thus, to create a Karnataka E Pass you need to fill a form online. Karnataka consists of an E-pass system, so registering for it will help you move out for emergencies. But not everyone can apply for these clear passes just because they wish to. There are a certain set of rules to be followed.

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Karnataka E Pass

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Who can apply for Karnataka Corona Pass

The people who can apply for a KSP Clear Pass are:

  • Workers:

Every individual who is allowed to go work either, restaurant owners and workers or essential services, all require this E-pass to enter their respective workplaces.

  • Individuals:

Individuals as such are not allowed for an E-pass. However, if you have a genuine reason to travel somewhere or to another state may be, it is allowed depending on the seriousness of your reason. You will also need a pass to see your family members in the hospital.

  • Vehicles:

Vehicle owners that help with the transportation of essential service workers, other workers and individuals are allowed to have this E-pass. Only with the E-pass can they use their vehicles.

  • Organizations:

In case some companies or organisations are still open for work, they require to apply for E-passes for themselves as well as their workers. This includes organisations that may be helping covid patients.

Karnataka doesn’t have such strict rules and allows individuals and essential workers without E-pass as long as they have the authorised identity cards given to them by their companies and hospitals respectively.

KSP Clear Pass Status

Everyone has to follow certain rules for the application as well as the usage of the KSP Clear Pass. The rules for each individual and company will differ. Nonetheless, some general rules are as follows.

  • You need to register for the KSP Clear Pass on the following link: https://kspclearpass.mygate.com/signup
  • After registering and getting the approval, you can use your E-pass to show the government officials while traveling.
  • The pass has a particular QR code that will claim its authenticity and it has the fixed time and date you have registered for. Once that time is over, your pass will expire and you need to renew it.
  • If you are going to be using your vehicle to move around, you need to upload your Aadhar card number, for the registration of your vehicle as well.
  • You need to carry another identity proof along with the E-pass to be authorized by the officials. If the individual is a worker, they need to carry the company identity card, a card issued to them by the government along with the E-pass.
  • The Karnataka government will decide how many people would get this E-pass issued for each office or organization in a particular area.
  • These E-passes are non-transferable and need to be used by the person who issued the same. Thus the QR code and identity verification.
  • You don’t need to have a hard copy of this pass, the government.

Following the aforementioned rules, you are free to use the E-pass for the time issued and can move around freely, although only for necessary means.

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If you are worried about the status of your E-pass and haven’t received any information as of yet, you can check the status on the same website mentioned above. All you need to do is visit that page and click on the Track Your KSP Clear Pass option. Then you need to enter your application number and enter the mobile number given during the time of application. Once you click on the search button, it will show you the updated status of your KSP Clear Pass.


It has been a great initiative by the Karnataka Government to issue these KSP Clear E-passes. We need to maintain decorum for the number of covid cases to reduce and failing to do so has led the government to take such a step. The authorization of the reason for stepping out of the house will curb the current situation and lead to a covid free situation very soon.

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  2. There is no provision for issuing passes this time. This article is old. Bengaluru police commissioner has issued clarification that no passes would be issued this time. People can travel only for emergency purposes.

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  5. Hi I want to go kolar snr hospital for my sister delivery plz I need urjent epass tomorrow is 7.30am opretion need urjent

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    Please let me know the procedure for short term visit.


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