Telangana ePass – TS Covid Pass for Lockdown, Apply Online, Status

Telangana ePass – TS Covid Pass for Lockdown, Apply Online, Status online can be checked online. TS E Pass registrations can be checked here. Coronavirus came about in China and slowly but steadily spread its wings all over the world. Now you see the number of cases rising everywhere and every day. All you hear in the news is death and devastation.

Telangana ePass

It has become quite depressing but the only thing getting us through this time is talking to our friends and family or maybe working sometimes! However, if your friends or family are in danger and you need to meet them, maybe you can! You can even go to work given the government allows that! You need to fill out an application to receive government approval.

Telangana, the newly originated name for Andhra Pradesh, has seen some of the worst cases of covid-19. In this second wave of covid, the cases have just increased and there seems to be no stopping them except for getting the vaccine. But till that time, all the people whose family members may be in a dire condition or essential workers continue to go for their jobs.

TS Covid E Pass Online

Even people who have very little to no income need to go to their jobs, despite the lockdown to earn some money. Even big companies that are going in loss prefer to keep their work ongoing. Thus, the government has decided to start a Telangana ePass.

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Telangana ePass

The Telangana Government now gives you access to the Telangana ePass. This covid pass is specifically made for lockdown and everyone who needs to travel during this period. People can use this ePass to move around the state as well as to travel interstate. This pass is like proof of you being covid negative and allows you to go out, although in cases of emergency.

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This pass may also be used if you need to buy your essentials or while going to work. However, along with this pass, you also need another identity proof, like your aadhar card, driver’s license if you use your vehicle, or a worker’s identity card from the workplace, for the government to check its authenticity.

Telangana ePass online registration

To be able to get this pass, you will have to register online. But it may seem a little confusing while registering, so here are the steps to do so:

  1. To register, you need to visit the
  2. On this portal, you will need to register and click on the option that says, Curfew ePass Online Registration.
  3. This will redirect to a page with a lot of dialogue boxes. In these dialogue boxes, you have to fill in your details like mobile number and date of birth.
  4. Next, you have to mention your travel details like the place and time, you will be out and the route for the same.
  5. If you have a vehicle you will travel in, you have to register for that as well.
  6. Once, that is done, you need to mention the reason for your application. Do this carefully as the government approved the pass based on this reason.
  7. After the aforementioned steps, you can submit and wait for authorization from the government.

Telangana E Pass Status

Upon registering, all you need to do is wait for the government to approve your application form and eventually be able to use the Telangana ePass to be able to travel. Remember this pass is applicable even for interstate travels, thus be careful while registering and fill in your details correctly. To check the status of your Coved Pass, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the same webpage as mentioned above for registration.
  2. On the homepage, you will find an option of Download Lockdown ePass and Status. Click on this option.
  3. This will redirect you to fill in your details and application number. Click on search or enter after doing so.
  4. Now you will be able to see the status of your application. If it is pending you will have to wait and if it is approved you can use it for your trip either as an ePass or you can print it out. However, if it is rejected you may try again by applying from the beginning.


Thus, having a Covid ePass for people to travel during emergencies has been a great boon to the people of Telangana. The government has taken up this great initiative and will continue to fight through the virus as long as we support and cooperate with them. We can take certain measures by ourselves and not take advantage of the opportunities that are provided by the government.

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Be careful and stay at home as much as possible. But if need be, you can now apply for the Telangana ePass and visit your friends and family or go to work as and when required. Even while doing so, be safe, and most importantly, wear a mask!

Application link Click Here
MPNRC Home Click Here

99 thoughts on “Telangana ePass – TS Covid Pass for Lockdown, Apply Online, Status”

  1. Hi sir my name is daya madan,
    I want Epass permission to the up and down to drop my mother.
    Her name is daya radha. We have ration dealership.
    Jagityal dist. Kathalapur mandal.
    Every month.
    Reply me sir on my e maild [email protected]

  2. I want e-pass due my company reopened tomorrow onwards. My duty hours 8 to 5 p. M. My company at Jeedimetla (supermax). Present I am staying Madinaguda. So, pl issue E-pass for this week.

  3. Greetings
    Hi sir i want Epass for travel and reach my place because of my brother expired now only we shifted him in ambulace from hyd. we have to travel another vehicle from Kohir to Kagaznagar telangana .

  4. Sir
    I had applied for epass to travel from Hyderabad to chattisgarh on 19th may. I had applied on 14th but it’s still showing pending. What should I do ? I need to travel tmrw and join my duties.i work for nmdc and mining is an essential service
    Kindly advice

  5. Good morning sir,
    I would like to bring your kind notice that my brother-in-law passed away on [email protected], in this regard as a part of our rituals we wanted to do “Karma” on 20-05-2021 to 25-05-202 at Kurnool for the peace of his soul.
    Please consider our request as necessary and grant us permission to go to Kurnool and come from Kurnool.
    Thanking you sir.

