Paras Defence IPO Allotment Status, Date, GMP Today, Linkintime

Paras Defence IPO Allotment Status, Date, GMP Today, Linkintime will be discussed here. Check the status of Paras Defence IPO, Grey Market Premium, or GMPS, and Subscription. There is a final closing day for the Paras Defence Initial Public Offering. Here is your last chance to buy the Paras Defence IPO subscription if you are interested. The IPO will be completed, and we can check if it was allocated to Paras Defence in a week. Additionally, if you look at the IPO by today, it is almost 49.9 times subscribed.

Paras Defence IPO

On September 28, Paras Defence will announce IPO Allotment results. We will refund on September 29 and credit the shares to our Demat account on September 30. October 1 may be the date of the IPO. Investors can check the Allotment online via the BSE Website, Linkintime Website, or access their bank accounts and Demat accounts. You can check the status of allotment online or offline using the following steps.

It received 304.26 subscriptions on day 3, with 112.81 subscriptions in retail. Retail subscriptions will result in an allotment of around 100:1.

LinkinTime IPO allocation for Paras Defence?

  • Click on Linkintime’s IPO allotment link for more information –
  • Dropdown menu bar: Select “Paras Defence Limited” as the IPO Name
  • DPID, PAN number, or Application number select Option
  • You may also enter an application number or a Demat account number based on your selection
  • Choose ‘Search’ from the drop-down list
  • In the Paras Defence IPO Allotment screen (mobile or desktop), you will be able to see your allotment.

How can I find out Paras Defence’s IPO allocation at the BSE?

  • The BSE website is
  • Under ‘Issue type,’ select ‘Equity.’
  • Would you please select Paras Defence Limited as the IPO name
  • Please enter your application number and PAN number
  • Choose ‘Search’ from the drop-down list
  • On the screen (both mobile / desktop), you will be able to see your Allotment.

Paras Defence IPO allotment

Check Paras Defence IPO Allotment in Demant Account?

  • Log into your Demat account/trading account or contact your broker
  • Check whether your account is credited with your stock
  • The shares credited to your Demat account will appear if you get the assignment.

In what bank account can I view the IPO allocation for Paras Defence?

  • To apply for the Paras Defence IPO, access your bank account
  • You can check your balance on the Balance tab
  • You would be debited the amount if you received the allotment
  • You would get the Amount back if your allotment were not received
  • The allotment SMS says, “Dear Customer, Bank Name Account 00001 is debited with INR 00000.00 on Date. Information: IPOName. The Available Balance is INR 000000.” If you got the allotment, you got an SMS saying that.

Subscription status for Paras Defence Live

Here you will be able to see the subscriptions or the bids submitted by Pars Defence Ltd. The same can be checked now. The company’s IPO was almost 61.25 times subscribed on 23rd September. The public issue in Retail Category (RII) being 86.35, while in Qualified Institutional Buyer (QII), it is 5.54. NII or Non-Institutional Investors then had 76.33 points.


Details about Paras Defence’s initial public offering

Paras Defence, a Maharashtra-based provider of defense products and solutions, raises $171 crore through a public offering. In 2020 the company earned 19.66 crores, and in 2021 the earnings were 15.89 crores. In the last three years or so, the company has had stable financial results. On September 21, 2021, it is opened and closed on September 23, 2021. Price band fixed at ₹165 to ₹175. Stocks have a face value of ₹10.

Paras Defence

The company is the only Indian company capable of designing and manufacturing space optics and optomechanical assemblies and one of the leading companies in India to provide optical components for defense and space programs. A wide range of defense electronics products is provided, such as systems for border defense, missiles, tanks, and naval warfare. As part of its EMP protection solutions, the company designs, develops and manufactures EMP protection solutions.


The defense sector, particularly in the defense electronics and EMP protection segments, can carry out and deliver customized turnkey projects. As one of the few companies with specialized technology capabilities such as EMP protection, the company will likely be a significant player in the procurement of defense and space optics and EMP protection solutions in the future. Through its heavy engineering operations, the company supplies rocket and missile components and support for other vertical markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will Paras Defence’s IPO be allotted?

The Paras Defence IPO allocation date is 28 September 2021.

When will Paras Defence’s IPO be refunded?

Refunds for IPOs will begin on 29 September 2021.

How likely is it that Paras Defence IPO will be allocated to you?

According to the subscription, the allotment for an IPO is determined. It appears the allotment ratio for the retail applications will be approximately 100:1.

Where can I find the Paras Defense IPO Allotment?

The amount deducted from your bank accounts or PAN number can be used to check Paras Defence IPO allotment.

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