WhatsApp Ban in India 2021 Reason, Solutions & Latest News updates

Whatsapp Ban in India 2021 Reason, Solutions & Latest News updates: Recently, a message is becoming increasingly viral on the internet that WhatsApp Ban in India can be caused due to the new privacy policy implemented in India. MEITY told WhatsApp that the new policies are against the laws of India. Because of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, the government is going to take action on it. On Tuesday, 18 May, the Government of India again warned WhatsApp to either improve its policy otherwise it will be committed in India. This news has caused a lot of controversies all over the internet. On May 18, the Indian government has made it clear in an alert to instant messaging platform WhatsApp that the Indian government is against the new policy.

WhatsApp Ban in India

The notice issued by the Government of India to WhatsApp has said to withdraw the updated controversial privacy policy. If WhatsApp does not take any action soon regarding this policy, then the news related to WhatsApp Ban in India can be proved right. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has stated in a notice issued to WhatsApp how to ban WhatsApp in clear terms. The date of the 7-day ultimatum given to WhatsApp ends tomorrow.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) said that if no satisfactory action is taken by WhatsApp, then it can take steps in the direction of the India WhatsApp Ban. If WhatsApp has to keep going in India, it will have to improve its new policy soon. If this does not happen, then any action can be taken by the government in accordance with the law.

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WhatsApp Ban in India date 2021

WhatsApp was given a week by the government on 18 May, whose last date is tomorrow. In the letter issued by the government ministry MEITY about WhatsApp Ban, WhatsApp has given 2 options. If the WhatsApp company chooses one of these options, it can continue its services in India. In the options given to WhatsApp, it has been said that either WhatsApp withdraws its policy or changes it according to the government.

Whatsapp Ban in India

Discussions have been going on in the news channels for a long time whether the fashion of WhatsApp Ban in India is right. We are hoping that soon there will be an agreement between the government and WhatsApp. If WhatsApp changes its policy by accepting the government’s terms, then WhatsApp Ban in India News can be proved wrong.

WhatsApp Ban in India Latest News

For a long time, pressure was being put on its users regarding WhatsApp’s new updated privacy policy. If the new policy of WhatsApp was not given universal approval, it was being said to close your account. According to the new policy, WhatsApp can give its data to its parent company Facebook. This new policy was applied to all new and old users. WhatsApp has been engulfed in controversies about its policy for quite some time.

Some experts believe that if this new policy of WhatsApp is not changed, it can prove to be very dangerous for the privacy of its users. According to him, if WhatsApp does not change this policy, then banning it may be the right step. If the government does not take this step, it is considered quite fatal for WhatsApp users.

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WhatsApp Banned News

The government was given a week’s time to respond to the notice issued to the Whatsaap company, which expires tomorrow. We assure you that WhatsApp will never lose its market of 450 million users. So it is expected that soon there will be an agreement between the WhatsApp company and the government. We will keep giving you new information about it soon.

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