  6. Hello sir,
    This is Samatha from Hyderabad.I need a e pass to travel from Hyderabad to Vijayawada for one day only.To conduct my husband funeral services at the Krishna Godavari Sangamam.I am able to fill the application but at the last I can’t upload the documents.

  7. Hi sir my name is R. Srinivas , I strucked with my family in Nellore due to lock down, please sanction e pass for travel from nellore to Hyderabad.

  8. Need epass I have to travel UK . To reach airport with my family for send off. Whn I keep on applying through portal it’s not accepting that is at tomorrow afternoon 12 pm

  9. Hello sir,
    This is Guguloth Ganesh from
    Sirikonda, Nizamabad I Need a e pass travel from sirikonda to Hyderabad for 1day only for meet a advocate Jai barathi BLR Office Address in Hyderabad:
    Floatilla Apartments
    Neknampur Main Road

  10. Sir,how many hours or days it will take to get approved for TS-ePass application. Can we expect any status on application in 24hrs like approved/rejected. and after applied for epass is there any option to travel with Dr.Prescreption and Application which is on pending. FROM HYDERABAD TO Station GHANPUR on 19-05-21 and return on same day.

    i need to hand over emergency medicine which are not available at their village-KUNUR,ghanpur tehsil,jangaon district.they are under treatment through online to get cure from cov-19.

    Thanking you.

  11. Hi Sir,
    I need to attend my own brother marriage on 20-05-2021 At markapur, prakasham(D),Andhra Pradesh(S).. i request you to please provide the E-pass..

  12. Hi Sir ,
    I need permission to Hospital check up
    Medwise hospital . appointment 3.30pm (20/05/2021)
    Please give me e pass Permission ,Kindly request Sir.
    Thanks& Regard
    P.Santhosh kumar

  13. Hello,

    I need to apply for Epass for 22nd May to pick my wife from Airport.
    While applying it is asking me to upload Purpose document but nowhere mentioned that what is this purpose document and from where we can get it?

    Could you please help?

    Chanchal Sharma

  14. Please clarify whether e-pass is required to go to Railway station to board the train, if confirmed train ticket is available

  15. i have submitted my application with all required proofs but site is not responsing, let me assure you that the kid who passed SSC can create better website than this, seriously i spent more than 1 hr but there is no response i got after submission. worst site i have even seen in my life.

  16. i have submitted my application and uploaded all documents needed for approval. however, site is not responding. request further course of action

  17. I have uploaded all the required documents to attend my Son’s marriage on may 23rd, 2021. But after submission its loading and saying……” Sorry..! your Submition failed. Please try again”.

    What is this ???

    How many times i need to fill the form and how many times i need to enter all the aadhar details ..

    If its the same for all..??

    how to submit and wait for the approval?

  18. Hi Sir
    I have submitted my application and upload all documents need for approval. more than times rejected my e-pass. W are going to Bride & Groom and marriages coverage to Photo & Videography shoot. So please approval me

    Your’s faithfully
    Angidi Prabhakar
    Bhongir Mandal Photo&Videography Welfare association
    Reg. No. 615/2017
    Cell 9912717074

  19. hi in this month my sister marriage i need to take permission but i went to police station they told go to MRO office we went to there also they told go to e seva. please u can tell me what to do?. and we doing marriage in my house only there is place in my land i want to do there.

  20. Hello sir,
    I am praveen , professional photography,,, and I wedding photo and video shoot on 24th evening bride photo shoot, and 26th morning wedding photo shoot,,, I am applying for epass,,, several times but not able to uploding,,,, so I request u pls arrange me epass 24th 26th for wedding photo shoot

  21. Sir,

    I need a daily peas to travel to my parents home for nursing them and my handicapped brother as the servant maid is unable to come due to lockdown.

    I have applied for an epass for 6 days but it was rejected and this website does not give any reason for rejection. Later I tried for only one day epass but it is being approved nor rejected and it just displays a message that “Your request is pending”.

    I fail to understand about this website. It still showing request is pending even after the requested date is over.

    Without an epass it scares me to travel. The concerned authorities should look into this matter and resolve the website operations related issues and also improve the communications between the department and the genuine citizens requesting for epass for their essential tasks specifically medical, nursing, death and people strangled related.

    Hoping for department to address citizen concerns.

