Samagra Shiksha Scheme 2.0: Benefits-Target-New Interventions

Samagra Shiksha Scheme 2.0 benefits target and new interventions can be checked online at Latest Recruitment. The government has approved the Samagra Shiksha Scheme 2.0. So, the scheme has to focus for another five years based on the quality of education in every state of the country. Also, in the scheme all the rural schools to be connected with the internet for better learning. However, this has known that without education you can not grow in this new technology.

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The Union Education Minister Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan has introduced that now Samagra Shiksha Scheme part 2 has launched among citizens with new dimensions. As we know, education has a key factor in the development of the state as well as the development of the country. Also, Samagra Shiksha Scheme 2.0 has worked only for school-level education in our country. The government has also decided the budget in this direction.

However, the Cabinet Committee working for the economic affairs provide the approval for Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan i.e SSA 2.0 under the education in schools. But financial outlay for this project Rs 2,94,283.04 Crore that has includes the share of the central government of 1,85,398.32 Crore Rupees. Due to which there have 1.16 million schools that will get benefits.

एमपी समग्र शिक्षा पोर्टल

There have 156 million students who have to learn in rural areas and for them, 5.7 million teachers are working in government schools and government-aided schools from the pre-primary level to senior secondary school level. Also for those students who are disabled, there has an incentive given to them by the government. This also promotes education among them. Before this, the incentive given to disable children was five thousand rupees. But now this has increased to 6 thousand Rupees for transport.

The cabinet has also aligned the Sustainable Development Goal for the Education (SDG-4). Due to this, the children can easily access education according to quality updation. We have seen very difficult times during coronavirus pandemics. Schools are still closed in many states. But the government has now deal with this school education issue with the internet.

MP Samagra Shiksha Scheme 2.0
MP Samagra Shiksha Scheme 2.0

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Main Objective :

  • Firstly, this scheme has bridged the Gender Gaps and social gap in the education of schools.
  • Secondly, promoting vocationalisation education.
  • Also, it ensures the inclusion and equity for all the level of school education.
  • Thirdly, It supports the states for the implementation of the right of the child to have free education as well as compulsory education Act. Also known as RTE Act 2009.
  • In addition, the scheme’s main provision for the quality of education is to be improved. And then it also enhances the learning outcomes of students.
  • Also, in schooling provisions, it ensures the minimum standard.
  • At last, it strengthens and upgrades state institutes of Education and Diet as a nodal agency for the training of teachers.
Name of the Portal Samagra Shiksha Scheme 2.0
Launched by The Government of India
Department Union Education Department of India
Benefits To increase the quality of education
Year 2022
Beneficiaries students from rural areas
Official Website

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Since last year, every school has had to provide classes through an online medium. Because of technology, it has become possible to save our students whole 1 year. Also, this year we need to do some safety measures like last year. So, still, now many schools have to handle the education of students through online mode. This has the easiest and important mode for teachers and students.

Features of Samagra Shiksha Scheme 2.0 :

Administrative Reform :

  • It gives the flexibility to the states to prioritize their intervention for providing benefits to students and schools.
  • Also, Unified and Single administrative structures will lead to doing the implementation.
  • As a continuum, the integrated administration also looking at a school.

A holistic approach to Education :

  • In addition, this scheme has included the senior secondary levels and pre-school levels for providing support for education in schools for the first time.
  • Also, this has a single yojana for the sector of education in school from Class first to class 12th has extended for the intervention to the stage of senior secondary.
  • It also treats school education with a holistic approach.

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Focus on Regional Balance

  • It also promotes balanced development in the educational field.
  • This scheme has also promote motto of Sabko Shiksha Achhi Shiksha and then Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas
  • It also prefers education in backward classes.
  • Then there has 115 aspiration districts are identified under the yojana.

Inclusion Importance :

  • It also allocates the uniforms under the RTE Act which has been enhanced as per children’s requirements nowadays.
  • Then the allocation of children with special needs increased from three thousand rupees to 3.5 thousand rupees per annum for every child.
  • Also, from class one to twelfth, girl students will be provided with a 200 Rs stipend per month.
  • However, this scheme emphasis on the Kaushal Vikas
  • At last, it allocates the textbooks which come under the RTE Act. Then energized textbooks to be provided also.

MP Samagra Shiksha Target New

Quality of Education :

  • Firstly, it enhanced the capacity building of teachers in schools.
  • It also emphasizes the improvement of outcomes of learning.
  • Secondly, in this section, there have 1 million schools that have given a grant for the library.
  • It also allocates the resources based on the outcome.
  • Then annual grants also for every school for improving their libraries.
  • Standard of education increase with the help of proper training for teachers.

Girl Child Education :

  • This scheme has the main goal to empower girls’ children with education.
  • Then self-defense training is given to girls for their security from class upper than primary and to higher secondary stages.
  • It also enhances the commitment to Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’s motto.
  • Then up-gradation of KGBVs from Class 6 to Class 12th has also been given.
  • To Girl child from CWSN has to give stipend from class first to class 12th now.

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Focus on the Sports and Physical Education

  • It also provides physical education under the yojana
  • Then for playing sports, students need equipment of supports. So the scheme has considered this point also.
MP Shiksha Portal Login
MP Shiksha Portal Login

Strengthing of Schools has also come under the yojana

  • It covers school transport facilities and also improves the education system in schools.

Focus on the development of skills.

  • Students, as well as, teachers will get exposure with the help of vocational skills. So it will automatically raise the standard of education among rural areas also.

Enhanced funding for the education

  • For the steps taken for the improvement of quality in education and learning outcomes, funding is also important.

Focus on the digitalization of Education.

  • Digital boards have also been allotted for students. Thus the learning of students will improve after that.

Now the scheme has been extended for the citizens because of its positive reports for progress of school education.

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