Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant Controversy – Reason & Comments

Rishabh Pant, a promising wicket-keeper and batter for India, and Urvashi Rautela, an actress, are once again making news because they subtly criticised one other on social media without naming the other person in their posts. It is not the first time that they have been in the news; in the past, there were numerous speculations circulating about the pair dating each other. This is not the first time that they have been in the press. On the other hand, neither one of them had ever addressed this rumour in a public setting with any kind of response. Read the article to know about Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant Controversy – Reason & Comments.

Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant

Urvashi Rautela, who is an actress, and Rishabh Pant, who is an Indian batsman and wicketkeeper, are now embroiled in a scandal. In a recent interview, Rautela recalled a specific “Mr. RP” who waited for her at a hotel in Delhi for more than ten hours. Pant responded to this by making a joke at her on his brief Instagram Story, in which he asked her to stop being on his case and to move on. Now, Rautela has responded in kind for the first time.

Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant

The habit of cricketers in India being related to actresses is not a recent one. There have been persistent reports that Pant and Rautela were in a “relationship,” and it has been said that the two of them finally broke up since their romance did not succeed. These speculations have caused Pant and Rautela to often appear in the news. It is interesting to note that Rautela was also seen at a cricket match in October of the previous year, and internet users speculated that she was there to cheer for Pant.

Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant Controversy

Both Urvashi Rautela, an actress, and Rishabh Pant, a cricketer, have been making headlines recently as a result of their cryptic insult exchange on social media. The conflict between them started when Urvashi said in an interview that a person she simply referred to as “RP” had once waited in a hotel lobby for many hours to see her. Urvashi did not reveal the identity of RP. In 2018, there were rumours that the two were seeing one other, however it was reported that their relationship had ended on a contentious note.

Rishabh uploaded a photo on Instagram on Thursday and captioned it with the phrase “mera picha chorho behen.” Several minutes later, he erased the post. It happened after Urvashi related a story about someone who stayed up all night to see her. In 2018, there were rumours circulating that Pant and Urvashi were dating one other. However, the cricketer refuted such rumours and said that he was in a relationship with Isha Negi. Pant and Negi had each shared a few images of the two of them together on their respective social media accounts. There were also rumours that Urvashi dated Hardik Pandya, but the cricketer has denied any relationship between the two of them.

Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant Controversy Reason

According to a spokesman for Urvashi, the actress and the cricketer had come to the agreement that they would ban each other on Whatsapp. In addition to this, it was said that Urvashi was attempting to get in contact with Rishabh, but that he “did not want to move things ahead” in terms of their romantic connection. Neither Urvashi nor Rishabh has ever addressed the topic of this purported romantic connection between them.

There is nothing unusual about a Bollywood starlet dating a cricketer. There are a number of Bollywood actresses who have married well-known cricketers, like Anushka Sharma, Geeta Basra, Sagarika Ghatge, and others. A number of years ago, the Bollywood beauty Urvashi Rautela made headlines when it was claimed that she was dating the cricket player Rishabh Pant. Dinner dates between the two were witnessed occurring on many occasions. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before there were rumours that they had made the decision to separate ways, and it came as a surprise when it was stated that Urvashi and Rishabh had opted to block one other on Whatsapp after the end of their relationship.

Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant Controversy Updates

Both the model and actress Urvashi Rautela, as well as the actor Rishabh Pant, are now very popular topics on the internet. After her recent interview with an entertainment website, in which she claimed that a person she identifies as ‘RP’ waited for about 16-17 hours in a Delhi hotel to see her, the two have lately taken indirect jabs at one other. This comes after her interview, in which she made the accusation.

Urvashi and Rishabh have a history together, with the “Hate Story 4” actress alleging in the past that she was dating the cricketer. Urvashi and Rishabh have also been romantically linked in the past. However, not only did Rishabh deny it, but she was also blacklisted on all of her social media accounts. Despite this, at one point in time, the two were said to be romantically related when they were spotted together in Mumbai.

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