Neeraj Chopra Biography, Medal, Gold in Olympics, Career, Physique

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Neeraj Chopra Gold Medal

He was born on 24 December 1997 in Panipat, Haryana. Now he is 23 years old and he has won a lot of gold in Olympics. His Height is 178 cm or 6 ft. and his weight is 86 kg. He falls under the category of track and field and is ranked at 4. His coach’s name is Uwe Hohn.

He is still unmarried and His father’s name is Satish Kumar and his mother’s name is Saroj Devi. His Education is from is DAV College. Neeraj Chopra is the first Indian athlete to win the world title in track and field U-20.

Neeraj Chopra Biography

Name Neeraj Chopra
Mother’s Name Saroj Devi
Father’s Name Satish Kumar
Village Khandra
District Panipat
State Haryana
Age 23 years
Height 178 CM / 6 ft
Weight 86 KG
Olympic Medals 1 Gold Medal
Game Javelin Throw
Best Throw record 88.1 Meters
Job Soldier in India Army

Neeraj Chopra Medal

He has been awarded a large number of medals. He got the gold medal in the National Junior Championship in 2021. Silver Medal in National Youth Championship 2013. Won Silver Medal in Asian Junior Championship 2017 and Gold Medal in Assign Athletics Championship 2017.

He has won Gold Medal in Asian Games 2018. He was also nominated for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award that is Major Dhyanchand Khel Ratna Award now. He also won the Arjuna Award in 2018. He has also set the Indian National Record of 88.07. Neeraj Chopra’s net worth is 1 to 5 million.

Neeraj Chopra
Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra Gold in Olympics

He has got a lot of gold and made his country proud. He was ranked 6th in the 2018 World Continental Cup in Javelin Throw. He got the first rank in the World U20 Championships 2016. He also got the first rank in the Assigned Championship 2017, Asian Games 2018, and Commonwealth Games 2018.

As per this year’s current ranking, he is ranked 4th in Javelin Throw and 107th overall in the overall ranking. All these medals have been received by Neeraj Chopra under Uwe Hohn and his coaching.

Neeraj Chopra Career

Neeraj Chopra is a resident of Panipat in Haryana. His father is a farmer and he cultivates in his small village Khandra. Neeraj has two sisters and his mother is a housewife. From the age of 11, his interest in the javelin was due to Jai Chaudhary because he used to practice at Panipat Stadium and Neeraj was attracted to this game just after seeing him.

Jaiveer has represented Haryana in Javelin Athlete. At the age of 11, Neeraj’s weight was 80 kg and he used to go to Panipat Stadium to lose weight. During that time he got acquainted with Javelin.

Neeraj Chopra Gold Medal winner
Neeraj Chopra Gold Medal winner

Neeraj Chopra Physique

Neeraj Chopra is completely healthy physically and mentally. His total weight is 86 kg and his height is 178 c.m or 6 ft. He is very good in track and field games and has also won many medals. Neeraj Chopra takes great care of his health and he is physically fit. Due to his physique, he has performed very well as an athlete. At the age of 23, he plays very well as compared to the rest of the common people.

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  1. Neeraj is proud of our country, we should salute this young army personal, CONGRATULATIONS to Neeraj and his parents for such achievement.

    • Being from Panipat, I feel very proud as during our college days we used to wish and love for India winning medals in Olympic.

    • I am in USA and 65 years old, learning from this young army soldier/ officer. He is great example which everyone should follow.. what good disciple, which brought in top spot light and our great country made proud of him. INDIA gave another Arjun to us.

  2. In which Arms of Indian Army he is serving now?
    भारत की कौन सी सेना में नीरज चोपड़ा नोकरी कर रहे हैं?

  3. Neeraj the entire nation is proud of you and salutes you and wish you all the best . This is only the beginning and many more achievements will follow 👍

  4. I im proud of neeraj’s achievement which means its a proud moment for India and the global world 3 cheers for the golden boy👌👌👌

  5. Heartiest congrats!!!
    The golden boy has created history only bcoz of his discipline determination and dedication and god’s grace
    May he bring many more proud moments for India

  6. Dear Loving Neeraj


    We are truly proud of you young man. It’s a pride moment for Mother India.
    Let the youth get motivated by seeing your motivation and commitment and hard work for achieving this “GOLD MEDAL” of 135 CRORE KG.

    Wishing you great great success in the coming years. We need more GOLD in Olympic from you. Work hard for 136 crore country people.

    Wishing you greeeeeeaaaaatttttt success ,dynamic, motivated , hard workingYOUTH ICON of India

  7. My dear loving Neeraj,
    Big Congratulations!!!
    Neeraj (The Goldman) is proud of great India. We salute this young army personal.
    CONGRATULATIONS to his respective parents for such achievement.
    ROR roar in Tokyo Olympics-2020 & won GOLD medal for India.

    • The golden boy has created history only bcoz of his discipline determination and dedication and god’s grace
      May he bring many more proud moments for India.

  8. The golden boy has created history only bcoz of his discipline determination and dedication and god’s grace
    May he bring many more proud moments for India.

  9. Neeraj is Not a Jaat nor a Punjabi
    Neeraj is Ror Chaudhary of panipat Haryana .
    If some one says Chaudhary is used by jats so he will be jats so a big No from my side , first know Chaudhary is refferal to jamindars who has more than 100 acres of land in Mugal period and often used by landlord castes ,Gujjar also use Chaudhary and Quite often used by Muslim Rajputs also.

  10. फारच मोठा धक्का बसतो आणि वाईटही वाटते जेव्हा माझ्या भावाने माझ्या देशासाठी सुवर्णपदक मिळवले तेंव्हा त्याचे फक्त आणि फक्त कौतुक करायचे सोडून त्याची जात विचारली जाते .
    *नीरज फक्त भारतीय आहे*
    We are proud of you Niraj

  11. Dear my fellow countrymen
    Its sad to see with such little performance ftom India in Olympics. .From previous conversations it looks like we are in Middle age India where we are trying to justify Neeraj’s success via caste. Please spend a bit more time to build your home grown kids to acheive like him and persuade Government to fund Athletics nationally and regionally so India has more to offer. Neeraj Chopra the great Javelin Gold medalist is an Indian. We all salute him.

  12. Neeraj chopra performed very good in olampic games and other Asian games also. Sir i want to know how many medals won Neeraj chopra till now. could you tell me.

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