Karnataka Relief Package – 1250 Cr for Drivers, Farmers, Labours, Others

Karnataka Relief Package consists of 1250 Cr for Drivers, Farmers, Labours and Others. Get Complete details on the Karnataka relief package from here. Today, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa ‘Ji has announced the Corona Package in Karnataka. In this package, the Government of Karnataka has announced a relief package of Rs 1250 crore for Drivers, Farmers, Labors, and Others.

Karnataka Relief Package

If you also want the amount to be given in this package, then you will have to apply for it according to the policy made by the government. 3000 rupees per driver will also be given to auto and taxi drivers through this scheme. For the workers in the unorganized sector, Rs 2000 per Mazdoor is to be given out of the Karnataka Relief Package. For the farmers engaged in floriculture, the Government of Karnataka has said to give 10000 rupees per hectare.

On 19 May 2021, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa Ji announced a Rs 1250 crore relief package for relief packages for troubled drivers, farmers, laborers, and others for livelihood in Corona.

Through this, different amounts of money will be provided for the troubled drivers, farmers, laborers due to the lockdown imposed in the state. For this amount, filling the Karnataka Government Relief Package Application will have to be submitted to your nearest Relief Center. The government can make an announcement about the application soon.

karnataka relief package


Karnataka CM 1250 Crore Relief package

This relief package includes Drivers, Farmers, Labors along with other workers such as washermen, tailors, porters, ragpickers, domestic workers, cobblers, potters, goldsmiths, mechanics, blacksmiths, etc. Through this package, an effort has been made to provide great relief to the workers and working-class who are suffering from Corona Mahmari in the state. The government has announced Rs 3,000 per auto, taxi, and maxi taxi driver through this scheme. Through the Karnataka Chief Minister Relief Package, it has announced financial assistance of Rs 2000 per Wonder Road Road Vendor.

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Karnataka Drivers Farmers Labour relief package

Karnataka Covid Relief Package Application Process is being launched soon. Soon you will be able to apply for relief from this package. We will tell you soon about the way to apply. We are going to provide you the application form as a PDF. By filling in the required information sought in this form, it can be submitted online and offline. Some documents can also be asked for your verification in the application.

To apply for Karnataka Covid Relief Package Online, you may have to submit your application by visiting the official website issued by the government. This relief package issued by the Government of Karnataka will greatly benefit the working class living in the areas affected by Corona.

All those laborers who are unable to earn their livelihood due to Corona will be given 2000 rupees per laborer by the government. The application process for this relief package released by Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa ji will be started soon.

Karnataka Covid Relief Package Details

In the notification issued by the Karnataka government, it has been clearly stated that Karnataka Covid Relief Package has been issued for the Corona-affected laborers, farmers, taxi drivers, and other working class in the state.

Through this package, the government has released a relief amount of 1250 crores to provide relief to laborers, farmers, taxi drivers, and other working class. According to this package, financial assistance of Rs 3000 per taxi driver will be given. In order to compensate for the loss of farmers engaged in the cultivation of fruits, flowers, and vegetables, it has been said that 10000 rupees per hectare have been given.

While giving relief to other roadside wanders in the state, the Yediyurappa government has announced a relief amount of Rs 2000 per worker. For unorganized sector workers also, the state government has released a relief amount of Rs. 2000 per worker.

300 rupees per laborer has been announced by the government to the registered laborers of Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board. In this relief work, the government will have to bear an overload of about Rs 1250 crore. The Government of Karnataka has released this amount to provide relief to the workers affected by the corona.

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Karnataka Relief Package Application Form

No official information has been released regarding the Karnataka Relief Package Application Process. The state government has not issued any new official notification regarding this. Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa ji has ordered the officials to release the application process soon. It is expected that the application process will be released soon. At present, the government is also struggling with the corona epidemic, so it may take some time for the release of the Karnataka Relief Package Application For Driver.

For the working class, a campaign can also be carried out by the officers at the district level. So that they can easily get the amount from this relief package. An official notification regarding the Karnataka Relief Package Application for Farmar may be released soon.

The government wants to provide relief to the poor people through this relief amount in this difficult time of the corona epidemic. For other information, you can read the Karnataka CM Relief Package notification. You can write your questions in the comment box given below.

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  1. Mr Yeddyurappa first please confirm with ur bank people and tell some banks are not giving loan repayment restructuring and also for auto drivers u only come and give no got proper money all ur doing for sake advertising or wat just ur giving package on mouth for news u come directly and give that 3000 also are going to ur party people’s house only not for public in my home also my husband and my brother are drivers but they tried we didn’t get so better understand us and give simply don’t sit and order from ur seat
    Thank you

  2. No relief funds for teachers? Many teachers have lost there jobs in private schools due to this pandemic….kindly provide some relief funds even to them Mr.Yadurappa sir

  3. i am a construction labour how to apply for getting relife fund at karnataka
    labour card no BNG /RGN503410-2020-21

  4. Please provide the relief fund to the people of kannadiga in this pandemic as soon as possible.
    Mr.CM B.S Yediyurappa Sir

  5. For teachers not mention and daily wages like sales man is not mentioned.
    We are kindly Request you pls give

  6. 43years old , last year had neck fracture due to weakness and lost job. Need help with getting back to life. Now struggling to find shelter, job and a opportunity to live well and pay back the medical expenses involved

  7. What about non essential shop
    I am running Xerox , printer and computer repair shop.
    This is essential for daily need in current situation pls consider this as essential need and give fresh rules
    35days I doesn’t open shop

    Who runs small shop hope it’s fairly
    Daily 500 to 1000rs
    35days no income
    I am not asking to help
    I am asking consider poor people small shop to open with social distance for their daily need
    Economic is going down
    If essential shop open consider all shop to open with restriction
    This is a pain of poor and common man
    No one is questioning because of what. Will happen if I ask
    Hope understand sir

  8. I am tailor I have no work
    I’m hardly runing my family so please kindly help me i hope you will send the link

  9. navu beede badi vyapara madoru we dont know how to utilize the cm covid-19 package pls help us send a link how to apply .(2020-21)

  10. All these packages only for sake of popularity.No even single farmers,labours,drivers are got any relief fund.”Farmers are the backbone of India” it is a famous slogan and it will be only a slogan.Then what about those people who have closed their vegetables shops fruit shops.Goverment will provide relief fund but when.is this not a good time or still good time have to come?..

  11. Hon, cm of karnatka
    Sir you declare relief packages to karnatka people.but sir you not consider the small businesman like snope keepers , (small shops) small tea shops , pakoda shopa tarkari shops vehical woners, (small vehicals on loan)and many others looking for help from you.
    Plz includ them in the packages as per bpl card.
    Thankig you.

    • Small shop ಸ್ಮಾಲ್ ಶಾಪ್ ಇದೆ ನೀವು ಸಹಾಯ ಮಾಡಬೇಕು ಹೀಗಾಗಿ ನಿಮ್ಮನ್ನು ಕೋರಿಕೊಳ್ಳುತ್ತೇನೆ ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು

  12. Sir I am a teacher in a private schools but after covid I lost my job and from then on I am at home without salary. It is very difficult for me to run my family please help me also I want to know where to apply for chief ministers relif fund. Please call me at this number 8105328200

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  15. Is it two members of one family (1mechanic 1tailor)apply for the covid19 relief fund ?
    Is it last date for submission of application ?

  16. Is it two members of one family (1mechanic 1tailor)apply for the covid19 relief fund ?
    Is it last date for submission of application ?

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  19. Hi sir for my MISC after covid effect treatment we spend around 8,50,000/- we have all the bills how can I apply plz help me


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