TS Inter New time table 2021 1st 2nd year new exam date news

TS Inter New time table 2021 1st 2nd year new exam date news can be checked from this page. Get TS intermediate time table 2021 from here. Covid-19 cases are increasing at really high pace and it has caused the postponement of the intermediate exams. Many speculations are being made about the 1st and 2nd year inter exams. Students are confused whether the exams will be conducted or not.

TS Inter New time table 2021

Government has made it clear that 1st year intermediate exams will not be conducted and students will be promoted directly. Many of the parents still believe that TS 1st year examination will also be conducted. The Students are looking for a legit source to check TS Intermediate time table 2021. As of now, TSBIE has not released the revised time table for 2nd-year examination. There have been many changes in the TS intermediate time table 2021.

  • On 3rd May 2021: Board made it clear that 1st year students are promoted to 2nd year without any exam.
  • On 28th January 2021, the board declared that the 1st and 2nd year exams will start from 1st May.
  • On 4th April 2021, Board postponed practical exam and said it to be held after the theory exams.
  • On 15th April 2021, Telangana board postponed the intermediate exams. There is no clarity if the 1st year exams will be conducted or not.

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TS Inter 1st year time table 2021

We believe that the new exam dates will only be released when the government will see a significant drop in the Covid-19 cases. The government cancelled the 1st year examination and promoted all first year students to 2nd year. The government realised that it is not safe for the students to gather even for the exams.

TS Inter new time table

The old time table of inter 1st year exams can be checked from below. TS inter 1st year new time table 2021 is not because 1st-year exams are already cancelled.

Old Dates Subjects
1st May 2nd Language Paper-I
4th May English Paper- I
6th May Botany Paper-I, Mathematics Paper-IA, Psychology Paper-I, Civics Paper-I
8th May Mathematics Paper-IB, History Paper-I, Zoology Paper-I
11th May Physics Paper-I, Classical Language Paper-I, Economics Paper-I
14th May Commerce Paper-I, Chemistry Paper-I, Sociology Paper-I, Fine Arts, Music Paper-I
17th May Logic Paper-I, Bridge Course Maths Paper-I, Home Science Paper-I, Geology Paper-I, Public Administration Paper-I
19th May Geography Paper-I, Modern Language Paper-I

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TS Intermediate 2nd year time table 2021

We are almost sure that the board will not cancel the 2nd year intermediate exams. Because 2nd year intermediate exams are the foundation of college education and everyone must go through that. Also, the college admission will also be late so the board will be free to conduct the 2nd intermediate exams after the control on Covid-19. We have provided the old TS intermediate 2nd year time table 2021 below. We will update the old time table when it is available.

Old Dates Subject
May 2 2nd Language Paper – II
May 4 English Paper-II
May 6 Mathematics Paper- IIA, Botany Paper-II, Civics Paper-II, Psychology Paper-II
May 8 Mathematics Paper- IIB, Zoology Paper-II, History Paper-II
May 11 Physics Paper-II, Economics Paper-II, Classical Language Paper- II
May 13 Chemistry Paper- II, Sociology Paper-II, Commerce Paper-II, Fine Arts, Music Paper-II
May 18 Geology Paper- II, Home Science Paper-II, Public Administration Paper-II, Logic Paper-II, Bridge Course Maths Paper-II
May 20 Modern Language Paper-II, Geography Paper-II

How to get TS Inter new time table 2021

  • Students will have to wait for the official release of the new time table. When the new table is release, you will have to visit the official website TSBIE.
  • After reaching the official website of TSBIE, look for the new time table in the latest announcement section. Once you locate the time table link, click on the link.
  • Now, this link will take you to the time table page, Now select the 1st or 2nd year time table and click on the download button.
  • The TS intermediate new time table 2021 will be downloaded as a PDF file in your device. Open the file and check the exam dates for each subject.

Students will have to download TS intermediate hall ticket 2021 also. You can check the link for the same from our website.

