Yaas Cyclone Track – Live Map, Location & Tracking – Fresh updates

Yaas Cyclone Track – Live Map, Location & Tracking and Fresh updates are provided here. Yaas cyclone live map and location are being shared here. India Meteorological Department (IMD) informed about a new cyclone names Yaas. A low-pressure area will form over North Andaman Sea around 22nd Mat 2021. The report was released by IMD on 19th May 2021. Odisha has already started preparing for Yaas Cyclone amid the Covid-19 Situation. IMD has already instructed the fishermen to get back to the land before 23rd May.

Yaas Cyclone Track

It is being expected that the Yaas Cyclone will enter Odisha and West Bengal on 26th May 2021. A control room is now set up by the Odisha State Disaster Management Authority and the office for the same is established in Bhubaneswar. Yaas Cyclone track and live locations are being observed by us and we are going to update them from time to time on this page.

It is being expected that the Balasore, Jagatsinghpur, Bhadrak and Kendrapara districts will be the first in the Yaas Cyclone Track. The high authorities of these districts are already on high alert and all-district collectors are advised to take all precautionary and necessary measures in this situation.

Yaas Cyclone Live Map

By May 21, Yaas Cyclone will bring monsoon winds to Andaman sea and that is where it will turn towards Odisha and West Bengal coastal areas. India faces six cyclones each year on average. So, people of the country are not stranger to this situation so they are prepared to even amid this Covid situation. But, these cyclones are known for the disaster they leave behind.

Yaas Cyclone Track

Yaas Cyclone Live Location & Tracking

Live location tracking for Yaas cyclone will be done by IMD and they post frequent updates about it on their Twitter handle. We get the latest updates from there directly and provide the same on this page. The live location of Yaas will be shared starting from 23rd May 2021.

25 May 09:15 AM:

25 May 03:06 AM:

24 May 01:30 PM:

24 May 10:09 AM:

24 May 04:03 AM:

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We will provide updates about the location and effects of the cyclone every hour on this page. The latest updates section is being updated from time to time to provide Yaas cyclone live map and live tracking.

How prepared is Odisha State for Yaas Cyclone

Odisha has already prepared 800 shelters to house citizens from seacoast areas. In an addition to that, schools, government buildings, and colleges are which are not in use will also be used for the shelters if need be. Officials are also going to maintain the social distancing to avoid Covid surge so they are preparing as many shelters as possible.

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Nearly 8 years ago, OSDMA identified 328 villages that were tsunami-prone. The citizens of these villages are now trained for the situation like tsunami and cyclones. Every year, the mock drill is being conducted to prepare people for the upcoming disasters. Odisha has faced pre-monsoon cyclones like Yaas cyclone 14 times since 1804.

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