Milkha Singh Passed Away – Death Date, Achievements, Age, Photos

Milkha Singh Passed Away – Death Date, Achievements, Age, Photos and other details about his life are discussed here. e all are very upset with the news that Milkha Singh Passed Away and want to know how all this happened, so complete information about it has been provided to you in our article. We will tell you in our article what happened to Milkha Singh Ji, what was the reason for his death, and what achievements he has achieved in his life. Please read our article carefully till the end, so that you can get complete information about them.

Milkha Singh Passed Away

Milkha Singh is popularly known as Flying Sikh, because he was an athlete and ran very fast, just touching the wind, and hence he is called Flying Sikh. Let us tell you that he died on 18th June 2021 at 11:30 pm, due to which the whole country is very sad because Milkha Singh has made a lot of name for his country. He was a good athlete, many times he has participated in the Olympics and has also won medals for India.

We want to tell you that 5 days before the death of Milkha Singh, his wife had died, whose name is – Nirmal Milkha Singh. Milkha Singh’s cause of death was covid-19, he was tested corona positive some time ago and for which he has also been admitted, but he died on 18 June 2021. As you all know Milkha Singh is known as Flying Sikh because people think that when he runs, he talks to the air.

Milkha Singh Death Date

It is being told by his family that Milkha Singh is covid positive on 19 May 2021, due to which he has been isolated at his house in Chandigarh. Then on 24 May 2021, he was admitted to the ICU of Mohali’s Fortis, where he was treated. Even after that, due to no improvement, he was sent to Chandigarh PGIMER on 13 June 2021 and his further treatment was done there.

Milkha Singh's Photo in Hospital when he was declared Stable
Milkha Singh’s Photo in Hospital when he was declared Stable

His wife died 5 days before Milkha Singh, due to which his family says that he lost both his mother and father in 5 days. His wife also died due to covid-19, as she was also corona positive. But let us tell you that according to the statement of the doctors, he died on 18th June 2021 at 11:30 pm, due to which everyone is very sad because he was a great player.

Milkha Singh Achievements

Milkha Singh aka “Flying Sikh” has won many medals and made a lot of names for the country. He has got 4 gold medals in Asian Games, which is very difficult. Along with this, he has also won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in Cardiff in 1958. He once came fourth in the 400m race at the finals of the Rome Games in 1960 and missed out on an Olympic medal. After that, he also made a national record, in which he completed a race in 45.73 seconds, which no one could break for 40 years and after 40 years Paramjit Singh broke this record in 1998.

Milkha Singh Achievement

Milkha Singh has also participated in Olympics in 1956 and 1964, in which he has earned a lot of names. Along with this, Milkha Singh Ji was also honored with the fourth civilian honor by Padma Shri in 1958. As you all know that some time ago a film was made about Milkha Singh’s achievements and his life, which was very much liked by the people. The film depicts how Milkha Singh lost his family at the time of Partition and the difficulties he has to face, along with what he has achieved in his life.

Milkha Singh Age

Milkha Singh Ji was 91 years old when he died on 18 June 2021, 5 days before his wife also died. The cause of his death was only covid-19, due to which he was found to be covid positive. After his death, the Prime Minister of our country Shri Narendra Mod Ji has also shown his sympathy through a tweet. Tweeted by him on the night of 18th June and his tweet was that –

“In the passing away of Shri Milkha Singh Ji, we have lost a colossal sportsperson, who captured the nation’s imagination and had a special place in the hearts of countless Indians. His inspiring personality endeared himself to millions. Anguished by his passing away.

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I had spoken to Shri Milkha Singh Ji just a few days ago. Little did I know that it would be our last conversation. Several budding athletes will derive strength from his life journey. My condolences to his family and many admirers all over the world.”

May His Souk Rest in Peace. Om Shanti.

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  1. Milkha singh ji you are the inspiration of fitness.. I daily jog and hear only songs of bhag milkha bhag.. While jogging… I really appreciate your hard working life style of your young age… I will miss u a lot in my life.. Sir you are my best inspiration leader.. You are a man of motivation in my life… Since I saw movie of bhag milkha bhaag.. I had never missed a single day of listening your. Movie songs since 3 years in my jogging life… I really miss u in my life.. I don’t have words to appreciate your qualities… I always respect you in my life… I really miss u a lot… A lot.. A lot…

  2. We are losing all of our talented artists and sportspersons young people to this dreaded is really unfortunate..

  3. Ssa to all its very sad to know about Milkha Singh ji death being of achievement s in his life singh sab was well known of his kindness & soft heart &soft spoken personality & same for mr.s Nirmal kaur ji sir wife I personally want to meet Milkha Singh ji sir but God has planed something different it was my dream to meet singh sab but NW its never fullfill dream may god 🙏 give some milha singh to India from punjab


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