Padma Shri Award 2021 List PDF – All States Awardees and their contribution

Padma Shri Award 2021 List PDF – All States Awardees and their contribution will be discussed here. Winners of the Padma Shri Award in Karnataka, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh HP, Uttar Pradesh UP, MP Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and other states in 2021. Check out the Padma Award Recipients by State for November 2021. The Padma Shri Award Winners for this year may be seen here. The Padma Shri is one of the highest civilian honors and is handed out regularly in various categories. This will be revealed later in the article.

Padma Shri Award 2021

So, in a nutshell, Indian citizens are honored with Civilian awards for their outstanding contribution to the country. Furthermore, the prize is shared by the President of India and the awardees. There are a total of 119 Padma Awardees this year. As the story progresses, we will learn more about them. But first, let’s look at the Padma Awards Winners for 2021 and why they’re presented. More significantly, we need to look at the categories for which this award is presented.

The Padma Shree Award 2021

On the 72nd Republic Day, the Padma Awards for the year 2021 were revealed. Seven Padma Vibhushans, ten Padma Bhushan, and 102 Padma Shris were among the 119 Padma awards.

Winners of the Padma Shri Award 2021

Padma Vibhushan – This award is given to those who have shown remarkable and distinguished service.

Padma Bhushan – This is awarded for distinguished service of a higher level.

Padma Shri – This award is granted to people who have performed exceptional service.

The Padma Shri Award 2021 State Wise

As a result, all of these prizes are divided into several categories. Examples are art, social work, public affairs, science and technology, literature or journalism, sports, and other fields. The Padma Award Committee is now selecting the names of the Padma Award Winners for 2021. As a result, the Prime Minister of India creates this every year.

As a result, they choose the Padma Award Recipients for 2021. The names are subsequently presented to the Prime Minister and the President for final confirmation. Finally, the President offers the prizes to all of the nominees.

Padma Awards Winner List 2021
Padma Awards Winner List 2021

Padma Shri Award 2021 Complete List

So far, we have 119 Padma Awardees to whom the president will confer the prizes this year. There are also seven Padma Vibhushan awards in this category. Then there are the ten Padma Bhushan recipients. Finally, the 102 Padma Award Recipients for the year 2021. There are 29 women Padma recipients, one transgender awardee, and 16 posthumous awards among them.

Padma Shree Award List 2021 pdf

Padma Awards are split into three categories: Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Shri, among the country’s highest civilian honors. The disciplines/fields of endeavor recognized are art, social work, public affairs, science and engineering, trade and industry, medical, literature and education, sports, civil service, and others. The Padma Vibhushan honors remarkable and distinguished service, whereas the Padma Bhushan honors distinguished service of high rank, and the Padma Shri honors outstanding service in any area. The awards are given out every year on Republic Day.

Highlights of the Padma Shri Awards 2021

  • Every year, in March and April, the Padma awards are presented. However, because of the exceptional Covid-19 outbreak. As a result, this year’s Padma Awards are taking place.
  • The award was presented in New Delhi’s Rashtrapati Bhawan.
  • This time, ten people are NRIs, foreigners, OCIs, and others.
  • Sushma Swaraj was posthumously awarded the Padma Vibhushan award. Bansuri Swaraj, her daughter, accepted the prize on her behalf.
  • The Padma Shri award was handed to PV Sindhu and Rani Rampal, a member of the Indian Hockey Team.
  • Padma Sri received the most honors, followed by Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.
  • Air Marshal Padma Bandopadhyay, who received the Padma Sri award, was the star of the night.
  • Dr. Raman Gangakhedkar, the former chief scientist of the ICMR, was honored for his contributions to field medicine.

PADMA Shri Awards Winners List 2021

The Government of India established the Padma Awards in 1954.

It is given only once a year on Republic Day.

The award isn’t a title, and it can’t be used as a suffix or prefix to the recipient’s name.


The recipients are presented with a medallion and a Sanad signed by India’s President.

A tiny replica is also handed to the recipient, which they may wear during ceremonial and State ceremonies.

The names of Padma award winners are published in the Indian Gazette.

The total number of prizes handed out in a year should not exceed 120 (excluding posthumous awards and honors granted to foreigners, NRIs, and OCIs).


The Padma Awards are granted based on the recommendations of the Padma Awards Committee, which is formed every year by the Prime Minister.

The Cabinet Secretary oversees the Award Committee, consisting of the Secretary to the President, the Home Secretary, and 4-6 eminent persons.

The award committee’s suggestion is presented to India’s President and Prime Minister for approval.


These prizes are available to anybody regardless of ethnicity, career, gender, or social status.

Bharat Ratna and Padma Awards are also available to foreigners.

Padma Shree Awards Winner & Their Contribution


The Padma award is granted for remarkable accomplishments in all disciplines of knowledge and attempts to recognize works of quality.

Painting, Sculpture, Music, Photography, Theatre, Cinema, and other forms of art

Administration -Excellence in the civil service

Education and Literature – Journalism, Book Writing, Teaching, Literature, Poetry, Education Reforms, and Literacy Upliftment

Medicine – medical research with specializations in allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, naturopathy, Siddha, and other systems of medicine.

Law, Politics, and Public Life are examples of public affairs.

Nuclear science, information technology, space engineering, science research and development, and related fields are all examples of science and engineering.

Charitable service, social service, participation in public undertakings, and so on are examples of social labor.

Athletics, adventure, mountaineering, sports promotion, yoga, and other popular activities are all examples of sports.

Economic activities, business, tourism promotion, banking, management, and so on are all examples of trade and industry.

Other subjects not covered above include the dissemination of Indian culture, the preservation of human rights, the conservation of wildlife, etc.


Concerning the Public Interest Litigation launched in Kerala and Madhya Pradesh in 1992, the constitutional legality of Padma Awards was questioned. The award was put on hold until the problem was handled in the appropriate court.


Padma awards nominations are held every year between May 1st and September 15th.

In most cases, the reward is not given after a person’s death. However, in exceptional situations, the government may consider making a posthumous award.

Only after five years have passed after the initial Padma award has been conferred may the higher category of Padma award be conferred. However, in exceptional circumstances, the Award Committee may use moderation.

Due to the change of administration in 1978, 1979, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997, no Padma awards were conferred.

Padamashri Awardees 2021 List

Participation in this project is optional.

Nominations are sought from central government departments and ministries, state and union territory governments, Bharat Ratna and Padma Vibhushan awardees, Institutes of Excellence, and various other agencies, bodies, and enterprises organizations to ensure that the sample available for consideration is as diverse as possible.

The MHA message asks these organizations, groups, and people to put in the effort required to identify remarkable individuals or organizations who deserve to be honored for their contributions. These people and organizations may make appropriate nominations for the worthy individuals they discover.

Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Jammu Kashmir, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ladakh, Sikkim, Goa,

Frequently Asked Questions

This time, how many Padma Shri awards were handed out?

Padma Shri Awards were given to a total of 102 persons this time.

How many Padma awards were presented to women this time?

This time, a total of 29 ladies were honored.

When are the Padma Awards handed out each year?

On the eve of Republic Day, the winners of the Padma awards are announced. As a result, the prizes are presented later in March or April. However, there are certain exceptions, such as Covid-19 this time. The prizes are then postponed and distributed as planned.

Who is in charge of naming the nominees for the Padma Awards?

The Padma Award Committee chooses the names for the Padma Awards. It is decided by the Prime Minister, who changes every year. Following the creation of a list of candidates for several prizes in many categories. The list is subsequently transmitted to the Prime Minister and the President, who will finalize the names. After that, the list is made public, and the prizes are given out.

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