Odisha E Pass – Apply Online for Covid Pass – Status Check online

Odisha E Pass – Apply Online for Covid Pass – Status Check online, Lockdown pass can be checked on the official website and this page. Coronavirus is an infectious disease which has originated from a newly obtained version of CovSars 2 virus. Almost all people who are sick with COVID-19 will have symptoms ranging from mild to moderate and recover without any special treatment. COVID-19 is a disease that can attack your lungs and trachea airways. Therefore one needs to maintain extreme precautions while going outside.

Odisha E Pass Online

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Odisha government decided to impose strict lockdown in the state which may restrict commotion throughout the state of Odisha. However, in case of an emergency scenario where someone may want to travel to any other area of the state or country one needs to have a Odisha curfew Epass.

People who are stuck in this lockdown may be those who are required to travel for business purposes, maybe students who want to come back home / go back home or others for various different purposes. The Curfew Pass will allow the individual to commute in such cases with ease. This Epass can be hence downloaded from online via official sites or specially designed apps.

This Epass / curfew pass so issued will help to maintain social distancing and will also help in preventing the spread of coronavirus infection. The Odisha Epass has been assigned by the government issued in public interest.

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Odisha ePass

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One should keep in mind the following steps for obtaining Epass with the guidelines of a Lockdown Pass Online Form for ease of commuting throughout India. Here are the steps to obtain the Odisha Epass.

  1. Visit the official Internet site of the National Informatics Centre for availing the Odisha E pass.
  2. Select state from the dropdown menu which is displayed.
  3. Click to open the choice menu.
  4. Click on the respective reason for commuting.
  • Essential services
  • e-Permit for stranded humans and migrant labourers
  • Exempted sports throughout Lockdown
  • Delivery of important commodities
  • COVID-19 disaster
  • Movement by skip for curfew/lockdown
  • Vehicle motion
  • Stranded character registration
  • E-transit byskip
  1. Fill in by choosing the appropriate option and add scanned files as required.
  2. Note down the utility reference number.

How To Check Odisha E Pass Status?

It is essential to always make sure that every one of these Epasses so obtained via application of an online form from the state authorities isn’t always approved. Some of these forms can also  get rejected because of numerous reasons. Thus, you should ensure that the e-Pass has been approved by checking it’s status online after applying for it.

Here is the system of checking the e-by skip utility scheme :

  1. Visit the National Informatics Centre’s official Internet site
  2. Select “Track your Application”option.
  3. You can search the availability of your utility with the assistance of the subsequent information:
  • Application Reference Number
  • Application Submission Date
  • Applicant’s call
  • ID Proof Number (Aadhaar card number)
  • Approximate Date of Arrival at Destination
  1. Click on “Select State” for those you have submitted the utility to, to open the dropdown menu.
  2. Click at the applicable country
  3. Fill the information at the pop-up shape and click on submit

Now you may recognize the status of your Epass. Download the Epass’ copy of the utility while it receives official approval. You want to hold on to this document and the necessary documents associated with identity whilst travelling.

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Required Documents To Get Odisha Corona Lockdown e-Pass:

You may want to keep your essential identity documents with you when you apply for the same. Usually, the subsequent records can be required:

  • ID evidence
  • Address evidence
  • Application letter declaring the motive of an epass
  • Proofs in unique

Checklist Before You Apply For Odisha Corona Pass

We have to acknowledge that there has been a nation wide imposition of state curfews everywhere in India. The authorities however have allowed interstate motion, but governments are expected to put in regulations for the same. Here is a checklist of factors you want to recognize earlier, before making use of the epass.

  • Note down all states which are permitting unrestricted motion for.
  • You want to have a genuine motive and essential identity files for commuting.
  • Fill the Epass application with accurate information. You won’t be allowed to travel if the information provided and your documents don’t match.
  • Ensure that you have good network coverage on your cellular device for receiving One Time Password at the same time as making use of the
  • You would require the software reference for checking the status of your Epass. Do not forget about this crucial step.
  • Always maintain the multiple copies of all of the documents and the epass with you at the time of traveling.

How To Track Odisha E Pass?

Keep a track of the process you went through while making the use of an e-Pass, you may use the “Track Application” button to remember the status. Use the software reference provided for this motive.

Odisha Covid-19 e-Pass: The Government of Chhattisgarh has launched a cellular software application known as Odisha Covid-19 e-Pass to permit seamless motion of cars within the state. One can get an interstate and intrastate e-Pass with the help of this app.

It may be utilized by everyone commuting in Odisha to journey for the motive of medical remedy or an emergency, like loss of life in the family. While making use of an ePass, one may require to present appropriate ID evidence, download of Epass declaring the motive of the journey, photograph, evidence of journey, etc.

Final words

During this situation of the pandemic of Covid-19, which is a very deadly and highly communicable infection, it is expected of the government to impose certain restrictions on the general public for the purpose of their health and safety. But in the case of any emergency individuals should have Odisha e-pass for efficient commuting.

Hence, you can only move from one place to another with the help of these e-passes. However, you need to make sure that you provide valid and true information for these movement E-passes to work. It is also advisable to have the Aarogya Setu application on your mobile phone to avoid places with more COVID cases.

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