Tomato Flu Virus Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Total Cases

A new strain of influenza that primarily affects children is making headlines, while India is reporting an increasing number of cases of COVID-19. More than 80 youngsters in Kerala under five years old are said to have been diagnosed with a mystery illness dubbed the tomato flu virus. In response to an increase in the number of cases reported in neighbouring states, Tamil Nadu and Coimbatore have increased their levels of surveillance on individuals entering the state.

Tomato Flu Virus

Children with the flu often develop a fever that cannot be detected or diagnosed. There is currently no evidence to suggest that Tomato Fever is caused by a virus or is an aftereffect of either the Chikungunya or Dengue fevers. Children with tomato fever exhibit symptoms such as rashes, skin irritation, dehydration, and red blisters, most likely where the terms “tomato flu” and “tomato fever” received their names.

Tomato Flu Virus Symptoms

When a child has tomato illness, their tongue will have rashes the size of tomatoes, irritation to the skin, and they will get dehydrated. It has been observed that in some patients’ boils, worms were also present during the examination. [Cases] Tomato Fever is a viral sickness that gets its name from the red rashes and blisters that people who have it get all over their bodies. 

Disease Tomato Fever
Caused by Chikungunya Mosquito
Spread Unclear
Affected Age Group Under five years old, Kids
Affected States Kerala
First Seen Kollam district
Related to Covid 19 Virus NO
Symptoms high fever, severe joint pain, etc
Article Category Health

Even though it is very infectious, the sickness does not cause severe pony threats to the patient’s life. It is now believed that the illness is an uncommon kind of viral infection, even though the particular source of the ailment is still unclear. Researchers have established the fact that a virus causes fever. However, they do not yet know which specific viral family the virus in question belongs to. Because children under the age of five are known to be more vulnerable to the illness, medical professionals recommend practising proper hygiene at all times around small children.

Tomato Flu Causes

According to a paper published in the Lancet, the tomato flu is brought on by a virus. However, there is a school of thought amongst certain medical professionals that the tomato flu is not caused by a virus but rather is an aftereffect of chikungunya or dengue fever in youngsters.

Tomato Flu Virus

The blisters, which may be somewhat painful, can appear anywhere on the body and eventually grow to be about the size of a tomato. These blisters were the inspiration for the name of the disease.

Tomato Flu Treatment

You should make an appointment with a physician before any journey you want to take to a developing nation. This will allow the physician to administer any necessary vaccinations and provide any essential pre-travel health advice. In addition, visit a physician as soon as possible when you get back to your house if you have any of the symptoms that weed before. If possible, you should seek the advice of a physician who specialises in either infectious illnesses or international medicine. Physicians may learn anything from hearing about your journey.

Tomato Flu Precautions

  • Even when the virus is not hazardous and can be treated, any symptom of a fever in a child should prompt immediate medical attention. This is true even if the infection is not dangerous and can be treated.
  • When a child displays any of the signs and symptoms described above, their parents must seek immediate medical assistance.
  • Children who have been exposed to the virus should maintain their hydration by drinking large amounts of water that has been brought to a boil.
  • It is essential to refrain from scratching the rashes and blisters.
  • Uphold an atmosphere that is sanitary and conducive to good health.
  • Take a hot shower or soak in a heated bath.
  • It is best to keep your distance from the ill person.
  • To prevent the condition from impacting the child’s health, you should instruct them to obtain plenty of rest.

Tomato Fever Details

Fever in children under five years old that cannot be accounted for is somewhat common in India. An infected child will often exhibit symptoms like rashes, skin pain, and dehydration. In addition, as a side effect of this medication, blisters may appear in several different parts of the body. Because of the reddish colour of the blisters, the sickness is often referred to as the “tomato flu” or the “tomato fever.” Even though this particular strain of influenza is now only impacting a small region of Kollam in India, professionals in the field of public health have cautioned that it has the potential to spread to other parts of the state if appropriate safeguards are not taken.

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