  22. Website works strangely. I requested epass on 20/5/21 evening for 21/5/21. I do not get any SMS that my request is received so that I can track with a reference no.
    All day on 21/5/21 the status is “Your request is pending”. At 7.00pm I received an SMS that my request is rejected with reason as “Rejected”. But when I checked the status my request is approved and print form is displayed.

    This is very confusing and frustrating. Department and NIC should resolve such major operational blunders.

  23. Hi Sir
    I have to monitor poultry feed factory which comes under essentialgoods and its allowed to run factory as per GO No.10 telangana govt, but online rejected repeatedly ..
    kindly guide how to get epass

  24. Hi sir,
    I applied for e pass to attend marriage to on 23 – 5 – 2021 ,the application is successful ,but when you check in satuts it’s showing pending please i am requesting to clear my pending satuts by my reference number:TS-G2105201094027229

  25. Sir iam photographer sir wedding photo shoot video shoot 22-05-2021 & 23-05-2021 two days i am applying for e pass

  26. Respected sir,
    I E.Nagesh working in Private sector steel manufacturing unit as Electrical Engineer.
    My home is in near Mallapur,Nfc Hyderabad.
    i request you please allow us from toopran to ecil
    .This is my destination from office to residnce.

  27. Need urgent covid pass for tomorrow.
    Trying to register but unable to do so.
    It is stating Sorry..! Your submission failed. Please try again.
    Please reach and help me 8169618259

  28. I have to join in pharma company on 24th May I’m coming from tirupati to hyderabad .I have applied e pass on 21st May 2021 still status was pending 23may 2021 was my flight please issue e pass sir

  29. I have to join in pharma company on 24th May I’m coming from tirupati to hyderabad .I have applied e pass on 21st May 2021 still status was pending 23may 2021 was my flight please issue e pass sir

  30. The website is not working. I tried on my computer and also on my mobile phone. Please fix it asap.

    on May 22 I tried multiple times. It says : Sorry, Your submission failed. Please try again.

    on May 23 I tried multiple times. It says : unexpectedly closed the connection.

  31. This is not working, after filling in all information it says sorry need to fill form again, I have tried to apply more than 10 times

  32. Good evening i want an Pass to visit Airport on 29th may night or 30th may early 3AM i need to pick my family coming from USA .

  33. Same here,

    Sorry..! your Submition failed. Please try again — This is what I get all the time,

    I’ve my wedding on 26th of May and I filled the form atleast 10 times per day to check if the system is rectified, None of the validations are failing but still, Something is wrong.

    Kindly help me, If this works for anyone or know the cause for it, Please let me know on my phone number.


  34. Hello sir i need 2 hours permission
    Because my baby monthly check up and vaccine is pending its already 1 week delay so please consider this as a request please provide me E-pass for tomorrow’s datethat is on 25-05-2021

    Thank you..

  35. But to dead a person of my family we should go to the sirramnagar village,athmakur mandal , wanparthy district

  36. Hi sir this is Satish cab driver … Sir please give me e-pass on only Telangana. No Alting for car no rent bookings no money sir please help me

  37. TS-G210524030540743 ,sir, please gave me e -pass on telangana . Purpose of my father law death . So, I want to go Secundrabad Station 26-05-2021, Tairn time 4:00 PM, please, I request to you approved the E Pass

  38. Hi Respected sir,

    TS-G210524015127564 , i raised this request yesterday but there is not update till now. We have an appointment at 11 Am (25th May). how to we proceed with this.

  39. The validity from & to is not showing for June 2021!

    I want to move by road on 02 June 2021 and opt for validity from 2021-06-02 to 2021-06-05, however, the calendar is not displaying for June 2021.

  40. Hi Sir, We have successfully registered e pass through online but not able to check my e pass status for the reference number G21052503404928.
    Need to conduct funeral services immediately.

    Please do the needful at the earliest by approving my e pass.

  41. Sir
    I am resham sridhar my brother in law marriage on 26-5-2021i am requesting to issue a e pass for a week

  42. One of the worst sevice i have come across in my life… Always the server is down.. How can one get epass to go out for medical treatment???

  43. Worst service
    I want to go Hyderabad for emergency medical treatment. I got andhra epass. Same day I have applied TS Epass. But still now my request is pending. I want to travel from Andhra to telangana 26th of this month. Even 26th date I have checked. But it is showing u r request is pending. I couldn’t able to understand why they r asking travel dates by the time application filling.