If you have questions or suggestions related to the TS intermediate exams, Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Please cancel the exams we just had 1 and half month offline classes and its not enough and online classes due to family problem maximum were unable to attend it even u can check the attendance of each and every college.
    A year back our batch had written exm and know also there is no cancellation of our exms only for our batch it’s not done with our batch….. Seriously


  2. Oh noo govt is sleeping….is they matured how can they conduct exams with out any physical classes not at all understanding is it possible to complete syllabus in online classes…oh noo we are humans not A iron man or spider man #cancel12thboardexs

  3. Then last year 2nd year exams not so imp as this year that u have to take the exams then why did u pass 2nd year student’s last year .if first year students r not safe then how come the second year r safe r the government taking the responsibility for the the second year student’s that they will be safe from covid

  4. #cancel12board exams TS
    All the 12 th class students and their parents wants and demands for the cancellation of 12th board exams
    Vote for #cancel12boardexams

  5. Please cancel intermediate 2nd year also the government can pass the students on their first year marks basis .
    It is not safe for the students to write exams in this situation of increasing covid cases .
    Please cancel intermediate 2nd year exams

  6. It is not safe to conduct the examination in this time and we don’t have any offline classess properly how will we even write!Just try to understand this. first year students they didn’t even write 10th exams nor 11th noww and We have written the exams in the 1st year also . I request to cancel the exams and promote us! When it is not safe for 10th and inter-1 students do Uhh seriously think it is safe for second years obviously noooo ! COVID Will not check whether it’s 10th , 11th, or 12th. We aren’t moving out of the home soo that the virus shouldn’t spread ! After attending exams if we get covid who’s responsible and the answer shouldn’t be you yourself ! The situation has become soo worse out there as everybody knows Sooo it’s humble request from myyy side to cancel the exams! Hope everybody understands this!
    #Cancel 12th boardexams!

  7. The government should know the students needs , just to clarify let me tell you that online classes started lately in many of the colleges , beside that many student were first of all not able to attend the classes only cause there was no phone available for them and then even if they got it tge problem started with the online class lack of video clarity, inaudible voice and so much so online class had no value. Then in the month of February the college started offline classes so what the pressure of assignment and records and other things were given if not done we won’t give you the internal marks was the only answers from teachers. So our whole month was gone in it by completing and then March 10 days of classes and again online classes. So tell me my dear government when were we able to understand anything and then by keeping online classes you except us to write exams offline. Great going Government

  8. Plzz cancelled 12th exams
    So many problems it is not safe
    Conducted exams. All 12th Students their parents demand
    For the cancelled exams of 12th
    Board #cancel 12th board exams

  9. Is government is sleeping , last at this time we wrote our 1st year examination but you passed the 2nd year students but this year you promoted 1st years and you are getting ready to conduct exams for 2 nd years . Why the government is targeting our batch since last year .we are also humans we too infects from covid .we don’t have any super powers .
    #cancel 12 th board exams

  10. Please cancel intermediate exams it not safe for us our lifes going to be risk please
    Understand padameic stitution tomorrow youth life going to be risk

  11. Cancel the 2nd year board exam immediately. You can’t play with the parents emotions. For us our children health is important than education so promote all the students immediately. We can’t take risk of sending our children to get exposed. Just think of every parent pain how much they will be worried and scared while their children are out to write exams.How can board do this while it is seeing hundreds of deaths daily. Please cancel the 2nd year exam immediately and promote all the students. A requesting note from a painful mother.

  12. Plz cancel board exams immediately .It is not safe to conduct exams in this situation. Promote all students on the basis of their first year marks

  13. Plzz cancel intermediate exams it’s to risky for all the students as well as teachers its huge request to uh

  14. It’s unfair that telangana Govt cancel 10 exam and postponed 12 exam # unfair decision

    # cancel 12 board exam

  15. I request the board of intermediate to cancel the exams plzz we r not
    able to get interest in this pandemic situation to write the exam’s so plz cancel the exams.its so risky for all the students,it is not safe to conduct the exams I request to promote.

  16. Please cancel.inter second year exams because of this pandamic situation corona is incresing so dont conduct intermediate exams

  17. We want to cancel our inter2 exams becoz it’s too hard to learn and be prepared in this pandemic situation
    Soo plss cancel our board exams
    From Hyderabad

  18. Sir , please don’t conduct 12th boards exams we were not at all studied in online or offline and also we was prepared for 50% sure even we forgot that sir plz a kind request from students u can check the average students studied with concentration that will not be more 55% Iam sure of that sir what we learned in between Feb and March during offline classes even we forgot that 😭😭😭we can’t pass sir Plzzzz help us
    A very kind request from 12 that students

  19. Please cancel boards for us too….🙏 coz we also have to prepare for competitive exams!……even the most important not safe to us!


  20. As the Cases in india is rising .The board should cancel they exams nd promote them on the averages .As per the cases r rising we can’t take the risks. So I appeal to the board to cancel the exams. And after June we 12 students also have to start they new academic year .

  21. Please cancel 2 year exams also as government is passing other batches why not to 2 year please cancel give relief to 2 year

  22. The TS 2nd year intermediate exams should have choice that exam is not compulsory or who wants to write exam they can write by following covid 19 precautions

  23. Please promote 2nd year students’ within 2.3.months how we can prepare it’s really sad to hear even government also not given clarity still. We didn’t understand any subject and chapter’s also not completed.

