TS Treasury Bill Status 2022 Salary/Payslip: IFMS Challan Status

Treasury bills are a type of short-term TS government debt obligation that is backed by the Treasury Department that contains a maturity of one year or less than one year. So basically TS Treasury bills are the information system to get salary slips, payslips, and IFMS bills. Treasury bills are also known as t bills and it is the denominator for the short term fixed income securities. So investing in t bills is quite risky.

TS Treasury Bill Status 2022

But still, a lot of people will invest in the treasury bills as it will get the interest in advance and it will include a minimum of php 5 lakh that you can already indulge to enjoy the high yields. So CFMS is a part of TS Treasury bill status. For the last few months, the Andhra Pradesh State government would work a lot just in the process of digitalization into the system.

For this, the government recently announced a web portal under which all the Government employees can easily get their AP treasury salary bill status subsequent. As it is very beneficial for employees as they do not need to go anywhere to check the information. This is a player and perfect platform that will help you to keep the Treasury Department updated and all the employees can easily check their salary and managing the record online.

TS Treasury Bill Payslip 2022

Under this, a particular portal that is AP CFMS bill status will provide highly for the beneficial future for AP Government employees. It will give a lot of benefits to the Employees as they can easily check their payments at the salary portal, payment status with the tar number and they can do AP cyber treasury search. So this state government will offer a lot of features under this came as they just want to introduce the concept of digitalization into the system.

This is a perfect government utility platform under which the Andhra Pradesh State Government employees will get a lot of services and it will offer facilities to the employees that will make their services online on this portal. If you want to know more about AP Treasury bill status than salary slip payment status maintain. So you have to explore it on the internet as you can get detailed information about it also.

TS Treasury Status check online

Telangana Treasury Bill Status 2022

CFMS is a comprehensive financial management system launched for the support of Government employees to check their treasury bill status and make all the things possible with the help of online methods. As in the online method, you have to face advantages as well as disadvantages also as same like with the other methods. But if you are educated and you will shortly get a lot of advantages from this method.

In this method, the employees can easily manage their salary online with the help of a proper web portal. As we all know that India is growing rapidly towards digitalization. So it will involve a lot of new concepts into it as it also launched a lot of online digital portals under it just to provide a lot of services to the people. Even in this Corona situation the online services well have a lot as they will decrease the risk of spreading the risk of infection.

Bill Treasury Bill Salary Slip, Payslips
Department Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts
Documents Salary Slips, Payslips, IFMS e-challan
Status TS Treasury Bill Status 2022
Official portal Treasury.telangana.gov.in
Download TS Treasury Payslip download

TS Treasury Salary Slip 2022

When it comes to talking about the famous official web portal then it will help a lot to maintain records in detail. Previously you have to give a lot of your precious time to do all this work manually but with the help of digitalization, it will make your work so much easier. So through the help of digitalization, you can get a lot of. It enables to check the beneficiary payment status, citizen bill status, salary bill details as well as other things.

What does the Government Issue treasury bills?

  • The short-term Treasury bill will issue the government to raise a lot of funds to meet its current situation that sometimes gets in access of its manual revenue system. So the main motive is to reduce the total fiscal deficit in an economy and it will maintain the proper circulation system.
  • The RBI will also issue the treasury bills but in the open market operations as it is a different strategy to regulate the inflation level and regression level. When the Economic condition is on the high stage then it will lead to a higher and persistent, inflation rate in the country. So RBI needs to issue high-value treasury bills to the public just to reduce and manage the money supply in an economy.
  • It will also merge the demand rates into high prices, hurting the poor section of the society as well as affecting the entire system.
  • Additionally, a perfect step is undertaken by the RBI in times of recession and economic slowdown. As when needs to circulate the Treasury bill to manage the situation.
  • The Treasury bill is an integral monetary tool that is used by the government to regulate the total money supply in an economy.
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TS Treasury Challan Status

What is IFMS challan status?

IFMS is a basic standard format that is prescribed for best as per the roles of 7A and 8b of the Uttarakhand treasury code that is known as UTC format. Specially designed for the collection of various takes that include sales tax, excise duty, professional tax, land revenue from a lot of Institutions like private, individual. So it should be done from time to time as it is regulated and implemented by a government department according to their requirements. For the payment of challah updating the bank only is able and it will provide proper facility to the person, do not need to stand in the long line.

Format of online challan submission

  • First of all, you need to select the challan section just to make a payment.
  • To make the payment and deposit money, you have to deposit it into the Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited as it is not for the general public.
  • Deposit and repayment of loan facilities will give only to the higher education department.
  • To make the payment, a person should be a member of the State pension treasury authority as only then you can make a payment.
  • It includes different taxes like excise duty, vehicle tax that shows the proper registration, it should be done for land revenue.

Telangana Treasury Challan Receipt

Benefits of E-Challan

  • Efficiently use Technology in providing convenience, efficiency to the people.
Telangana Treasury Portal
Telangana Treasury Portal
  • The aim is to grow perfect solutions for the current challenges as it will also save your time as well as money because you do not need to wait in the long line.
TS Treasury Portal Services list
TS Treasury Portal Services list
  • It will connect all the stakeholders with the common system that ensures Data integrity, reliability as well as transparency.
  • It will minimize time as well as efforts of making the payments.


Treasury bill status proves beneficial for the Government employees as it will easily save their time because all the basic information can easily get on the specified portal. Even with this India will go near to digitalization. In the era of digitalization, you can easily save your time, money and it involves less effort when it talks about making a payment. Even the government is also able to manage the situation of inflation or regression through treasury bills. So it can easily manage the entire system of an economy. TS Treasury Pension Status

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