Sanotize – Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray Uses, Effect on Corona News

Sanotize – Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray Uses, Effect on Corona News and price details are discussed on this page. Sanotize nitric oxide nasal spray is being talked about a lot in the news at the moment. According to some news channels, Sanotize Nasal Spray is 99.9% effective on the corona. This spray is not currently approved in India. The spray is currently permitted for screening in the United Kingdom and Canada. If experts agree, then testing has been started in Canada. This nasal spray is not currently approved for testing in India. The government wants to get this medicine tested by its official health agencies first.

Sanotize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray

The Sanotize company has said about its nitric oxide nasal spray that this spray is capable of killing up to 99.9% of coronavirus germs. According to the company, now you have to keep this nasal spray with you only to kill the corona virus and spray it repeatedly in your nose.

If you do this, you may be able to escape from the corona. We do not endorse any claim made by this drug manufacturing company. The information provided is only based on the information given on the news channels.

Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray details

Compay Canada-Based pharmaceutical firm “Sanotize”
Vaccine name Sanotize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray for covid
Approval by Indian Government Not Yet
Spray effective on Corona Virus Covid
Buy Not Available yet
Official Website

Currently, a lot has been told on many news channels regarding this drug. According to the company, by repeatedly injecting this medicine into the nose, the risk of the corona is reduced by 99%. The pharmaceutical company believes that Sanotize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray has proven to be effective at the time of covid research. This drug has not yet been introduced in the Indian market. It is expected that this drug will be introduced in the local market soon after the approval of the government.


Sanotize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray Buy Online

To buy Sanotize nitric oxide nasal spray is currently being searched on the Internet. Let us tell you that this drug has not been approved by the Government of India. Currently, the drug is being sold for sale only in some countries. The Government of India has already started its research on this medicine. It is expected that soon this medicine will be approved in India as well. At present, the company believes that no Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray Side Effects have been exposed to the use of this medicine.

Currently, the drug Sanotize Company is looking for partners to launch its medicine in India. As soon as the government approves this Sanotize Nasal Spray Covid India, you will start getting these medicines in the market. Currently, there is a ban on the sale of this drug in India. It is being shown by News Channels that Nitric Oxide present in this drug is capable of eliminating Corona by 99.9%.

Sanotize Nasal Spray Covid India Approval

The Sanotize pharmaceutical company is currently in talks with the Indian government. At present, the Government of India has sent this medicine for testing in its private testing labs. As soon as the testing results are out, the government will allow the sale of the drug in India.

The pharmaceutical company is currently seeking emergency approval from the United Kingdom and Canada. The former British government minister, Rob Wilson, represents the company and describes the drug as capable of fighting Corona.

We are hoping that this drug will be introduced in the market soon so that we can win the war against the corona epidemic. In an India Today TV interview, Rob Wilson said that the drug was found to kill 99.9% of the coronavirus in 2-phase trials at NHS hospitals.

Wilson believes that Sanotize nasal spray begins to dissolve the corona as soon as it is put in the nose. The pharmaceutical company has currently applied for emergency approval from the United Kingdom and Canada, based on experiments conducted on this drug.

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Sanotize Nasal Spray Price in India

At present, nothing can be said about the rate of this medicine. If the drug is able to eliminate covid, then the Government of India, together with this drug company, can decide its Indian market value. It is expected that this drug will be made available at a cheaper rate than other medicines of Corona. There is currently no information available about Sanotize Nasal Spray Price. The drug is not currently launched in the Indian local market. The first trial of this drug began on 11 January in Ashford, Surrey.

This medicine has been developed by SaNOtise Research and Development Corporation. Nitric Oxide has been used mainly in this medicine. With Nitric Oxide, this drug has shown up to a 99.9% effect on SARS-CoV-2 with anti-microbial properties. The discovery of nitric oxide inside the human body was first proved by Professor Farid Murad of Stanford University. Prof. Murad is a member of this Sanotize board and is in favor of the medicine made by his company.

Sanotize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray Uses

Scientist Chris Miller of SaNOtize has spoken to News Channels about the application given to him. In this conversation, he explained how this drug is capable of killing the coronavirus. Speaking about the use of this medicine, he said that “If a corona-positive person coughs or sneezes at you, you don’t have to panic”. All you have to do is take this medicine out of your pocket and spray it in your nose. This drug will eliminate the coronavirus present there by 99.9% as soon as it goes into the nose.