  44. Hello sir,
    I have applied for e-pass for Maharashtra. I am native of Maharashtra and working at Warangal in central government job. Sir now I need to go my hometown for some urgent work and attend sister in law’s marriage. Kindly approve the e-pass ,ref no TS-G210527121521534

  45. Hi sir my Mame Bathula suresh I have applied e pass I want to go marriott hotel sir marage Decorations work sir please today evening setup sir please kindly approve the e pass sir

  46. Sir my aunty expired (Peddamma) at duddenapally Saidapur mandal Karimnagar please give a permission
    K Naresh

  47. I have applied the epass yesterady (for dated today) to take my wife for Pregnancy checkup but there is no response yet and have to got to the hospital,

    How if these king of emergency cases are not considered?

  48. Hi Sir,

    I am Harikishore applied for Epass application no. TS-G2106021256248 dt. 02.06.2021 due to I Struck with my in Relatives House at Gudivada due to lockdown, please approve e pass for travel back to home in Hyderabad travel date us 05.06.2021, so please approve the same

    Thanks & Regards
    Harikishore A

  49. I am Moulali a resident of Telangana state, applied for E-pass application no. TS-G210531041314883 dt. 31.05.2021. I travelled to Andhra Pradesh about a month back to attend my aunt’s funerals.
    Since then I stuck in their home due to lockdown. Could you please kindly approve my pass so that I could travel back to my home (Hyderabad) on 6th June 2021.
    Thank you in advance.

  50. Hi sir,
    I am sravani working as a manager in Canara bank JBIET Branch moinabad,
    I want to rejoin ,since my maternity leave is completed
    I have applied e-pass on 03/06/21 application no: TS-G210603054120210
    Please approve my e-pass as early as possible
    Thanks and regards

  51. I am applying e pass for construction work for an R&D company. but getting rejected all the time. its very urgent to make the work there as its R & D organisation . dont know what is the reason. kindly issue E pass for construction work which is for Secunderabad to Manoharabad



  52. hello sir

    i am working in essential while i am filling the epass its getting fail
    kindly suggest on this please and please provide me the epass

  53. Hi Sir, I have applied for TS EPASS 2 times as of now. Earlier it was rejected without any reason. I have to go for my sister’s daughter marriage.
    Please approve the request TS-G21060506021471.
    Thank you.

  54. Hello sir for construction work I applied the E pass for supervision of work but 2 times it’s rejected. I have to go from Secunderabad to jedipally manoharabad. And it’s very very urgent work . If I am not there at site there will be alots of errot

    How to apply and what to do for that as police do stop as it cross the lockdown time…


  55. Hi Sir,

    I have to pick up my Parents in Law from the Rajivgandhi International Airport, Shamshabad. I have been trying to apply for Epass through the site. But Post filling all necessary details & when i submit, the page fails. E Pass application does not go through.

    The date of arrival is 6th June 2021, 6.10 pm

    Kindly do needful & help me with the E Pass

  56. Respected Sir, I want to apply for E pass to Khammam. I need to apply to open FCRA account in the bank according to the norms of Home ministry of Central Government. Can I get the norms to apply?

  57. I want tg e pass to travel on 12 th to hyd. But got rejected when applied with reason of stranded family. How to apply and get it approved. Please help.

  58. Respected sir, I need e pass for go to maharashtra my house . Before lockdown i am came in hydrabad my son house stay.lockdown started than not go back for not any transport available.i think lockdown finish bus start will go back but lockdown extend than not possible to go all private bus not availabe.i deside with my son there car to travel and go back how to collect me, oi fill online form but ask reason and proof , whats fill in form???pl.suggest me My son drop me and my wife and return back.

  59. We are applied for pass from ap to telangana travel date on 18th so pls confirm how many days will takes confirmation

  60. Hi sir i am resident of Malkajgiri Hyderabad and i have applied for e pas it is rejecting because of non valid of purpose document

    please help us


  61. Hi Sir, i have applied a epass travel to Hyderabad and submitted my epass application successfully and I got my application reference number but I am not able check my status. Can you help me with the direct link to check the status of my epass.

  62. I applied pass yesterday morning and it’s rejected with below reason can some one help what is the reson and how to get my epass
    “Your application rejected. Reason is please apply cyberabad commissionerate from Telangana police”
    Also I read the news in ABN andhrajothi that Telangana state changing lockdown policy from 20th June and epass is not required for travels. Can any one know about this information pleas comfirm here

  63. I wanted to travel to hyderabd on 3rd of july from karnataka, so pls tell me whether e pass is required or not.

  64. The Site is not working and i want to ask if there is any compulsion to have e-Pass to enter into hyderabad from maharashtra on 9th July 2021. Does anybody know the current procedure or helpline number.

  65. Want to visit my parents at Lonavla they are 80+ age we are 60+ and both doses of vaccine done two months back. We want to travel by private car crossing two borders Karnataka and into Maharashtra on the 19th July returning on 21st to Hyderabad what is required let me know.


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