  24. No exams Please cancel the exams we just had 1 and half month offline classes and its not enough and online classes and we can’t understand anything in online classes please sir cancel it please 🙏

  25. Please cancel the 12TS board exam bcz in this pandemic situation is very bad and studant are not prepared I request to everyone to cancel the exam
    From Hyderabad

  26. #cancel 12 board exams telangana
    we have not completed proper portion so cancel our exams also plz its the request from all the 12th student

  27. Tsbie could pass out on 1st year basis…. online classes are nothing but worst source of studying….how could our govt has so developed, so it could take this careless decision of teaching on online classes…

    #cancel board exams2021…..\\©~

  28. Pl cancell the intermediate exams of second year
    It is not possible to write exams in this high raising
    Covid-19 situation
    And pramot all as per guide lines of board

  29. Please cancel the 2nd year exams in this 2nd wave covid situation, huge deaths and infection to the people we are observing.

  30. #cancel2ndyearboardexams…. we don’t have started the studiesand now Ramadan has came.. This is not fair with us… Everyone has promoted living us…plz promote us also

  31. #cancel inter 2nd year exams due to some of my friends also are suffering from covid …. And also many of them has not started preparation yet… So as per students request plz cancel 2nd year exams……

  32. I pray the govt to cancel 2nd year exams .we can’t bare this situation as the current scenario is too worst..##cancel inter 2nd year exams ###

  33. TS inter students are getting depressed day by day .TS govt has to declare immediately whether it is going to conduct the inter second year exams are not .On one side it is corona second wave cases are rapidly increasing and other side the career of students is also most important .
    Private colleges had completed their syllabus through online and govt colleges are yet to complete the syllabus .
    I request the Government to straight away the information about inter second year exams .
    Students are getting confused whether they have to prepare are not????
    *Students built the nation’s power*
    Awaiting for your reply

  34. Please govt don’t cancel the exams don’t cancel it for any reason we want 12th ts exams n as early as possible I request u to not cancel the exam 🙏🏻-ur obident student of ts

  35. Please cancel the intermediate 2nd year exams because we are not at all study if you keep most of them will be fail and they depressed so please think about that

  36. The government is taking good precious to all department’s please think twice for all students because if any student suffer the government will be responsible for that

  37. Students aren’t studied well in online classes hardly they got 2 months to complete syllabus in offline classes and it is impossible board should have to cancel 2nd year board exams because last year also they had promoted 2nd year students
    Situations are same for 1st year and 2nd year students why should they want us to write exams in this covid situation

  38. Please cancel the 2nd year exams
    Some students have listened online classes some students didn’t attend the classes due to internet problems. So please cancel the exam.

  39. Yes yes cancel the inter 2nd ur exams. If inter is the base for degree nd higher studies then 10th is also the base for inter. Then how come the government have cancelled the 10th exams?? Inter 2nd yrs exams should get canceled #cancel12boardexams

  40. Please cancel 2nd year exams . If this corona was not there and if we listened offline class like our seniors then we used to write exam Please understand our feelings and Please support us

  41. Have u taken any special care for us as we are class 12?? Then why this meaning less,useless,special decision for us,which is going to put lakhs of students lives in danger..!!u simply said postponement…but do u know how your dilemma effects us…Do u even think how it feels when we don’t know whether we are going to having exams or not….??ur decisions make us to end our lives but u still blame us…pity on u government
    # cancel 12 board exams

  42. #cancelboardexams2021
    We are not prepared for this try to understand our situation. A lot of we are lagging back in syllabus.

  43. When We where in 1st year We Wrote the exam and Now we are in 2nd year again the Govt has decided to conduct the exam. When we where in 1st year and the 2nd year students where promoted. And when we are here in 2nd year we should have to write the exam. The other students are Promoting 2 time we not even promoted 1 time. AWA the 10th students are promoted last year they came in Inter 1st year and now the Govt has Decided that the 1st year should have to promote again and they did the 1st year students came to 2nd year with no cost of hard work they were promoted 2 time. #cancle2ndboard #kcranna

  44. We are also students not robots
    We know 12th marks are considered for undergraduate n postgraduate admissions then what abt 10th cls marks they also have a fixed weightage along 12th marks award full marks to all the intermediate 2nd year students like 10th n 1st yr if the situation is in normal we only ask for our exams mind it

  45. How are they conducting exams I really don’t like but they did not understanding that the student s are suffering from very big confusion😵😕🤔 so please I really request to government to cancel the 12th board exams


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