Sachin Pilot Joins BJP? What Sachin Pilot expressed about this rumor

Sachin Pilot Joins BJP? What Sachin Pilot expressed about this rumor: Sachin Pilot is Rajasthan’s Former Deputy Chief Minister and one of the top leaders of the Rajasthan Congress. There are rumors going on about Sachin Pilot joining BJP. Rumors are being formed that Sachin Pilot is being sidelined by the current Chief Minister of Rajasthan Shri Ashok Gehlot. This is also being discussed that Sachin Pilot will be taking this matter to the Congress High Command.

Sachin Pilot Joins BJP?

Reporters asked Sachin Pilot about joining the BJP party. They asked that Rita Bahuguna Joshi has said that we have spoken to Sachin. Sachin Pilot replied that She (BJP Leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi)might have spoken to Sachin Tendulkar but not Sachin Pilot. She does not have enough courage to even speak to me.

Earlier, Rita Bahuguna Joshi said that Sachin Pilot may join the Bhartiya Janta Party really soon. She made this statement have Congress leader Jitin Prasada joined BJP.

Reports are coming that over half a dozen of Congress MLAs who are close to Sachin Pilot have expressed their displeasure. This is because some of the issues raised by Sachin Pilot are not being resolved and are taking more time. These MLAs met Sachin Pilot at his residence in Civil Lines Jaipur.

Sachin pilot joins BJP

Why Sachin Pilot might join BJP?

Shri  Vishvendra Singh was in one on one meeting with the former Union minister on 10th June 2021. After that, Ramniwas Gawria, Ved Prakash Solanki, and Mukhesh Bhakar met Sachin Pilot.

Ved Prakash Solanki and Mukhesh Bhakar and Ramniwas expressed their discomfort about the delay in the cabinet expansion and political appointments by the current Chief Minister. They expressed that they are with Sachin Pilot and will fight for him even to their own party.

Last year, Sachin pilot rebelled briefly and then returned back to the party. After that, he was not given any cabinet, and also no important role was assigned to him.

The speculation is being made about Sachin Pilot joining BJP. If Sachin Pilot joins BJP, it will be a big hit to the Congress party and can even cost them Rajasthan Assembly.

For now, Pilot is not confirming any of these rumors but most of such political rumors reach their destination at some point.

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