We have received all the information given above from ‘INDIA Today News Chenal’. We do not endorse any of the above information. Our Website are giving all the information about SaNOtize Nasal Spray based on the information given on the Internet.

If you have any objection to any medicine, then you are free to register your objection by visiting the official website of the Government of India Health Department. You can read the article given on our home page for Covid vaccine registration.

Please note: We do not promote Sanotize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray in any case. This is just a news article and please consult your doctor before using it.

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  1. It is an excellent news if this spray eliminates the Sars Cov-2 virus to the extent of 99.99% in 72 hours. The data should be verified by the Government agencies on war footing speed and at the earliest the spray should be released in the market at an affordable price.

  2. Yes please approve this spray if found to be effective on war footing speed.It will really save mankind from the sufferings.So many deaths, Request Centre to take this opportunity n if it works high load states can be given this and states in turn give it to the containment zones.

  3. It’s really good news but as we know our government will approve coronil medicin and for foreign countries medicine they require lots of approvals and asper Ndtv the medicine which was imported stuck in Delhi Airport for SOP and documentation
    Fully corrupted government

  4. Government should introduce this as soon as possible with suitable trails and tests since the conditions in india do not correspond to that in western countries and so slight variations in the behaviour of medicine may be observed so government with all its efficiency and machinary should try to find these variations arriving due to genetic and cultural variations in Indians as compared to western countries

  5. Testing should be done as soon as possible..After testing government of India hv to available this medicine to save the life of people of India..Hopes so

  6. Everything is fair,if it works without side effects.
    Being a nasal spray it requires extra care before introducing as Nitric Oxide itself has many side effects.
    How the side effects are eliminated through a nasal spray needs tests on each factor as it effects the neuro system too due to inhalation.
    Prayers,everything goes well,as its a matter of the life of highest populated country of world.

  7. Fantastically good news. If it does not have any serious side effects it must be introduced in India without any delay or loss of time.It may prove boon in this terrible vivid 19 time.
    Save Santu Niramaya.

  8. Log mar rahe aur yaha medicine aane k bad v custom pending … No use of medicine n oxygen…… Kash inhone kisi apne ko khoya hta to syd inhe inki ahmiyt pta hti😥

  9. Actually Indian government does not approved these nosal spray before commission amount not fix by the company with our politicians, Indian politicians are soo grate they are take commission In Indian Army death body coffin in the time of Kargil war.

  10. Everything is slow in India, thousands dying every day with hundreds of thousands effecting daily, they are discussing about lock down. Which should have been done three weeks ago for three weeks period, strictly to control. Learn from China. They are almost free of virus. GDP growth is stronger than pre -pandemic time and tourist are freely moving, everything is open and enjoying. Bureaucracy and Hierarchy system is killing us as well as dragging our nation 50 years behind China today. Plus our government leaders love affair with propaganda and habit of demagoguery, and practice of bigotry are DNA of our origin. That’s how BJP is stronger than ever.

  11. What moderation? Respect honest statement, instead of saying our government is doing great hence thousands dying every day and pandemic is gay wired and Modi is bidding like MIA with clueless. Moderating my right of speaking truth. Learn basic rights before saying our nation is democracy. Even freedom of speech and expression are even vanishing ~

  12. Can saNOtize company make a spray to spray to the environment Instead of putting into nostrils of every human being ? This way not only the human species all other living animals may benefit from it.

    A spectacle similar to night vision glasses to detect or see the corona will also help and one can spray it whereever it is there.

  13. Why Indian govt delay to approve this product? I think complete all procedure for launching this product in India as soon as possible..

  14. If it has been tested on humans (any country) it should be made available on a trial basis
    all over the world, in dire circumstances. Delay means more deaths.

  15. Till Indian government give clearance to the nasal spray what can you do is to follow yogik pranayam named ‘ Udgeet & Bhramari ‘.Both the pranayam are so powerful to secrets Nitric Oxide in your respiratory system and cleaned up Corona Viras from the nasal path.Only you require 5 to 10 minutes to perform both the pranayam which are already there in Indian culture since centuries. Learn it and do it yourself in this pandemic.

  16. Any news on when this will be available in UK. Sounds excellent product to reduce transmission and hospital admissions.

  17. I don’t see how this would be a great drug. How to know that the person in front of you has COVID? Is he going to tell you? And if not are you going to spray your nostril with this every time you meet any person? And if you are going to be with that person for an hour, how often do you have to spray this? Every 10 minutes? After each breath?


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